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hello friends what's up so this log that you're about to see is a vlog that is special to me it is my best friend's wedding vlog I tried to make sure that I made sure everyone who wanted to stay private stay private so I hope you guys enjoy it this will be a total of about three or four days in the vlog showed you guys how we did things during the wedding and stuff so I hope you enjoy it I'm just gonna I'm just editing the vlog and I realized that I didn't do an intro so that's why I'm doing this right now if you guys haven't already please subscribe and also please watch the dance video because I talk about that a lot in this vlog and I have a second channel which I am recording every day vlogs for starting tomorrow on which is gonna be Tuesday you guys will see daily vlogs on the second channel I will list that down below so make sure you guys subscribe to me there for those who love seeing vlogs I'm just gonna post vlogs on that channel from now on have fun watch the vlog watch my dad and I will see you guys soon look at it look at the GT I look changes over there and then this TT they don't get along yet they get along but they don't get along this weird just hard to describe so those saying you guys I haven't blogged since the morning that is because it's been a little hectic so I just went to so do it I'm gonna I'm gonna talk about the world like with her names who was my best friend she's the one that's getting married so I just went to his house manal was over Sena and I we all practiced for dance just now a little bit and then actually had forgot the vlog camera so I came back to get it and I'm gonna show like we went to her house to do you guys know like the regular like the wedding favors so we went and we created little boxes with mitai E or like little chocolates and almonds and stuff in it we did that we also practiced a little with a little bit of my dance that we're gonna do and I believe you're gonna see this blog after the dance goes up so I can show you guys in this blog a little bit of practice and then you guys can compare it I guess to the actual dance to see if like we did good I'm just a little nervous because I don't know I'm just always nervous so the beginning of the dance is gonna be we're gonna dance along Lachie and it's just manal and me so it's like a a couple thing and it fixed me out because like I don't know I don't know why freaks me out do it show them your Mandy in the end the other side guys look at the cute umbrella I'm gonna steal it from outfit tomorrow son of the Mandy fiend she loves Mandy so I might just do like a sticker peel off one if I can find it but if I can't that I'm just gonna have to go barehand this year which is weird guys look how dark her Mandy is already coming off I won't show you her face I'll show you her face on the wedding oh my god I wish I could yeah your mother-in-law loves you that's a fact okay so you guys my job right now is to take all the menu stuff that we made last night and we're gonna set it out so everyone is ready to go tomorrow so we're gonna do that right now okay so tomorrow's the Mandy so we made these beforehand and then they have these that are pre wrapped and I'm just setting up this little tally so they have like little bit bangles that they're gonna give so I'm just setting this up and I'm gonna make it into like a little triangle and make it look all cute and shit no I'm just gonna zoom in you guys okay this girl legit look right here she chopped it off day before her wedding so guys this is what happens right before your wedding night I think it's that one over there we go what you doing she can't get anything else wet okay keep your hands away so it looks like you're like killing her something like and this is called them handy scrubbing times I you don't understand in the 22 years that I've known the weather this is the most I've touched her in my life like I'm not the kind of right I'm telling you you can ask them not to do that send a Xena and do both you know when you see your friends you hug and we don't have we do not have it's like weird and then we just say bye and then just at least we don't have a glob of yeah I guess they hug each other each other they just read to me at the bug all the time the most physical contact you guys will ever have in your life so just take it in I watched son s face you should have seen me watch there all right we out it is Wednesday tomorrow the next scene you guys will see will probably be me chauffeuring everybody around because my lovely princess over here this one not that one this one she needs to be chauffeured to her eyebrow appointment so that's gonna be happening and then I'm gonna come I'm gonna gather all my things I need to I hired for tomorrow to shell for her and then I'm gonna gather gather all my stuff and then I'm gonna come pick boob up I'm gonna take do but for her hair appointment and then I'm gonna come I'm gonna stay there with her and then we're gonna come back do her makeup and I'm just gonna do my makeup here with her I might as well if I'm gonna be driving her around and stuff so yeah tomorrow's gonna be a super busy day no gym for me tomorrow which is kind of good I'll just be running that no morning friends today is the nikah / Mandy day Sabrina