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Offroad 240SX Shredding at the Last Pismo Beach Dunes Weekend Ever??

Offroad 240SX Shredding at the Last Pismo Beach Dunes Weekend Ever??

– [Zack] So, is this a
proud moment in your life? – I guess so. I mean, he’s out here
in the dunes in a 240, Off-road 240 and he got
pulled over for drifting (laughing) drifting in the dirt. It’s a little out of place. [Crowd] Thank you, officers! (upbeat techno music) – Okay. Ladies and gentleman, it is 11:00 p.m. and actually, fuck this. All of this. Vince – [Vince] Yes. – [Zack] Looking phenomenal. – [Vince] Yeah? – [Zack] What are we about to do? – [Vince] We’re about to go to Pismo Beach at 11 o’clock at night. – Hell yeah. Okay, so let me give you a little
breakdown on what’s going on. Apparently, as I’m told, this
may be the very last weekend that Pismo’s open for OHV use
or off-highway vehicle use. Our buddies at the Terra Crew
are all out there already. They been launching,
hucking stuff non-stop for the last couple days. We’re gonna go link up with them and hopefully be able to
bang out this last Saturday and see some big air. (brooding vocalizing music) – Dude, I think I caught the Claw. (yells excitedly) We’re going up a pass,
stuck behind a gas truck. (laughs maniacally) (energetic techno music) – (Artificial Female) The summer of 2019 saw White Zin lose its place as the basic bitch alcoholic
beverage of choice. White Claw Hard Seltzer landed
on store shelves in 2016. This cheeky 12-ounce alcoholic
seltzer water beverage features a 5% ABV with only 100 waist-watching calories. There are six different
delicious White Claw flavors: black cherry, ruby
grapefruit, natural lime, raspberry, mango, and
unflavored pure hard seltzer. The malted beverage is
made from seltzer water, gluten-free alcohol base, fruit flavor, and what I
can only assume is love. White Claw Hard Seltzer was
founded by Mark Anthony Brands, the creators of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Currently, White Claw
accounts for over half of all total hard seltzer sales. The White Claw shelf
life is about 12 months, unless it is on my shelf. Then it only lasts 12 minutes. That is because there ain’t no laws when you are drinking Claws. – [Zack] Well. – (beep) crap. – [Zack] What’s going on? (laughing) What just happened? Holy shit! – [Vince] There’s a road closure! – [Zack] Holy fuck. (maniacal laughing) – [Zack] We made it boys. – Hour 24. Still hungry. – It’s 4:03 a.m. We’re gonna set up camp and
check in with y’all tomorrow. – [Vince] Wait, we got
bank robbers coming in. Barricade the door. – [Zack] Jesus. (guitar strumming) (revving engine) – [Zack] Hell yeah. We have stumbled across Austin, my man. – [Austin] How are you? – [Zack] What’s up dude, hey. Thank you for having us out and rocking.
– Anytime. – [Zack] Explain to me
where the hell we are just so we can get a geographical pin because we came in here at like 4:00 a.m. – [Austin] So L.A.’s here. San Francisco’s here. We’re like right here. – [Zack] Rock ‘n’ roll – Right on the beach. – Let’s go check some of this stuff out. So I kind of snuck a peek in here and I started getting all googly-eyed. – [Austin] So this a
tube chassis, obviously, but it’s a ’73 C10. So that cab right there, that red cab,
– Oh. cut the floor out and it’ll slip on so it’s a non-smog planet race truck. – [Zack] I mean, I have ’74
C10 so you know, maybe… Let me get this real quick. You got some more classic trucks. Now, one of my favorite things is that classic trucks are coming back in like a really big way in the off-road scene now.
