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Paris 2018 | Holiday part 2

Paris 2018 | Holiday part 2

Now we have landed in Norway right now we’re at gardermoen we are waiting for you or actually you are waiting for us we are trying to find you we just got out from gardermoen I am going to give you our camera now because you are going on vacation soon we’re going to drive back to Trondheim but now I can see you Hello, Johannes you are tan “tan and ugly” I have been working on my tan am I still tanner than you? yes no, you’re not dad is tanner than you he always get’s tan but you are not I am getting tan now you have landed maybe we’ll just do like this from now I am taking it over yes now I have got back the vlog I am going to bring you to Paris you have joined our trip that didn’t go as planned we are here in Oslo we are going to stay here for one, maybe two days we are not sure and then we are traveling to Paris that’s next up I am going home then you are going to drive home but I got one more week with vacation but I can see, is this a thing right now? no, I was wearing a cap yesterday and my hair was totally messed up this morning so this is the thing right now? you have used it on many pictures shit wait, can you hold the camera? you can’t wear it like that…stop you are just lame you are really lame I can’t walk around like this either no, I’m just joking but goodbye for today see you tomorrow we have new things on our schedule but I don’t know what but we’ll see next up…Paris now my “vacation-week” is about to start we’re leaving to Paris in one and a half hour the best way to start the vacation is to have an interval that is on my plan today it doesn’t matter if you are going to travel there is always time for training I am going to run on the treadmill I am not looking forward to 5*8 minutes on the treadmill but I have to do it let’s start I am not warm at all do I have sweat marks on my back? “no” no, the t-shirt is dark blue two more to go and soon it’s vacation let’s go Paris I am not sure where we are now but we have arrived Paris we were supposed to leave tomorrow but at our trip our mattress got broken and it started to rain and thunder and lightning we had a tough time at our trip we didn’t get any sleep and my body got tired but since I am not “the son of the nature” we have now travelled to Paris and we are going to stay here for three/four days we are not sure what we are going to do we just arrived and we just ate some lunch but now we are just going to walk around maybe we’ll see something exciting but let’s just begin our trip to Paris we’ll make a b-roll of today and we’ll see what we are going to do tomorrow but we’re in Paris what are we going to do now? we’re going to take the ferris wheel in Paris look at that sunset is that planned? nothing is planned with us no, there are a lot of coincidences you didn’t get any teddy bear no I’m sorry I am too bad at shooting I have to practice you have to excuse me we are going to sleep now the best light spot we found I think we’ll just say goodnight see you tomorrow ready for new adventures yes do you agree? what that will be yes goodnight is it time to say good morning? yes we are sitting next to the Eiffel tower with strawberries, cherries we’re just going to look at it we’re not going inside it because it’s such a long line today it’s thirty degrees it would have been really hot to walk up all the stairs today especially in this… black sweater what is that? smart? not smart it’s a brand new day we have been walking this whole morning our only plan for today was to see the Eiffel tower we just have to see what we are going to do we need to do something we have started the day let’s see what w are going to do later we are on our way to the church you look tired we have been walking for a long time many miles we’re on our second mile yes we are it’s tough which way are we going? I think we are going that way I can feel it next up, the church max pulse is it there? no it’s not there it’s here more stairs yes, stairs good morning we’re at how do I pronounce it? Musee du Louvr yes, a little english here too we’re at a museum we are going to see Mona Lisa yes among other things we are so cultural that we’re at a museum there are so many people here so we had to go to a quiet place as you can see, here are all the people we found a bit more quiet place we are ready to buy the tickets and get inside that is our start on this day if I am allowed to film inside, I’ll do that but if not I’ll see you later there are so many people here! we have to get there and see Mona Lisa and then leave you are so nice thank you you are eating pancake with nutella and I am drinking water you can get some if you want “yes, because I can totally eat that” “nothing milk or gluten in it” I can’t look at this are you getting mad? yes do you think it’s weird? “it didn’t taste good” it’s ok you said “yum, this is maybe the best thing I’ve ever tasted before” no, I did not you are evil I am not that evil you said that was the best you’ve ever tasted I did not but water is good you said that you said the best smell you’ve ever smelled before it was what are you wearing today? I think I’ll wear sweater today sweater today but you’ll get the t-shirt too yes 2 for 1 but now I want to wear t-shirt good morning that is what I like to call, a nice start on the day you agree? yes fast it’s faster than walking we’re looking for a new one we have to get two but just one was working so we’re looking for a new one are you sure we did not walk past one? no wait I need to find out on my phone our plan for today is to ride scooter for an hour if we are allowed because we’re not wearing helmet or something else there you are and then we’re going to watch the church and so on we have started the day let’s just ride some scooter bye, scooter it’s sad to walk but one thing is for sure we will use you one more time today yes instead of taking a cab or the metro (which we didn’t manage to take), we’ll use bicycle’s or scooter’s I want to have one of those in Trondheim as well if someone knows how to get scooter’s like that so hit me up I don’t know if we’re allowed to use it in Trondheim maybe now we’re going to eat some lunch are you ready for our last dinner? yes it’s a bit sad sad to leave this place? yes both of us has to get back to work yes that’s how it is the light impossible to fix I am excited about the place yes I don’t know anything about it we got a recommendation the time will show after we rode the scooter’s, we ate and we went to the store and walked home again and ate more yes we love food we are just going to eat let’s go dinner! yes dinner! did you find it? finally there is the Eiffel tower and the church we went to where? oh there but it was difficult to find this place we are a half hour too late I am getting mad if we loose our table I hope there is such a view on the top as well this was nice yummy food enjoy your meal? yes are you full? yes are you happy? I think it’s the delicious beaf I’ve ever tasted before are you looking forward to the Eiffel tower now? yes, we are going to see the Effel tower by night but I just have to say that the beaf was tasty yes, you can say that can I? it was insane we’re going to see the Eiffel tower let’s just see how it looks like by night my last ice cream in France this time because we are going home we are waiting for the cab we haven’t done much today we have just walked around and we have packed our bags done some shopping what did you buy? what did I buy today? I have bought a sweater and a jacket I have bought a ring we have been shopping a lot today we have been shopping for two days we haven’t bought that much we have been visiting one shopping mall maybe we can summarize our trip we have visited the Eiffel tower we have been riding scooter’s through the city we were riding scooter’s 25 km we have visited the museum and we have seen Mona Lisa how many churches have we visited? I don’t remember the names Notre-dame I don’t remember me either we have visited at least four churches we were supposed to visit one more, but you got afraid no, that’s not true no, we were not supposed to visit one more I think that summarize our trip and we have done some shopping today and two days ago something like that we haven’t done so much shopping I have bought three things and you have bought two we spent the rest of the money on food yes, we did we have eaten a lot of delicious food we have visited three good restaurant’s I think this has been a really nice trip we have been relaxing and now we are getting home and I have to get back to work I got one more week before there are any gatherings and competitions a lot of things are going to happen also a lot of things are going to happen this week we just have to get home and start training again and I am looking forward to that I have to start training again because I can’t wait any longer thanks for the trip yes and I’ll see you guys next week

