How to download, install and configure OBS

obs auto configuration wizard

The first time you open OBS Studio can be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner on streaming software. We will show you all the steps from when you first open the software to recording your first video or live stream. We will also share the best-recommended settings for video output and how to add overlays, live chats, and more.

OBS Studio is open-source software, meaning it is entirely free to use. Once you install and open the software for the first time, you will be greeted by an Auto-Configuration Wizard.

The first time you open OBS Studio, it will run an auto-configuration wizard. If you are just getting started, follow the steps shown to get the best possible settings that your PC can handle. You can also find the auto-configuration wizard in tools on the main menu. This is self-explanatory, obs auto configuration wizard.

Select what you want to optimize OBS for. Generally, you want to prioritize a higher frame rate when recording or streaming video games, even in lower resolution. A low frame rate will make video game streams har to watch. If you want to record or stream your desktop or software, prioritize resolution over frame rate to capture all the detail on the screen. The auto-configuration wizard works well for most people.

But there are advanced tweaks you can make to maximize video quality. We will cover them later in the tutorial.

These are the key parts to setting up your live stream. You can think of them like folders with a layout for your stream. You can save or switch between scenes to get different setups for your stream.

One scene can have multiple sources—for example, one source for your webcam, one for desktop recording, etc. Here you can adjust the volume or mute obs auto configuration wizard source. You are also able to add filters and set them to each audio source, obs auto configuration wizard. As mentioned above, sources are where you add the components to your stream. This a quick overview of the most common sources:.

Live chats. To add a video filter in OBS, fist go to the source panel. You have many filters to choose from in OBS, and you can adjust almost every aspect of your image. Below are the two most common filters people Make sure the video you are capturing is in a well-lit environment to get the best results.

This is great for improving how your live stream or recording looks. The quality of obs auto configuration wizard audio on your stream or recording will largely depend on your microphone and environment. But through click to see more on OBS Studio, you can improve the sound quality of your voice.

These are the four most useful filters for improving audio quality. You will have to tweak and adjust these settings to find what works for you and your setup. This is great if you are in a noisy environment. Play around with the suppression level until you find something that works for you. If you have a low-volume microphone, you can use the gain filter to make obs auto configuration wizard louder. To achieve good results, you have to try different adjustments with this filter.

If obs auto configuration wizard are using OBS for live streaming, you can make your content more engaging by adding a live chat on the screen, alerts, and other widgets. To have widgets on your stream, you have to add a browser source and paste the URL of your widget. In the Output section, you will find export settings for streaming and recording.

While you might be more familiar with the. This ensures that if for some reason, OBS crashes, not all data will be lost. Obs auto configuration wizard other formats like. In the output settings section, you can choose between different encoding options. There are big tits fuck on webcam on and cons to each.

If you have a powerful CPU on your computer, you could choose this option. This will affect the quality of your recording. Pick between the two depending on which one obs auto configuration wizard have. In OBS, a profile is a obs auto configuration wizard settings file. You might, for example, have one profile for recording p and obs auto configuration wizard for p.

In settings, you will find an audio section. For beginners, you only need to know two settings in this window. Choose the device obs auto configuration wizard sound is coming from; it could be your speakers, headphones, or an audio interface, obs auto configuration wizard. You can go even more advanced, but this will be beyond the scope of this tutorial. These settings should be more than enough to get you started. Always test your stream a few minutes before going live.

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Record Desktop with Open Broadcaster Software

Here, the program is asking if you would like to run the auto-configuration wizard to setup program.

Go ahead and click yes. Here I went obs auto configuration wizard the defaults. My computer monitor uses a x resolution already. If you have a slower machine, you may want to select 30 FPS. Punch in your Twitch username and password. Note: If you have not yet setup a Twitch account, refer to Section 3. When everything is done, you should see a summary screen. You can dock these windows to the left and right hand side of your OBS window. Simply track the smaller window to the left or right and you will be able to auto-dock these conveniently.

You will note that the window on the left is the Stream Information window. Twitch has a special tag for non-gaming streams called IRL. Punch that in the box and make whatever selection you see appropriate. The window on the right is the chat window. When you go live, Twitch users can join in on your obs auto configuration wizard and chat with you. You have the ability to chat back as well, obs auto configuration wizard.

Back to Dornshuld. Going Online With Your Class. You should see something like this. Figure 2.

Live Streaming Church Services - OBS Tutorial - Auto Configuration Wizard
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wizard configuration obs auto

Configuring the OBS App

Question self. I remember using SLOBS a little while ago when I wanted to get into streaming and really liked xvideos webcam naked amatuer asshole lesbian fact it had an auto settings feature where it scanned your hardware and networking to find the optimal settings for your stream. Any idea where configurahion is gone? Stumbled across this thread randomly when searching for something else but have a solution for you as Ato had the same issue you're having a few months ago:.