I believe is here and to do my mom and Santa's makeup I have to take my mom to go get her eyebrows done so I'm gonna do that and then I have to come back dye my hair and then I have to go and get my eyebrows done it is 12:30 I got back from the eyebrow equipment I got my done too and then I went to do best fiancee his house like basically her husband today by the time you guys see this because they needed a few things so like I had it and then we needed more things so I had bad luckily he literally lives like a few streets over for me so it was super easy for me to run back and gather like more things to give to him so now I'm going back to their house and then at one o'clock so in half an hour I have to be at the bus house because she is getting her hair and makeup done and so yeah I'm gonna basically buy that I think the next time you see me I'll be doing my makeup and stuff and then we will go from there who is mom you look so good I didn't even look at you properly oh my god you guys I will tag so it's Sabrina and then Jody so Bella flare I will elicit down below I'm coming right now hold on too much mama so we're trying to pick between these earrings or or these earrings I'm saying she should wear these these are pretty good guys I'll reveal it after if I want to show you guys our clothes so cute guys look son is getting married again thanks thanks so we're at the bus house I got subway for everybody except for Sonic cuz I didn't know son you don't have any and you don't get any of my no you don't touch mine I'm hungry oh if you touch my food I will smear she's she took it I gave it I felt bad it's fine agani in the protein shake you know you're right all you guys with makeup look so lit and then I'm gonna do my own and I'm gonna look like nothing compared to you guys Sabrina just demand it's so pretty I wish I could put on the ring light for you but it's so pretty and then this is my entire outfit and then my do put us right down there but can I show them you you guys want to see too bad so pretty she doesn't have her do pat-down yet or anything but we're going to the hall now it's gonna be a little we're going a little earlier so they can do like their pictures do mine uses her by the time you guys see this her husband oh it's so weird you guys this is the prettiest setup ever looking in and then they got flowers over here and they've got these cute eyes and brothers you're too cute too cute oh I love this do another twirl and don't come close okay perfect beautiful look at this way way let me kind of like in all from top this is our second bride of the day and looking here Mandy outfit and then show them their chapels yo feet dude you don't not want to see what she has underneath that leg up who was going to take like her the bride pictures son and I are outside we're taking some pictures so we don't have to stress all night about taking videos which we need a picture together I don't know how we're gonna get it the oldest forget you know on her wedding I didn't even get a picture with Sena just me and her stupid okay update so sudden I got hungry obviously and everyone else nobody's here yet and just us so we're we're trying to find a McDonald you guys I'm just gonna say it left I'm not even gonna hide it from you I want a fish fillet okay if you guys haven't tried a fish fillet from McDonald's you're missing out on like in life and I don't like I don't like seafood into I actually don't she's going crazy right now because you guys all know cheaper so here's those soldiers gangs okay G if you own a jeep only G people do this do you say hi to each other when you're driving by so you give like a – then you do one of these okay and she just she's driving my Jeep right now cuz it's so hard for me to drive in this suit and I was okay son and this guy will probably say hi to you all he's gonna do is like this and you just got to do it back and she was like there's a car following us you guys the people just drove like he was driving beside us and we slowed down is that the hall keep going keep going keep going hold on man keep going straight and we were right so they're in the McDonald's parking lot and I was watching and then when we pulled out they pulled I was like two guys in a car and a Dodge or whatever and then when they're driving in the lane beside us and he's driving right in exercise like so – slow down and then he slows down so he's staying next to us we made a left he made a left we're making a right motherfuckers making a right I'm going to fight him nobody frightened him in my lingo he's turning here I'm about to punch a bitch out you don't want these problems you don't want these problems thank you that's all I had to tell you guys that's yourself hey didn't you turn anyone so they did a u-turn and then we just said hi to dubis fiance husband whoever we are whoever he is okay and he was in his car so maybe the guys like left but you know I was gonna fight him in my langa not really fight him but like literally what's your problem you know it's just two girls Chinese some McDonald's before we party for my best friend's wedding guys look at my parents a do cute okay people are rolling in I'm not gonna film the actual nickel part and I probably will other things that are going on but maybe I'll film I don't know I'm gonna see because