(loud barking) So, you got…
(loud barking) Y’all are building like two of them. – Yup, that’s a ’72 and that’s ’73. – [Zack] Hell yeah. (loud barking) What you barking at? – [Austin] They got the dogs barking. – [Zack] Hey, you are sick, dang! Let’s move on to this guy right here. What do we got going on? – [Austin] This is Casey’s truck. It was, what year this thing start at? – ’04 Silverado. – [Austin] ’04 Silverado. – [Zack] Not much of it left. – [Austin] It got stolen
and it came back like this. (laughing) – [Zack] Wow. – If y’all want to steal my truck, you know…
(laughing) – [Zack] What is this? (tapping) Aluminum? – Yup, it’s aluminum dash. – [Zack] Damn, you fancy. Damn, you got the intake right here? – [Casey] Yeah. – [Zack] Oh, I bet that’s loud. – [Casey] Oh, yeah. Suck the chonies right off. – [Zack] Is that a handbrake? – [Casey] Yeah, that’s a handbrake. – [Zack] Yeah. – [Casey] Just in case you might wanna jump back to the drifting roots. – [Zack] Well, you know if you got to stun a little bit, you know? – [Casey] Someone’s got to do it. – [Zack] Exactly. Hey, it’s a dirty job bro.
(laughing) (loud revving) – Ah yeah. So it’s the morning time. We survived through the night. Made it to the ranch and first thing I noticed when I walked up was this bitching S13,
built setup to party. (roaring engine) Got a little V8 action in this too? – [Jake] Yeah. – [Zack] Oh, hell yeah. – The power steering pump is squealing because it got sand in it yesterday. (laughing) – [Zack] Yo, introduce yourself to the people real quick, bro. – My name is Jake O’Donnell. A lot of people probably seen my Ranger, but yeah. I built this contraption here. (laughing) (loud engine revving) – [Zack] You got the ole
rock crusher in there? – [Michael] Perfect Pismo car. – [Zack] Dude. – [Jake] Can I go back farther? – [Michael] Yup. – [Zack] Yo, say everybody
the National Anthem to wake ’em up.
(laughing) (loud engine revving) (laughing) (bass thumping beat) – [Zack] So what was the thought behind taking one of these and making it into an off-road car? – [Jake] All right, so, long story short. Basically, I bought this car. It was like a drift shell
that a guy had started and it had a built 5.3
aluminum block motor in it, and I bought the car because I wanted the motor for my truck. – [Zack] Okay. – Yanked the motor out and
then I had this cage shell just sitting at my house and I was like, all right what do I do with this thing? So, my truck was in the shop getting a bunch of stuff upgraded on it and I wanted to finish or make it in time to bring it to King of the Hammers, basically just to have something
to drive around out there. (laughing) – [Zack] As your shuttle car? – [Jake] Pretty much, yeah. – [Zack] Your shuttle rig? – So, it was like, didn’t
want to do anything to the suspension. I literally have like
JIC lowering coilovers that are maxed out, that I
built strut tower spacers for. (loud laughing) – [Zack] Yeah dude. – [Michael] Is that a wood block? – [Jake] Nah, it’s metal, but basically. (laughing) Yeah, then chopped the shit out of the body, chopped the front fenders. This is like a V1 Rocket Bunny fender that I cut the crap out of, just to clear the big tires. Just did what we could to make it look like an off-road car. (laughing) – [Zack] Dude, so, looking at this thing, it’s like when a drift-kid
teenager starts hitting the sauce and the weights, and gets
laid for the first time. (laughing) – [Jake] So yeah. So it’s got a 5.3 Chevy V8 in it. A regular– – [Zack] You pulled the other. You pulled the built motor. – [Jake] Yeah, so I pulled the built motor to go in my Ranger. – [Zack] Yeah, and iron-blocking this guy? – Yeah, So I bought a junkyard 5.3. It already had the headers. It had the oil pan. It had the transmission already in it, but it wasn’t wired. It didn’t have fuel lines. It didn’t have a radiator. I did all of that stuff. – [Zack] This is perfect. – Purpose built. – [Jake] Purpose built. – Built to get me around and now it’s here at Pismo, so. – [Zack] Hell yeah, dude. Hopefully we can see this
thing fully airborne. – [Jake] I mean, I don’t
know about jumping it, but I’ll try to hit some bulls. (laughing) – [Zack] We’ll all hit some bulls later. (somber rock music) – Let’s not forget. This weekend is the Terra takeover. – That means the big boys are out to play. – [Zack] Yeah, whatcha gonna do? – That means stay out of their way. (somber rock music) (sirens) – [Zack] No, I’m not driving it. – Oh. – [Zack] I mean, maybe.