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  1. Loved the scenery in Part I (just not the whack-a-fish!). Part II looked spectacular…and to know the TDF will finish up there later had to feel awesome, eh?

  2. Pernille, du er så smuk! 😺☺️ B-rolls are definitely another piece of art! 👍🏼 The scooter part was fantastisk! 😁🛴 Looking forward to the next vlog!

  3. Nok et eksempel på at Johannes er en veldig kristen og elsker kirker 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Wow! Er det du som redigerer videobloggene selv også? Veldig bra foto og klipp, imponert! Gleder meg til flere vlogs 🙂 -hilsen Joakim

  5. https://www.elkjop.no/product/foto-og-video/droner-og-gadgets/ES2KICKSCOOTE/ninebot-by-segway-kickscooter-es2-sparkesykkel-solv?scid=SEM6280&gclid=CjwKCAjwhevaBRApEiwA7aT53zr8baDbboVHXgpqgHxgHGy6OvD8xNcvRPEWNLvhbcMl5URHcF7qahoCrR4QAvD_BwE Derran e konge! Helt overkommelig pris for den morroa du får! Denj sparke som ein Ferrari forbi Elgseter'n. Kom på at purken e helljt noia på derre. "Bare privat vei vettu"

  6. Så deg på Louvre! Gikk tilfeldigvis forbi deg og kjæresten min bare "Ekke det han Klæbo?" haha så såvidt ryggen din da. Var jo så utrolig mange folk der.

  7. https://www.rezer.no/categories/elektrisk-scooter På denne nettsiden kan man få sånne el sparkesykkel

  8. Johannes Hosflot Klaabo is gunna rule the cross country world for a while. What a great talent he is. Now he just needs to focus on the long distances as well in order to become a complete skier. He's a real tiger that guy. A new Northug I don't know, but still an important part of "the red threat".

  9. DU ER VERDENS BESTE!!!! Og verdens beste skiløper!! Det er ikke sikkert du er verdens beste skiløper da.
    Men jeg ser OL og VM og EM og alt det der. Men jeg synes du er verdens beste skiløper

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