now I'm not gonna post a lot of people here in this blog just the key said I wanna be with it be in it but I'll show you guys to burn yourself because they're down to be in the blog and right now you can see life good morning friends not sure where I left my vlog off last night but it is it's like I woke up by 9 o'clock I have to go for my hair extension appointment today so I'm going to take you guys with me I will daddy car last night I don't know if you guys can see but my forehead has like a bump on it swelling so I might take some allergy medicine because any time I wear fake jewelry and it rubs against my skin and starts to react so on the dholki I was wearing red I didn't vlog on the talky but it was when I was doing the white suit had red hair it was so like I'm in a bunch of the undies and stuff obviously like normal dude was family bla bla I found out the day after that like a lot of them were telling the groom's mom like that she's so pretty like if she didn't have red hair she would be so pretty and stuff like that I was just laughing I don't take offense to that at all because I understand completely such a weird color so then I showed up yesterday in a wig and like people lost their shit like everybody went crazy because they were like oh my god like it looks so good it looks so good and everybody was so happy all the undies were so happy they're like yes I don't know I just learned to tell you guys like because I got a lot of questions on you guys asking me on when I go to events and stuff like how people react or how I'm not even people more aunties and uncles like how they react to my hair and stuff and usually nobody ever says anything bad the most I'll just be like it's like why do you have that color but it's never I never take offense to it because it's like there's no need to everybody has their own kind of tastes and as long as I like my hair that's all that matters we were gonna do a giveaway guys this is all the tape ins we are not doing anything to long as I told you guys but I will show you now once it's done in a few hours guys my hair extensions are done I can't show you right now but I can show you like right I guess I can't show you right now but I can show you like the entire thing so I'll show you guys when I'm in poem but I love them so much it feels like I have my normal hair back we put 220 grams of hair extensions and she's like oh my god it's gonna be so heavy for you like just just giving a warning as and they'll pull down but now that I have into my hair it just feels like when I used to have long hair because this was the amount of hair I had and I'm so happy with it so we're done we're not done practicing but we're about to head to the groom's house or not groom now it's the husband's house are you still the groom he's still the groom so we're headed there because we're about to do a practice run because he's doing a surprise dance which by the time you guys see this the dance is gonna go up so he's doing a surprise dance that no one else knows of literally no one knows about it and we are like their family like nobody knows so yeah anyways we're about to head there so we spent the last three hours at the groom's house and now I meant to us when Al and I are actually making a do it do it DIY flower bouquet for the bride to hold and we're almost done but I wanted to show you guys so I came to the car grab the vlog and let's see so Menaul and I actually rolled like put the flowers together and then we rolled it and that's pretty I don't know what it's called and then we hot glue gunned it and now we're putting in like the peuta diamonds okay we figured out it took me don't watch these straight down to the stem you push it to the like angle so it goes in a lot more easier otherwise it's pushing the roses all the way down but look moving about morning my friends so last night we ended off at okay last night we ended off at us at the bride's house and Menaul and I were making the bouquet which we finished and then we helped them like kind of figure out their first stand situation today's Saturday today's the last day so this is the last thing you're gonna be seeing I feel exhausted you guys I just I feel tired I haven't been able to sleep properly just waking up early and all that stuff but I'm not complaining I think my lens is dirty I need to get like a bunch of helium balloons to kind of fill the groom's house for when he goes to the groom's house like you guys know after they do the rook city which is like after the reception the bride side finding me like kind of says farewell to the bride and then she officially moves into the groom's house after that with the bright side and like close friends and family go to the groom side and just kind of like do something we do kind of like some traditions there like there's one where the brother of the groom has to kind of sit on her lap and he can't get off till she gives him money it's just like all for fun so I want to make sure the groom's house is decorated the way to I would love it so she feels like at home and stuff so I'm gonna go to Party City I'm gonna probably I want to say about 50 balloons red balloons in helium and I'm gonna let them just kind of be on top of the ceiling with the strands hanging then I'm gonna go get some rose petals and just decorate it