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oh that's a little bit of me that is you know it's one of their posh ones because it's got the ribbon on it this is a bikini top if you couldn't tell as soon as I put it on it just slips straight down and I thought well I can't be having that this is a family holiday ello everyone it's me again we've got another haul today as I'm sure most of you are aware I am currently on holiday at least I think I am when this video goes up I'm in Egypt I've been prepping for it for a while I've been collecting some new clothing items for it so today I'm going to share them with you I have a whole separate Primark haul because I've bought so much from Primark but in this hole I'm going to show you everything I bought that's not from Primark basically before I get started I just wanted to say that everything I'm about to mention in this haul is linked in the description down below so if you see anything and you think oh that's a little bit of me that is it is down in the description for you the first thing I picked up was actually from Zara I'm not usually a Zara shopper because I used to think it was really expensive but turns out it actually wasn't so I've only picked up one thing from Zara but I absolutely love this it is this little crop top as you can see it's got a bit of peplum detailing at bottom this part of it is elasticated I love the colors of this I think with some plain denim shorts this is gonna look really cute I've got this in a size medium and it was 1999 the majority of the things I bought were from pretty little things but next up I'm gonna move on to misguided oh my god this is one of my favorite things in this haul is beautiful first up we have this little pink place ooh I love the neckline of this I just think it's the sweetest thing ever I love the sleeves as well they're like really frilly it's got the buttons down the front it's got a little what is called waist tie it tied up at the waist into a little bow basically and like I said it's a playsuit instead of a dress which I really like I'm a big play suit fan when I'm at Holiday it's not too tight fitted it's quite a light material I've got this in the size 8 and this was 25 pounds so I actually don't think that's bad at all especially for such a nice quality play suit next item is gonna seem a little bit random so hold your horses brace yourselves I actually picked up a cardigan because obviously I've got to get from my house to the airport first of all and then when I land back in England is gonna be like 3 o'clock in the morning it's gonna be cold I didn't want to go for a full-on coat so instead I picked up this cardigan what I really liked is that it's got the belt so you can make it fluttering and I know I'm gonna wear this a lot in the summer this was also 25 pounds and I think it's perfect for flying in it's comfy it's cozy next up I actually got this bikini on a sauce but it is from pretty little thing however pretty little thing don't sell it on their website which i think is weird but it's a little bikini so the bottoms are look like this I actually have this exact bikini in two different colors I have it in black and white and khaki and black but I really liked the pink version as well I like the way this bikini fits I think it's flattering love the colors of this the top is 12 pounds so altogether 22 pounds okay and then moving swiftly on to pretty little thing itself oh my goodness I am obsessed with these so the first thing I got is a pair of sandals how cute are they not only would these be great for holiday but I think when I get back home these with like a pair of jeans or something if it's not too warm it's gonna look great there were only 18 pounds I got them in a size 5 they're nice little slider sandal collab I also got another pair of slider sandals whatever you want to call them some pretty little thing these ones are a little bit more shiny I've seen these on a Facebook advert from another brand so many times in the past month it was the black version of them that kept coming up and every time I saw them I thought had you need to get them it's a sign you've seen it so many times scrolling down Facebook and I love them then I found them on pretty little thing they didn't have my size in the black but they also had nude and they did have my size so I love that for me these will also go with anything these are a lot more comfortable than the ones that I just showed you they're kind of padded and they were how much were you my pretties these were 20 pounds right I'm gonna quickly get these two boring items out the way this is practical thinking hand coming out here got a couple of caps I know they're not the trendy thing in the world I went for a plain black and a plain white so they match whatever outfit I'm gonna wear there were six pounds each got to stay safe kids next up I picked up a little t-shirt dress not usually a t-shirt dress kind of person but I just particularly like this one so this is plain black and it says you've pretty little thing on the front of it my vision for the is cinched in at the waist with a white belt I was looking for one of those like seat belt belts or even just the one that's like I think it's called a tight belt I wanted a white one that would hang down couldn't find that but I've got a plain white belt so I'm just gonna use that and I just thought for the evening if it's hot especially if I'm sunburned and I don't want anything on my shoulders this is gonna be really comfortable to wear again middle-aged hand coming out and this was 15 pounds Michael why am I such a grandma today okay this next one I can't lie and not the biggest fan so when I went to Primark I got a lot of crop tops and I was thinking to myself what can I wear with these my answer was a white denim skirt this is what it looks like nice and simple just plain white denim but it's quite see-through and it's a little bit too long it's just not my favorite I think I'm gonna have to return this one I'm not gonna lie it was 22 pounds so not the cheapest skirt ever and I also feel like it's not entirely white I think it's a little bit cream as long as you wore a nude underwear it would be fine I just think that would be a little bit fatty but I'm lazy then we have another bit of denim this time denim shorts on the website these look like this is it just me