– You’re driving in it? – [Zack] I’m gonna ride in it. – Really? – [Zack] We’re gonna try to convince him to let me drive it, but I think it’s not gonna last that long. From what I heard, power
steering pump’s pretty. – [Zack] Yeah, it’s really. – And it tosses the belt
– Yup. – But, as long as you don’t
overheat the head gaskets, you’ll be fine. – [Zack] Gonna go for a
little ride in this thing. It feels very drift car. – Buddy. ♪ My buddy and me ♪ (laughing) (upbeat rock music) – Three donuts to shut it off? – [Offscreen Man] Two or three donuts and get him back to the trailer. – Just make sure. – [Jake] Cost 500 bucks. – [Zack] Dude, these LS
motors love to get hot. – [Jake] You don’t need
these for anything, right? – [Zack] Not currently, you might, though. (heavy metal music) (laughing) (heavy metal music) – What’s up, dude? Out here ready to get shreddy. – [Zack] Yeah! What’s this? – This is just something I
threw together for the family, to cruise around in. Jeep Cherokee XJ. My family, we’ve had the race
truck that had three seats. We’ve had UTV’s from time to time. And we’ve always enjoyed
this stupid thing, so I say, put some money and
time into it and build her up. – [Zack] Yeah. What’s that? – It’s the heartbeat of
America right there, baby. GM small-block. – [Zack] Hell yeah, man. You get V8 noises. – And that’s that. – [Zack] Is it stock? Got a cam?
– Of course not. It’s just got, just some
parts out of the SL7’s that I’ve grenaded over the years. That’s about it.
– Okay. – Nothing crazy. I want
it to be super streetable. – [Zack] Well, hell yeah, man. Well, cool. We’ll have to hear you fire
it up a little later here. We’ll go launch it over something. – So, I have the first spot, so like a downhill skiish type jump. Most people can do it. And then collect everyone there. Soon as it turns into a shit show, we’ll go to the bigger jump and we’ll probably thin out
some of the crowd over there. And send it to the moon. – [Zack] So this spot
we’re going to first, does it have a name? – They call it Test Hill. People will just like test
their speed on it, ya know? – [Zack] Uh-huh. – See how fast their cars can go up it and then it just kind
of became a jump for us because we jump down it backwards. – [Zack] Okay. – It’s kind of like a step off. A lot of people who have mild builds feel comfortable stepping off of it. – [Zack] Nice. – It’s pretty cool, yeah. – [Zack] So, it’s like the bunny slope? – Yeah, the bunny, this, exactly. Yeah, this is the beginner area where a lot of the local dudes get to come out and
they get to rip with us. So it’s cool. – [Zack] Hell yeah. – And then check out
some of the sketchy stuff a little bit later. (upbeat techno music) – [Artificial Female]
The Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area is
set on a windswept stretch of Highway 1, on the Central Coast, just south of Pismo Beach. It is the only state park in California to allow motor vehicles on the beach. Helping it attract roughly
two million visitors a year. The scenic majesty of the dunes is only matched by
their idyllic formation. Onshore winds blow in
from the Pacific Ocean and sculpt the dunes into sandy waves that are steep on one side
and gradual on the other. It is the perfect shape
for ATV and OHV riders to send it with massive hucks. While these big hucks create big thrills, they also make for big spills, seriously injuring and
killing riders every year. Questions of safety at the dunes are only matched by
environmental concerns. Conservationists argue
that the high-traffic use contributes to poor air quality and threatens many of the
endangered birds, fish, flora, and fauna that call the Oceano Dunes home. The battle to maintain
motor vehicle access is a hotly contested one and rumors of closing the Oceano Dunes have been swirling for years. – [Zack] So, how long you
been coming to Pismo, here? – Dude, I mean, personally, I’ve been coming since I was a kid. But Pismo takeovers have
been happening for about, this is like the sixth year. The first year, we came
out with Denny, Janinnee and Blake Wilkie. And then every year it just
grows, and grows, and grows. And then, you know, as
you see in this year, tons of people from everywhere– – [Zack] God, this is
pure mayhem over here. – Yeah, this is badass. – [Zack] Just seems like really hard not to hit people. – Well, at least you’re in
a truck and not on a quad. (heavy metal music) – Goddamn. These son of bitches is wild! So you’re saying this is one of the biggest
jumps you guys have ever– – This is probably one of
the most, like most perfect, natural jumps we’ve ever hit out here. It’s a easily 150 feet, easily 15 to 20 something feet in height. – [Zack] All right. – Let’s go check it out. – [Zack] Terra crew? – Yeah. So, basically, what we do,
is this trip every year. We literally just started
posting on Thursday that we were going to be here and this is kind of what shows up, dude. Just a bunch of random free running dudes. – [Zack] Damn. – Ready to prove themselves, you know? – One thing about being
out here is it, you know, There’s so many trucks
trying to coordinate and so uh, hold up. Whoa! Goddamn! Oh, man! – That was huge. That’s the thing about this. You got to make it past the
little hump right there, in the middle.
