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hey guys for today's video I thought it would be super fun to do a little hacking video we are leaving in just a couple days for the Dominican Republic which is going to be awesome because the weather has still been so cold here in Michigan so I cannot wait my whole entire family is going it's going to be so much fun it's an all-inclusive resort and Joshua and I have not been to an all-inclusive resort since our honeymoon so we were just so excited and I can't say that enough but anyway I do want to say I'm not a pro Packer or anything like that but I just thought this video would be fun I always like to be super prepared whenever I go on vacation I like to make sure I have everything I need I like to be really organized about everything just so I can enjoy my trip to the fullest so hopefully you guys like this video maybe you'll get some ideas for when you're packing in the future but honestly what kind of inspired me to do this video was I got some new luggage it's these really pretty pink ones back here I found them at t.j.maxx so I'll share with you guys all the details on that in just a second but for now let's just go ahead and jump right into the video so as you guys can probably tell if I packed all of this stuff in my suitcase I would probably be way way over packed that's my biggest nightmare is being over packed because I know when I come home a lot of times I wouldn't know what's clean what's dirty and I would have so much laundry to do and sometimes when you're over packs you just don't even know what to wear on your trip so the first thing I do like to do though when I know I'm gonna be going on a vacation for a while because this one is a full week I like to just kind of get out anything that I think I might want to bring or might want to wear so these are all things that aren't for sure yet some are totally for sure I'm bringing but some things I kind of got an arrow down and go through and see what I actually want to bring I'm also planning on wearing like a dress or something a little bit dressier every single night and those are all in my closet and these are the suitcases that I just picked up from TJ Maxx I did have a suitcase before that I got from TJ Maxx it was Cal pack so it literally looks exactly like this except it's like the medium size it's a white it's really nice I've only used it like a couple times I got it last year but I ended up giving that one to Joshua because once I saw these pink ones I was like I have to have these I just need them and honestly we've never really bought luggage before or anything so I just felt like it was kind of necessary and I ended up getting the carry-on and then the really large one right here they also did have a medium size but the handle was cracked on it so I decided not to get the medium sized and honestly I didn't need all three let's be real for this vacation I'm hoping to just bring one large one kind of thinking I might not even need the carry-on for this trip so we'll see what I can narrow down with all this stuff I actually kind of want to just bring my beach bag as my carry-on because I don't think I'll be able to pack it in the suitcase because it doesn't really Bend super well and I don't want it to break in my suitcase also because the airport is always so rough on bags and these are brand new suitcases I ended up getting these luggage covers off of Amazon I'll link them down below if you guys are interested but they're just clear luggage covers these ones fit my bag pretty much perfectly there's also some that are a little bit of a different fabric like I got one for Joshua's white suitcase and the cover four is kind of like a black spandex so it looks completely different than me so I'll actually link that one down below too but we really like them my mom got a couple as well and yeah I just think these would be really nice to just kind of protect these pretty suitcases in the airport so basically I'm just gonna start going through and figuring out what I want to bring what I really actually don't need to bring I also have these little sharper image packing cubes that I always use these are also from TJ Maxx and TJ Maxx always has packing cubes but these are so nice they keep me so organized I could honestly use a few more of these because I just think they're great the first thing I'm going to you is just start going through all these clothes and figuring out what I want to bring and then putting that in a pile and then putting the things I probably don't need in a different pile since we're only going to be there for seven days I don't need to bring a swimsuit for every single day so I do kind of want to narrow my swimsuits down and some of them I've never worn before so I definitely want to bring my new ones like this one is a newer one from Target that I love and I showed this in my last haul so I'm definitely going to bring that one this one is new from Express which I showed in a different Hall too recently this one so I definitely want to bring those three because those are all my new ones these ones are all that I got maybe last year or the year before so over here I have three for sure ones and I think I might bring like five I really love some suits I kind of like the idea of bringing a one-piece that way if we were just going to go down to breakfast or something and then immediately go to the beach after I could just pair it with a cute pair of jean shorts or something that might be really cute so I think I'll bring this because this is like a two-in-one and I think lastly I'll bring my Athleta one because I love the bottoms on these they're a little bit like kind of like a boy short so I think they're really really cute and it just fits really well I think I'm just gonna bring two pairs of pajamas I have these ones that have little shorts with them they're just from Target and they're really really soft and comfy and then I recently just picked up these from TJ Maxx they just looked super tropical to me and perfect for a vacation so I'm just gonna bring two I only do have two packing cubes left so you're trying to choose wisely what I want to put in these I think I'm gonna do but bottoms in one like all my shorts maybe and possibly tops could fit in one I don't know but I also have some workout clothes and then like underwear and bras and stuff like that so we'll see when I end up using these for I did sort through all of my shorts and kind of decided what which ones I wanted to bring them which ones I didn't actually took out like four pairs next for shirts though I really don't have a ton of shirts that I'm bringing so I have this really cute little one here I got it last year at