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I’m Jazzy. And I’m Jack! And we’re the twins from Kids Fun TV! [Cheering] I’m Peyton. And I’m Paxton. And we’re the twins from Ninja Kids TV! [Cheering] Today we have another twin
versus twin challenge. And you decide who wins. It’s called the “Not My Arms” challenge. And me and Jasmine get
to challenge each other. To see who decorates the best cake. We’re gonna be the heads. And we’re gonna be the arms! Who’s gonna win? Kids Fun TV cake? Or the Ninja Kids? But before we get
started, subscribe below! And give us a big thumbs up. [All] If you like it! Hey Jazzy, who are we
making these cakes for? Hm, Kaden birthday is coming
up, let’s make it for Kade. [Clapping] [All] Let’s get started! [Cheering] So we’re gonna put these huge shirts on. [Girls] And we’re the heads. [Boys] And we’re the arms. Okay let’s get them on. [Giggling] Okay, come on. [Laughing] Hey, give me high 10. [Laughing] Kitty fight. First we’re gonna put our baker hats on. [Cheering] [Upbeat music] Yeah, I’m awesome. [Giggling] Yeah, me too. [Giggling] Now we need to put on our aprons. Okay, my hands are crazy. Need to put it on more. Okay, um, okay. [Giggling] This is the weirdest way
I’ve ever done it but okay. And now, the apron. Put it on. My hat’s a little funny,
can you lift it up please? My little hands. You’re shoving it down more, not up. Yeah, [Giggles] that’s good. Put it on. My hands are having a little trouble. Wrong way, wrong way. Okay, good job. [Giggling] Now you have to tie that. Okay, now were tying, tying. Uh huh. First we needa layer the cake. So let’s grab this. Extra cake. Then we stack it on, yep. All good.
Good. All good Good, I’m great at making cakes. Okay, now we’re gonna grab the spatula. [Giggles] Spatula.
Spatula. Yeah, my hand’s doing some crazy stuff. On the side where the sprinkles are. Yeah. And then you put it on
top the cake and then let’s reach for the frosting. Yeah the frosting. Nope, nope, nope, nope. Right there, no the
other thing you touched. No. Yes. Now you gotta open it by yourself You gotta open it, open it. Now grab a spatula again. And then grab the spatula. And then you dig into it. Not that spatula, not that spatula! No, no, you digged it into the cake. Okay, now you put down. Now you put down the frosting. I need to um. Okay, now I need ta put it on the cake Put down the spatula okay, now put down the frosting. Okay, stop touching it. Okay, grab the spatula again. [Giggling] Okay, ah no, just keep your hands straight and, um, yeah, put it down, ya feel it? Yeah, good job! Now the frosting, no no no,
over here, grab a big scoop! Oh, it’s on the ground, okay. I need to be gentle, I need to be gentle. I need to be gentle And not so hard on the cake. I need to not be so hard on the cake. This is the best cake
I’ve ever made before. I know right. Oh, you almost spread it on me. Ahhhhhh! Um, now you gotta slide, you gotta slide, now you gotta stop me. I need to stop now and now
I need to grab my cake, No! and then slide it back on. The top part of the cake I need to slide. Okay, you’re doing awesome. No it’s not, it’s doing terrible. No, no, no, you, that’s
not, that’s the cake. Let’s grab the icing. The frosting’s not working, so we’re gonna move on to the icing. Okay.
