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Operation: Free The Situation | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Operation: Free The Situation | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

– Vinnie, we’re just upset that
you won’t have fun with us. – [Snooki] Yeah like you
go out to the strip club. – [Jenni] We love you and we don’t think– – And you drink. – And we don’t think you love us back. You don’t love us back, Vinnie. – I’m with you guys. – Step up, step it up a notch. – [Paulie] I feel a little
bad for my boy Vinnie, but at the same time– – Step up! – I’m with you guys! – Step up! – It’s just so good. It’s so funny to me. Eat a carb, (beep) idiot! – [Snooki] Have a (beep)
scotch, you little bitch. (laughing) – [Paulie] She said have a (beep) scotch. – [Ronnie] You little bitch. – Wow. – Damn. – Wow. Holy (beep). – I love you guys. – We love you also. – [Paulie] That was good. Take the high road. (laughing) – No we kept saying, we love Vinnie, but I just feel like you don’t try and have a good time with us ever. You’re so fun in Vegas. You come to us and
you’re like (crosstalk). – Deena had that box wine today boy. I’m like oh my God, this is amazing. Out of nowhere, Deena turns into Meena. – [Deena] I love Vinnie, but
sometimes it’s not happy. – She’s hitting ’em with it. – Always. – She had a lot to say. – We just don’t like that we
see you having such a good time and then when you’re with
us, you just are like I’m gonna be miserable. – Good time doing what? – Drinking, eating a carb, having fun. – Oh (beep). – Right. – Even at Chippendale’s. You’re putting, when
you’re at Chippendale’s, you’re putting on a show. – It’s two different things. One I’m sitting in the
house and one is a live show where I’m in a play. – Oh it’s a play. Oh Chippendale’s is a play now (laughing). – He’s in a (beep) play! – Chippendale’s is a (beep) play. He’s off Broadway, guys. – Off Broadway. – I don’t drink at Chippendale’s. I’m in a show. It’s like I’m playing a character. – So okay, so why can’t
you just have fun with us? You sit here miserable. – I do have fun. – Do you? (laughing) I’m the only one talking about it. – [Paulie] And there’s no show! – But everybody else has said it today. – I get it, so who cares? So I’m saying– – [Deena] So it’s not just from me. – I’m not addressing you. I’m addressing the room then fine. – Address all of us girls right here. That’s all of us said it. – Okay, Deena I get the point. They’re all talking (beep), I get it. – Can you still try and
have a good time with us? You sit there like a lump on a log and you don’t do (beep). (laughing) – You just don’t like hanging out with us. – I think I see you guys enough. – Wow! – Okay, okay. – I’m gonna stay over here. – So you’re gonna go out and
hang out with other people and have a good time. – That’s the best dead fish
I’ve ever seen in my life.

Reader Comments

  1. Deana is boring and looks and acts to old for her age like an old Italian mom and became up tight girl get off the show go be a mom….glad she changed her ways cause she was a easy sloppy hoe..i don't care for her anymore Angelina is actually my favorite now never thought I'd say that Ronnie and jwow are the only entertaining the rest are boring…and snookie and her insecurities has made her extremely fake don't care for her

  2. Sorry… the difference between the people Kim Kardashian is helping and has helped to be released and Mike, is THEY were and are innocent. He is not! Thts why he was where he was where he was.

  3. "A plan that has come up with by a bunch of moms who just drank like four bottles of wine" 😂😂😂😂 gotta love Vinny 😂

  4. i don’t understand why they’re in such disbelief that he wasn’t coming home. HE DID IT. AND HE DID NOT SERVE ALL HIS TIME. he did the crime, he didn’t pay his taxes. he had a set time. he didn’t serve it all. stupid.

  5. The cast is nutty and crazy and immature and the girls make me sick, but for some reason I cant stop watching this garbage!

  6. Kim Kardashian worked in a law office for her father for several years prior to becoming famous, she is also studying to be a lawyer (I think it's a lawyer but not 100% sure) that's the difference. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  7. When, Vinny said "Deena that's a good idea, let's do it"😂 even Ron thinks it's stupid. It's nice to think about, but realistically; no.

  8. Jennie's eyebrows are so close together they look ridiculous. And she looks like duck face with her cheeks and lips. What's up with that?

  9. Stop going back n forth with all the negative say pray for him all of u put it in gods hands. N he would of been out within no time better than ever with gifts to bless u with not actual presents in a package ppl lol. sorry just finding this out for myself today.

  10. I am going to walk up to the knight at the gate! No one can be this stupid? Do they really think KKW walked up to the “knight” ( like it’s Buckingham Palace) and said I’m a reality star let me talk to the President of the United States? No what she did took time, education, facts and a purpose of freeing someone who did 20-40 years (I can’t remember) not someone who has been In jail 4 months for tax evasion or whatever he did! They may “think” they have a plan but saying this is embarrassing, I have already wondered how much education they have! I’m not trying to be mean but it really is embarrassing!


    Ronnie: I mean we have come up (Vinny: Yeah) with some F'ing stupid (Vinny: Yeah) ideas (Yeah) in Jersey shore (Yeah) history…..

    Vinny: Yeah. Have you met Ronnie?

    SAVAGELY SHADY 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤦🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️

  12. 🙌🏻🙌🏻Free sitch, free sitch …. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 & plz, to add icing to mike’s beloved Funfetti cake 🍰 at his ‘free sitch party’ 🥳 lock up ape Ron so MVP can reunite once & for all without an obligatory mopey tag along ape

  13. Umm …, it wasn’t that easy!! This took place around July and Mike got released from prison in early September.

  14. If you break the law, you better be a very connected criminal like Trump, Clinton, the Bushes or Nixon, otherwise, you're going to prison.

  15. Is it just me or they saying the same things we say in the comments like I remember calling them mean girls before they did lol and when Ronnie said their like the new Ron and mike

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