Nordstrom this is a little tank I have lots of Tanks because it's supposed to be pretty warm I think little t-shirts from forever 21 little tank top from forever 21 so these will be great things just just throw along with shorts to like wear to lunch or breakfast or something I also love this one I just showed in my last clothing haul it's really really cute it kind of like wraps around and stuff you guys can check out that haul for you guys want to see how it looks on but it's so cute it was only 23 bucks from Nordstrom it's brandy melville and then even though it's gonna be hot it's like I love this new york sweat or not sweatshirt but it's just a long-sleeve t-shirt it's super lightweight super soft super comfy so I kind of want to bring this to because I think it would just be cute with some jean shorts or something [Applause] next I'm going to go through all these workout clothes that I thought I might want to bring but let's be real I'm probably not gonna work out that much since I'm home vacation so I probably don't need all of these outfits I would say I'm doing pretty good at narrowing things down these are all things that I decided not to bring these are obviously all the things that I am bringing and then I do have this whole entire other side that I can put more stuff in I might do underwear and bras and stuff in this little zipper pouch right here and then maybe I can do shoes in there which will be really nice but speaking of shoes I have quite a few pairs to kind of go through so basically I think with my everyday wear like my shorts and my little tank tops or whatever I think for the most part I really want to bring these these are new they're from express and I recently had them in an express all I really like them because I am short so they give me a tiny bit of height but they are still super casual and they are so comfy so I feel like I definitely want to bring these and then next I do need a pair of shoes just to wear casually to the beach and I was thinking maybe just bringing these ones they're from Target last year and they're pretty old now so I don't like your fake it ruined on the beach I don't want to bring anything too nice to the beach so maybe like these are kind of cute though when you put them on that rose gold but I also do have my gorgeous little Tory Burch sandals here which I would love to wear those because I do have you know a couple black swimsuits but these are really cute too they're from TJ Maxx last year and I don't think I've ever actually worn them anywhere so it's like I almost kind of want to wear these and they're kind of like a rubbery feel so they're actually probably do really well on the beach so maybe I'll bring these these might be just I don't know too nice to bring for the beach or anything so maybe I just won't bring those but guys honestly I did get these at Nordstrom Rack probably a couple years ago I know these sandals are normally like 150 bucks or something I don't remember how much they are but they normally are pretty expensive I got mine for like $60 at Nordstrom Rack so that was crazy and then I do kind of want a fancy shoe for at night to wear with all my dresses now I kind of want to bring something that I can just wear with every single dress it'd be kinda nice not to bring two pairs of shoes so I have these which are just a basic little block heel they're very comfortable they're just from Target and I also have these that I got at DSW which are really cute too because they're just a wedge these are really comfortable as well so I kind of have to make a decision about which ones I want to bring but I kind of gotta go over my dresses first probably I'm also probably gonna bring up your tennis shoes but I'll probably be wearing those on the plane so I don't have to worry about packing them and then I do have to decide about the dress shoe so maybe we can go into my closet and I can show you guys the dresses that I'm thinking about possibly bringing so this section on my closet right here I've just been kind of like throwing stuff that I might want to bring on the trip with me or some things are like absolute musts and honestly I start putting things in this section just because I feel like it takes me forever to pack normally so if I kind of have an idea of maybe what I want to bring then I can just easily look at it instead of sorting through all of my clothes so I'm definitely bringing this this isn't a dress but this is a kimono and I showed this in my last haul so I'm bringing this as like a swimsuit cover-up and just wear over like tank tops or whatever if I want I'm definitely going to bring this dress and if you guys want to see this dress on me it's super cute I did just show it in my last haul but I was thinking about also sharing with you guys some sort of video like on our trip with my outfits and stuff I also picked up this one from forever 21 that I'm definitely going to bring so that's two dresses so far this is actually really cute I haven't shown you guys this at all in a hall or anything but this is actually just a little jumpsuit it's really really cute and I would love to show it to you guys on maybe I can on the vacation or something but this is adorable and I feel like you can dress it up dress it down so I feel like I definitely want to bring that and then next is like all stuff that's not actually new I was thinking about bringing this dress I got this at t.j.maxx last year but it's really pretty and it just seems like very tropical perfect for vacation so I might bring that I love this dress – it kind of looks like a little Pulitzer dress but this is just from TJ Maxx and that looks really cute on my other options would be like this little dress here it's pretty cute this which is pretty old but I do like it because the sleeves are kind of sheer so if it is like a colder night I could bring that this is just a little basic black dress which I don't think I have any black dresses to bring so this might be cute ring and those are all the options I pretty much had four dresses I kind of went through all the dresses and figured out which ones I wanted to bring and I forgot my mom brought me this little jumpsuit that she found the other day and it's actually really really cute it's just a little black Roxy one um so yeah I don't know I was thinking I could actually dress that up or dress that down so I just said it I'll bring the old dress so I have seven like dressy things here just in case I was like whatever I'll just bring it so I don't regret it because I feel like I'm being pretty good about everything else and then the only two jackets or like things for my arms that I'm bringing are this jean jacket from express that I love and then this