all cute and shit you know you guys ever seen a jeep full of balloons because my Jeep is full of 50 balloons right now I honestly don't even know how I'm about to drive right now because I can't even see my blind spot not my blind spot my rear view so let's just hope my great driving skills will come handy for this let's do it and let's hope none of them pop cause I don't want any of them pop I'm decorating the house I was going to show you guys but it's also kind of into it so I'm not I decided not to show you I'm here at my house I'm Mike human makeup done by Sabrina again I'm just trying to see if I have time because I have to go pick up the bus soon so but the whole crew is here over there you guys can't see them you know yeah if I have time so my hair is currently it's not half curled it's like 1/3 quilt dooba calls in the middle of all that so I'm just gonna go pick her up and then I'm gonna drop her to the groom's house so they can do like their pictures and stuff and then hopefully I finally have time to get ready I also picked up some pizza because I know everybody's gonna be hungry so I got three pizzas I'm gonna give a few to the groom and like they can all eat and then I'll bring some back to my house so everybody can eat Matt eat at my house I think the next time you'll see me I'll be completely ready because honestly I don't even have time I'm just rushing around everywhere okay guys so I am finally ready when center comes up I'm gonna have her record my entire outfit so then you guys can see it but I'm ready I had Sabrina do my makeup again because she was here when I came so she saved my life because I didn't have much time and then the red hair that's a situation no that's a conversation for another time it just wasn't curling like the extensions weren't curling because they're too fresh so I had to just put a wig in and then I just kind of braided it and tied it to the back it's white and then it's super have you guys said lehnga I mean the bottom itself I think weighs like thirty pounds no lie so happy look at that oh my god it's beautiful [Laughter] [Laughter] I'm finally on my way out actually waiting on Menaul to finish getting ready and then her and I we're gonna head to the hall together but she's taking longer than expected and I'm already late technically because it's 7:15 and I should have been there at 6:30 to help out like you know setup the hall and stuff but that's okay I'm doing my dance today I don't know if I mentioned that to you guys and I'm super nervous I don't know how it's gonna be but I did take a change of clothes because it's gonna be almost impossible for me to dance in this suit it's so freakin heavy Sabrina did an amazing job with my makeup you guys I'm so happy with it I'm sad that my extensions didn't work out but it's fine like I think the way it ends up looking better always straight up and just be real with you guys and I agree with a lot of you guys that say ready hair does not look good with desi clothes it's just cuz our DC clothes are so vibrant in color it's a hard to you know hard to make it work so I'm happy that I have the wig to like you know do it so I guess I'll see you guys I know you guys look no kotoba officially up so many times I just I couldn't get my head and I was it we did it it up now you guys need to be a watch my way better so many times we did morning my friends I'm pretty sure the last thing that you guys saw was me telling you guys that we finished the dance it is the next day we got home yesterday like five Ramo I did at least so I'm gonna shut the vlog off here thank you guys for spending the week with me I'm not even sure how the footage came up out so much edit it right now I'm also about to post the wedding video I mean the dance video yeah so I'm gonna post the dance video or at least see how that came out because I hope it came out nice and then I'm gonna edit this vlog and upload that so today Sunday you guys are gonna see the dance video on Sunday and then you'll see this vlog on Monday wait ginger right okay say bye bye everyone

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  1. I keep seeing people comment that they need a friend like her in their life.
    This is the problem everyone wants a good friend, but nobody is ready to be one.
    Believe me if you do good to others, it is coming back to you in one way or another.

  2. I danced at my cousins wedding and I only 11 so in Pakistan we ACTUALLY RENTTED A HOTEL ROOM WHERE EVERY SATURDAY MY COUSIN (BRIDE) WOULD BE WITH US! but don't get me wrong it was fun!

  3. I know the tradition of these kinds of wedding cause……. YOUR GIRL IS PAKISTANI! there is Dholki nikkah mehndi Barat (my fav day cause of my cousins wedding at Pakistan I went there last year) then Walima

  4. U look sooooooooooooo amazing beautiful sweetheart love you so much mashallah mashallah mashallah mashallah 💋💋💋💋💋❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️❤️💜👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕😘

  5. Fan from Pakistan 🇵🇰
    Amazing wedding 👰🏼
    U looks so so pretty in every dress 😊😊
    And U looks beautiful in long Carmel hair 😍😍

  6. 13:30 yeah imma Bangladeshi with dark hair, and imma dye them in pink for my teachers wedding lol😂😍😍can't waitttt

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