– Uh-huh. – And if you shoot it too far, that happens.
– You land flat I always land flat on everything, because I’m really bad at gauging speed, so I just try to give it all of it. (helicopter whirring) Unfortunately, the dude who overshot the jump to flat, is
getting medevaced out. Hope he’s okay. – Our boy JD here has got a 4.0 liter–
– That guy? – Is making 136 squirrel
power at the most. He’s gonna start a hill over and not lift from over a mile out to make this jump right now. (engine revving) – [Zack] Yeah! Woo hoo! Yeah boy. 4.0 liter power. – Out of the way! Move! (loud laughing) (upbeat rock music) (engine revving) – [Zack] Hot Damn! (crowd yelling excitedly) – Help him. Push him over! – [Zack] Ah, shit. – Watch out, guys. – Take care of the lip. (crowd cheers) – Think he zigged when
he should have zagged. – [Zack] Hey, ya know, it happens. – He got a little too excited, man. (engine revving) – [Zack] There it Is! (whistling) You know what I like about this whole desert community, is everybody really
pitched in, lends a hand. (engine revving) Hell yeah, Darren! Yeah! Right on the chip. – Yeah. It’s an LS, that’s what they’re made for. (laughing) (engine revving) – [Zack] Wow. – A little too close
for comfort right there. – [Zack] A Little Bit. – So Kyle, is it all you imagined? – And then some. – I heard, in Pismo, you can
walk around without shoes on. – I’m regretting it now. – You’re regretting it? I heard it’s good for your back. – Hey, so Zack, I got great news. – What’s that? – Can-am’s dead. – Yeah, I heard. I just got a text that said Mike and Alex got stuck in the Can-Am. – Sweet.
– Right on. That was our ride out of here. – [Zack] Oh man! The struggle is real, bro. Does that hurt? – Uh, yeah. – [Zack] It doesn’t
look like it feels good. – No, it doesn’t. Luckily, I got my doctor here with me. – [Zack] Vince, light
up a couple cigarettes and just put them out on
that and then cauterize it. – So, was it the temperature of the sand or was it the texture of the
sand that caused the blisters? – I thought you were the doctor. You’re supposed to be telling me. – I don’t know. But, from what I heard is, you walk around barefooted
in the Pismo sand, cures all back problems. (laughing) Did we cure your back problems? (loud laughing) – [Zack] You guys throw a hell of a party. – Hey. – We’re not even partying yet. This is like the pre-party.
– You know what I meant. – I think everybody knows we will find something cool to
hit for the weekend, which makes it a good show, you know? But, for the most part, we’re doing that out here regardless. If people are here or not, we’re going to be doing
that, so it’s kind of our way to share with people what we do. – [Zack] Thanks for having us out, man. This was rad. – We are so stoked to have you guys, man. – [Zack] Hell yeah. – A little taste of the world. Hopefully we’ll get you guys
out to Glamis and Ocotillo, and then some real scary desert stuff. That’s the wild stuff out there. – That’s a wrap! – We broke down in a very bad place because they’re at the
bottom of this hill. There could be cars coming over this hill so we need to look that way. Think we just lost the drive belt. The car doesn’t go anymore. Here you should eat while
we’re here in the wilderness. Here eat. You don’t want to get
hungry while we’re out here. (engine revving)

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