one right here that was just in my last clothing haul so I think those are only two things that I'll bring four jackets and then I do have these new athletic pants that were in my last haul so these will be like my Traveling Pants and then I'll wear one of these coats with it I don't know which one yet then also for shoes I decided just to go with these instead of these cuz these I feel like it can dress up or down and they are more comfortable clothes wise I would say I am pretty much all packed with that actually I think I am all packed with that the last things I have to do really are go through all these toiletries and figure out what I'm actually gonna be bringing coz there's way too many like I said that's my travel outfit and then I just kind of have to go through some of this stuff I definitely want to bring this back because I brought it or I bought it for this vacation and then I'm gonna be bringing that beach bag at the hat at four pairs of sunglasses here so I should probably go through those narrow that down a little bit maybe I'll just bring this back instead of this one because this one could probably go in my beach bag too if I wanted or I could dress it up and this just came in my last step that funbox this is everything when you're not bringing I feel like I'm doing so well and then I did get out a bunch of little bags like this that I can put in my beach bag if I want so everything doesn't get all sandy and then next with my toiletries I have bought a lot of little things like this so I didn't have to bring full-size products so I bought so many little tiny travel-size things of all the items that I typically use so I think one way I can kind of narrow some of this stuff down is by just taking things out of the packaging am I just kind of going through them being like okay what am I actually going to use and what am i I probably not lend up you're using [Applause] I'm also not going to be bringing a ton of jewelry but I thought I would share with you guys how I do normally pack my jewelry I usually keep these little cases that I get with jewelry that I buy or something it's just a little kind of like velvety drawstring case but this is great for traveling please head I'm not bringing a ton of stuff I'm just gonna bring a little bracelet probably just this one necklace and then this really fun pair of earrings that I got in my fat pit fun box because I feel like they are perfect for a vacation they are so cute so I'll probably just only bring this for my jewelry and it's all safe in here I am almost to the finish line with packing I just want to kind of go through these sunglasses and decide which ones I'm actually going to bring now that after that I'm pretty much good I think I'm all packed all I have to do is get my makeup together but I'm not gonna do that till the morning off so you guys probably won't even see that part so this is the first pair I was just showing these in my haul these are just a really cute pair of little sunglasses I got from forever 21 I just think they're really nice and basic and they don't look super cheap they were literally like five bucks so I think those are cute and then I bought these especially for the trip just because I know they're super trendy and I just thought they would be really fun to wear I'm pretty sure people wear them down kind of well but I got them for the trip so I feel like I have to bring them or it was a total waste of my own or maybe it was a total waste of my own either way but I feel like these I have to bring because I bought them for the trip then I have this pair which I wore almost every single day last summer there are these right here there really nice basic pair of sunglasses again they're super comfortable they look just like Ray Bans but I got them on Amazon for like I don't know nine or ten bucks so I thought these are really cute and I love wearing these I think they look kind of nine days – so I really like those I don't know I feel like I'm gonna have to choose between these me and then the last pair Joshua just let me get these the last night when we brought shopping these are from Nordstrom Rack they're actually a little bit dirty I probably need to clean them off of the wipe but they're by the brand I think they're Bobby Brown I've never known that Bobby Brown makes sunglasses but I was like these look super expensive they kind of look like right bands in a way but a little bit more glamorous I don't know I really really like these I feel like these are just a great everyday pair and what I love about these two is I can put them on top of my head and they won't pull my hair only problem with these and these is that whenever I put them on the top of my head they kind of pull well they're not now but they do cuz they have the little nose pieces on them I wish I could ask your eyes opinion right now I know it before I leave for the trip but this video is probably gonna go up while I'm already gone so I wish I just knew these are these which ones to bring so I'm gonna have to make the ultimate decision on my own I don't even think that I'm gonna have to bring a smaller suitcase I think I'm just gonna bring this and then firm my carry-on I'm just gonna bring my beach bag and I'm put I put this back in here too just because I don't want it to get ruined in my suitcase or anything or get smashed and then I was thinking yeah I probably just wear my hat on the plane or something so it doesn't get smashed and then lastly I'll show you guys how this luggage cover goes over my luggage perfectly I'm so happy that I found this thing and the one I got for Joshua is kind of like a spandex and it's just like a black cover but I really like to look clear for mine because I'm like I got pink luggage so I could show off that it's pink you know and that it would be easy to see in an airport and stuff so I'm really glad that I got these clear ones that way you can still see that it's really cute luggage and then I'll show you guys the bottom all you do is like velcro it together and you're all good there is room if I wanted to kind of like expand the bag too because it does have like a little expanding thing on it there still would be room for this alright so I really hope that you guys liked this little pack with me video give this video a thumbs up if you're ready to see some vacation videos I'm ready so I'm so excited I can't stop saying that but if you guys haven't subscribed to my channel please make sure to find that subscribe button below don't forget to click the like button if you like these types of videos to comment below let me know what you thought and I will see you really soon in my next video

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