or is that just a completely different pair of shorts maybe they have actually sent me different ones no they haven't it just looks completely different on the website however I do quite like the way they fit so I'm gonna keep these I just wish they were a different color because I'm not really a fan of this color they've clearly worked the exposure up on that picture but these were 18 pounds and I guess they'll still go of any crop top so this girl's not too fussy the next item my friends oh my god this is so beautiful so here we have this little Navy place suit I'm not sure how well you can see it in the camera I'll insert a picture of it on the model on screen but it's a little layered play suit the back of it is kind of sheer I think that's really pretty it's a really nice length it wraps over at the front you know it's one of their posh ones because it's got the ribbon on it but it was still only 25 pounds and I think for a nice formal dinner on the beach or something like that this would look absolutely lovely okay the next few items sadly do not fit me at all but I thought I'd pick up a few basic black bikini items first thing who's fitting in this because I'm not this is a bikini top if you couldn't tell I really liked the idea of it but it's this scuba material as soon as I put it on it just slips straight down and I thought well I can't be up in that this is a family holiday it was only 5 pounds though but I mean I wasn't expecting it to literally slip straight down my body so I wasn't too impressed with that I can't lie and then to match it I do actually like these I'm gonna keep these are these plain black bikini bottoms those were only 8 pounds and I thought with literally any black bikini top these would be perfect so these ones are gonna get a lot of use and then I bought another black bikini top which I'm glad I did because that awful one is just a no-go this one has straps so and it's not gonna slip down my body it's also a very different material is this crinkle material it feels really nice actually and this was 12 pounds so a little bit more expensive than the other one but that is definitely reflected in the quality and then to go over all my very colorful bikinis I picked up this little pair of mesh shorts my reason for this on the model look how good that looks I absolutely love it I think if you're going to the bar if you go for a little walk maybe you don't want to fully cover up but you want to put a little something on and they've got only 10 pounds I can already see I'm going to be wearing these a lot on holiday they're gonna be constantly in my beach bag and I'm gonna be whipping them out here there and everywhere sticking with the all-black I also picked up this pair of sandals unfortunately though these don't really fit me the buckle does up right on the bone of my ankle and it's so uncomfortable it really hurts but the rest of the shoe is really comfortable which is so annoying I think it's literally just the shape of my ankle at where my actual ankle bone is is not a perfect match with these shoes they just feel really lovely quality they kind of like suede and these were 25 pounds right the next item isn't really for my holiday but I just thought on the website and really liked it I put a picture of this on my Instagram story and loads of you guys said you loved it got a little satin shirt moment coming on satin oh my god I'm so Essex I actually went to an event with my friend George Archer wearing an outfit which featured a white satin shirt and she looked amazing so the next day I literally hopped on pretty little thing and I was like Georgia I'm getting your shirt babes this will be way too hot to wear on holiday so this is purely for like when I'm back home Georgia was wearing this tucked into some ripped denim jeans and she looked lovely it was such an combination of like the classy and and a little bit grungy grungy I'm so not cool anyway what I'm trying to say is I loved it and it was 22 pounds thanks for the style inside your jaw appreciate that one I'm sad about this next one so here we have a little white cami top as you can probably tell by now I love a little peplum detail around the bottom however this is really see-through I think what I'm gonna do is send this back and get it in black because then obviously it's not gonna be see-through but it's got to zip down the back I just think it's super pretty you could wear this really casually in the daytime or you could dress it up a bit in the evening really versatile top and it was only 12 pounds wouldn't really recommend the white but in another color 100% I think this would look lovely the next item I've got a little dress this is adorable but I need to exchange it for a smaller size I don't know why the size comes up massive in this I got it in a size 8 and I definitely need a 6 or maybe even a 4 I'm never a size 4 I think just the fit of it is really big maybe it's meant to be oversized I'm not too sure it's got a little peplum sleeve and it has buttons all the way down the front of it again I'll put a picture in of the model because it looks amazing on her and this dress was 18 pounds okay the final item one of mine if not my favorite in this haul along with the misguided play suit how adorable is this little dress it looks so much nicer on than it does off because it's actually really flattering again it's got the buttons all the way down the front but this is more of like a little cami dress you'd probably have to wear nude underwear with this one as well but I mean it's worth it although saying that it is layered it's got a layer underneath and a layer on top it feels really nice quality and this was only 20 pounds I love it I think it's literally the cutest thing ever looking at all that on the floor now really wasn't a very colorful haul was it a lot of black a lot of white and a lot of denim but you can't wait to see my holiday pictures but anyway my friends that brings us to the end of this holiday haul if anything here caught your eye it's all linked in the description down below for you make sure you guys follow me on Instagram to check out my holiday pictures I'm sure I will have uploaded some by now probably featuring some of the items in this haul do you subscribe to see my future videos but for now thanks for watching and I'll see you again soon with another little video you

