Celebrating the Spring Holidays



hey guys time to pack with me for my spring break vacation okay that was so awkward you guys will figure out what this is in a minute I'm literally just as confused as you guys are I'm nervous for this cuz I don't really know what I'm doing my parents made me a list of what to pack hopefully that can give us ideas on where I'm going hopefully there's no snow suits throat's I might start crying this is nice is much time to look at the list the first thing on the list is swimwear that means it could possibly be somewhere warm let's get those swimsuits moving on to the second thing on the list shorts pretty simple so far let's go back I literally cannot wait to open these these are gonna fit so comfortably if they look wrinkly cuz they were literally like stuffed in a bag oh my gosh we it has a little like belt thing also this video is not sponsored I wish it was but it's definitely not sponsored I'm so excited to wear these okay I think it's time to get to the next thing on the list pants pants um is for the style just for the Instagram pictures I get it I get it mom again t-shirts next thing on the list fourth where the big sportsman's I see where they're going with this hey let's go back in sportswear next thing on the list is sunglasses Artie got that covered whenever we go on vacation we normally stay through a Sunday so I always pack my Sunday dresses also isn't this the cutest thing I literally put a hat on top of it wait you thought I was done I always overpack so now it's time to move on to my personal stuff like jewelry my hair style my toothbrush perfume electronic makeup and other stuff and shoes almost forgot shoes that would have been horrible let's get to it I'm gonna be shouting out those who subscribe to my channel turn on my post notifications and follow me on Instagram the very free shout-out goes to Natalie this is her profile so shout-out to you we're so close to 10,000 someone mentioned that I should start doing shoutouts at the end of my videos so I'm gonna start doing that make sure to subscribe follow me on Instagram and comment below and done so you can be shout it out next video I'll see you guys on vacation

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  1. I was a little triggered that my cousins get to go to Florida this Summer, but then 2 hours later I then remembered I’m going on a mission trip that’s at the beach, lmao I’m clearly smart

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