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Packing tips GALORE! How we pack for vacation (with kids!)

Packing tips GALORE! How we pack for vacation (with kids!)

hey 'preebs nation Jordan page from fun cheaper free calm here and we are going on vacation so today I'm gonna show you how we pack we are a family of eight we have got six young kids and we like to travel but it definitely takes some organization and some some tactics let's just say that today I'm gonna show you exactly how we pack for a trip in this case we are headed to I'm gonna show you how we pack to go on a week-long vacation on an airplane to Mexico let's just do it I'm just gonna show you let's let's get on with it the very first thing we do is pull out the suitcases that we want to use and we try to do this about a week early so that way as I'm going through doing laundry I can pull out the things that I feel like we're gonna need for the trip and stick them inside the suitcase so that they don't get washed and dirty before we go the next step is I make a list of everything that we need for the trip and then I divide it out by person kind of checklist style you can do this of course on just like a Google spreadsheet and I do have one that I reprint again and again in this case I just hand wrote the list that we needed the next step is we rally all the kids and we pack everybody all at once I sit down with my list I call the kids and tell them what to go get they show it to me would check it off the list let me just show you how this [Applause] now normally we will just pack about two big suitcases one of them for all the kids one of them for Bubba and I and then all the extras like diapers or wipes or swimsuits or whatever else we need in this case the kids got these cool suitcases or scoot cases as my son has been calling them for Christmas from my mom and they were really excited about using them because it's a suitcase but it's got a razor scooter on the back it is definitely not the most light way to travel because now everybody's got a suitcase plus the two big ones that we still need but it's okay the kids are gonna have a good time and we're flying Southwest and bags are free so I'm not too worried about it we normally try to cut down a little bit once we've got everybody else packed Leben and I then focus on ourselves what I do is like I said throughout the week I'm just throwing things in the suitcase so I don't wear them and get them dirty once it's time for me to start packing I'll lay everything out and I will just sort through what I need here's how we pass and now we are three days out from our trip we are totally packed and ready to go on the last things that we will do we will pack snack bags for the kids let me show you how we do that don't mind the fact that I'm not done up yet today now whether it's a road trip or whether on a plane kids get hungry and snacks tend to keep everybody happy and in our case especially since we're gonna be in an airport and food is so expensive I am being extra diligent this time so what we do is to give every kid their own snack bag now they're all identical and we give them a variety of snacks and even a little treat in there so that at every gas station stop or every store in the airport they don't ask us for treats we give it to them we say alright you can eat it all in five minutes or you can pace yourself but this is all you get today it works amazingly well cuz otherwise every five seconds they're like mom I'm hungry mom can have a snack Oh a treat can I have that mom mom this solves those problems in this case I made 2 bags per kid one for the flight there and then one for the flight home and the second bag will just keep into extra space in our suitcase so let me show you how I made these our baby he's only three months old he is not eating yet so for his back I'm just keeping things that he needs for the trip including some medicine for the other kids so his bag is the perfect space for that and then really the only thing left is just we have the kids lay out the outfits that they want to wear on the airplane and then we have one bag with everybody's toiletries we just pack that and clip it up throw it in the suitcase right before we head out of town for the baby the only thing we are bringing for him is our Morey Jun Moses bag I will link the information below for this this is my own invention which is launching in spring of 2019 it is basically a portable bassinet and diaper bag combined so we use this for holding him on the airplane bassinet in the hotel room we use this as a place surface for him when we're out by the pool this is kind of our everything and that's it we are ready to take off and head off to Mexico hopefully this kind of gave you a good idea of how we manage packing for an international trip on a plane for a week it's gonna be fun a little crazy gonna be fun I hope you liked it if you did give it a thumbs up and you guys have been giving really great feedback in the comments of other videos you'd like to see keep on coming I've got new videos every Thursday and for now I'm going to say ah d see you in a week bye guys

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  1. My favorite way way to pack for the kids is to put everybody's clothes already on hangers. So I take a hanger and I put the top the bottom the socks the underwear the hairbow if it's for a girl everything that they are going to be wearing goes on the hanger. I use a plastic bag for the small items. Then I have one hanger per day plus an extra outfit or two just in case and it goes right in the suitcase. When we get there it all gets pulled right out of the suitcase still on the hanger and hung up in the hotel room and then there's no worry about having to rummage through four different suitcases each day to get the kids outfits.

  2. Felisidades no mas me avisan y los invito a mi casa de 5 pisos y de 14 habitaciones😉😉😉😉xD

  3. Luv luv how you pack! You are awesome Mama! That portable bassinet is Genius!!!!!!! So excited for you girl:) 💞

  4. It’s funny because the baby’s stuff is nice and modern compared to the others even though ?he? Is the youngest

    Love your vids ❤️

    Awww thanks 🤗

  5. OMG …. IM SOOOO OBSEEEESEEEDDDD WITH UR VIDEOS…… I LOVE UUUUU … it was sooo helpful… thankyou so much ..

  6. take me with you, Jordan 😉 just wanted to share we have a super handy wearable system that helps you lose the worry, not your stuff. (crazy story, but it all started 12 yrs ago when my spare tampon fell out at the gym.. lol! truth :)) xox see how it works? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orlvTEyuBfs

  7. I'm understanding the ease and simplicity behind rolling Clothes. Buttt my question would be, are ye not gonna end up a family of crumples and creases lol lol!! I'm having palpitations here imagining my Clothes coming out of a Suitcase and they crumpled and creased like no-one's business!!

    Perhaps you don't agree, but would taking the time to fold them well before they go in the Case, not guarantee ye'all won't be crumpledandcreased.com when ye reach yere Destination and have to go searching for an Iron and Ironing-Board at the Hotel?!

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