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  1. Hello from South Africa! Fabulous Hannah! New to your channel. I love your videos and the pink playsuit is too dreamy for words ❤️💕😍👌You and your clothing haul really inspiring me to lose more weight now!

  2. Loved this video, hope you’re having a wonderful time away. Love the outfits, super cute 💖😘 xxx

  3. Your channel is my new fav your just so funny I love it! You’ve inspired me so much with my youtube x

  4. YAY ANOTHER HAUL!! You got some gorgeous things!! Im super excited for summer / holiday season!! 🙌🏻💥

  5. Hope your having a great time on holiday! Love your haul videos and the black dress you showed I have that in red and yes your better off sizing down cause it is oversized 😍

  6. I live in a holiday destination but im going on holiday to sunny England tomorrow 😹 but im so excited for Primark haha! Have a great holiday, loving these outfits 😻

  7. Love your hauls 💗 watch you for years 💗 your cooking videos make me extra happy 💗 but please control your tanning, you have been orange for months, you will hate in the future when you see yourself from this period. But if you like being orange, you do you girl!

  8. These are all gorgeous but the navy blue playsuit is my fave! Yesssss I can definitely see that as something cute for a nice dinner on the beach! 🏝 💖✨ Xx

  9. Omg I lovee the navy playsuit!! It's lush! Really would love to see a YouTube journey video or Youtube tips! You've done sooo well xoxox

  10. Love you’re channel! You’re one of my biggest inspirations for YouTube you’re so pretty and lovely! And you deserve everything and more! Would love to support each other’s channels xxx

  11. You always make me happy with all your videos, you have such a kind and lovely personality, and I could watch you all day. Just what I needed from my absolute angel, after a stressful day for exams. 💖💖💖 lots of love always. I'm never going to stop supporting you. Plus I've got a channel of my own, that you've given me the confidence to make, I'd love to meet you one day.
    You might not remember me but I always comment on your pics on insta. My insta is ambzcaitlin_yt

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