Let’s grab the icing. And were gonna spray. And were gonna press it down. Okay, good. Now you need to rub the cake. Now let’s mix it all in, yeah. There’s lots on the sides here. I used the pink one, silly me. [Screaming] You got it! Yeah, and I’m gonna lick some. Right on the red icing. [Jazzy] And I’m going to
get myself some icing. So, now we’re going to grab
the blue icing in the back. No, no. The one in the back back. Um, so close, yep, you
touched it one time. No, not the Oreos, yep! Now that you got one you just squeeze. Put it over. Yeah, just keep squeezing. Now I’m gonna write Kaden’s name. I need to write Kaden’s name also. Yeah, now, I need to rub the cake now. This is so great! My hands are so awesome! Right there, right there. So you dip your hand,
squeeze it at the very end. Great! This is going to be the best cake ever! Write Kaden’s name now! Now put it to the back so. K, A, D, E. Now let’s start scribbling! Yeah, let’s start scribbling with the red. Now, we’re gonna do the red. Go more over here. Yep, that’s correct! Oh your cake looks…awesome. Yeah, it’s the best cake. ‘Kay now we’re done with
blue, plenty of blue. Let’s add the sprinkles! Alright sprinkles! No, no. Yeah, add open all of it! Yeah, wait, wait, wait. Set the sprinkles in the back! [Chatter] That’s good, that’s good! Okay, now let’s put that down. You used all of it. Now, use some red little baby sprinkles. So not that one, and you
need to get some red. Get some blue. Yup, the lid’s not open all the way. Silly me. Okay, now we’re gonna
add some of the white. Yeah, I need to try some. No, not those, those are red! No, no, silly me! ‘Kay, now I need to
grab some of the purple. Now, do these ones. No, not those ones, no. No, okay, now um. we already did them. No, no, yeah, no. [Laughing]
Oh no! Yeah that one. No, no, no. [Laughing] Okay, now we’re gonna add some more. Yeah, and the other one, hurry. No, the other one. [Laughing] Grab, shake it, why. The Oreos now. Those aren’t Oreos! Now open ’em up, up! Okay, we got it!
Yes! Okay, yes! This is gonna be a great one. [Wrapping opening] Woo, okay we’re good. No candles! Candles? Okay so we’re gonna put
some more of those on, put some more of those on. Oh, there’s a happy
birthday cake, see that? More frosting! Oh okay, that’s all of it. The last time. Okay, now we’re gonna put some candles on. yeah, um, yeah, nope. And candles. Yep, put some candles on. Kay, we’re good with that. Now grab the other one. Yep, yeah! Three, two, one, okay
we’re done with that. ♪ Now let’s shake it all
about, do the hokey pokey ♪ ♪ And turn yourself around ♪ ♪ That’s what it’s all about ♪
Yeah! Kaden’s turning eight years old, so we’re gonna put a happy
birthday eight candle. Our cakes are amazing.
I know. If Jack were here, he would say, “Oh, the cake is so beautiful,” but too bad, he can’t even see it. I wonder where he is? I know right. Oh, yeah that works! [Cheering]
We’re done! Woo! All the sprinkles, on the
cake, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, I forgot to open it. Oh, oh, that’s a good way. [Upbeat music] This is hilarious, okay. Now put it in the cake! In the same corner there’s. Okay, nice job!
[Cheering] Oh no, no way.
[Giggles] Oh. Are you good? No!
I need an Oreo. That is so good. I need an Oreo. I haven’t, yummy. Oh, so good! [Giggling] Ah, it just feel down my shirt! [Giggling] [Cheerful music] Ahh!
Oh no! I’m good, I’m good! Wait if we sing happy
birthday loud enough, maybe he’ll come, yeah. Here he comes, here he comes! ♪ Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear, Kaden.
Happy birthday to you ♪ [Cheerful music] Happy birthday, Kaden, we love you! You want some cake? How do you like your cakes, Kaden? You guys are pigs! Do you want a piece of our cake? You should choose my cake, it looks way better than theirs. Yeah, but ours has more glitter on it, Or should I say sprinkles. [Cheerful music] I wanna try the cake.
So do I. Are you guys crazy? Yes they are.
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you want us to do next, bye. We need to put on our chef hats on. [Giggling]
Extra hats? I’m so pretty! Now I’m stopping, now I’m stopping, nope. I need to itch my nose, okay. [Cheerful music]

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