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Twitch submitted 2 years ago by EoXinX. Hi guys, I remember using SLOBS a little while ago when I wanted to get into streaming and really liked the fact it had an auto settings where it scanned conflguration hardware and networking to find the optimal settings for your stream. Thanks for your time!

Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Note scrollbar to right. This feature only works with the Twitch service, not Mixer, YouTube, etc. Really appreciated!

Download and Install OBS

These settings will give you amazing quality for your gaming streams when broadcasting your content to services like YouTube Gaming, TwitchTV, Facebook. Twitch provides the facility to record the live videos, obs auto configuration wizard in other words, it is a live streaming video platform. There are newcomers from all over the world who try their luck in live streaming.

Twitch is an amazing source of broadcasting, but it comes with several issues too, and in this article, we will learn obs auto configuration wizard you can overcome Twitch troubles by taking it to the best OBS settings.

OBS means Open Broadcaster Software that works as a supporter for Twitch because any online video platform that is used to stream videos requires a software. This software works as an encoder that encodes the videos in the proper format so you can put them for streaming. OBS brings some great features that act as a great package for beginners as well. Her you get several abilities on your video streaming like custom transitions, correction tools, different filters on audio and video, blending, and much more.

This way, the software is a great tool for the streaming needs, but the newbies can get a bit confused on setting it to several aspects. For The purpose just read out the content mentioned below and get to know how to set up OBS for your Twitch account. If you are interested in games, You can also check out the pubg reshade settings and best settings for fortnite.

Open up the OBS Studio and head to the bottom-right area. There you see the section Settings that you need to click. You know how to bring up those settings, so now you need to go to the Video section as you see in this screenshot. There you will find some fields that need to be adjusted obs auto configuration wizard the best video capturing or recording. Having best output settings means having the ultimate quality of video. So, choose the fields carefully.

By default, the sections are not set to an advanced mode, and so it looks like this:. Note: the recording format can be as per your learn more here. Any other options that you see do not need any editing, and you can leave them at default settings. On there, click on the recording tab, obs auto configuration wizard.

This will bring up a list of options. Before you stream in any broadcast website, you need to enter a stream key to OBS.

Your recommended encoding settings on OBS will depend on obs auto configuration wizard quality of your stream. Solo webcam teen anal as your resolution and frames per second go up, that number will change significantly, obs auto configuration wizard, at the same time will demand more bandwidth.

A p 60 FPS stream may require up to 8, kbps and a 4K stream can go up to 14, kbps. Best you can do is play between these until you find obs auto configuration wizard sweet spot specific to your bandwidth, CPU power and stream quality.

Finally, you can make some fine adjustments on the Advanced Choosing Above Normal can give you a small boost in performance.

Stream Delay can be obs auto configuration wizard useful if you are streaming something that you do not want your viewers to see live, such as a multiplayer video game to prevent stream sniping, obs auto configuration wizard. Even though OBS Studio is a great free streaming program, it is rather complex and it can take some time to master it and navigating through its menus everytime you want to perform a certain action can eat up your time.

To prevent this, you can assign hotkeys in the Hotkeys section on the Settings tab. All these sections are necessary to get different and better changes in your recordings with OBS Studio. Well, if you are more like an experimental person, then you can tweak really. all lesbian porn website criticism settings too and make it right just as you want it.

Else, just follow with the article and make your OBS settings accordingly. Charles has been writing about games from years and playing them all his life. Iam using obs with easycap to video capture on my laptop screen. But the results resolution obs auto configuration wizard blur. Any suggestions? This is why I hate Google search recommendations. Because crap obs auto configuration wizard this gets ranked at the top of the list. COz twitch streaming service allows only bitrate for standart users, and for Partners.

But if we talk about youtube than there is no limit how high bitrate can go. Your email address will not be published. Covering the Best in video gaming.

Comments Iam using obs with easycap to video capture on my laptop screen, obs auto configuration wizard.

Video capture Sony Playstation2 console i mean. Nobody can stream at bitrate on Twitch. Absolute crap.

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Skip to content. Releases Tags. Choose a tag to compare. Search for a tag, obs auto configuration wizard. OBS Studio Please update your video drivers! Fixed a bug that caused Freetype 2 text sources to stop rendering properly on windows Fixed an issue with NVENC not initializing properly for some people on older drivers Fixed a tooltip that's supposed to show when you link over "prefer hardware obs auto configuration wizard in the wizadr wizard This wizard is currently in beta and may subject to change, feedback is appreciated.

Added a stats dialog to the view menu with the option to show it on start it up in general settings. Added a "Render Delay" filter that allows delaying read more video sources such as display capture cojfiguration window capture.

Note this is only meant wizadr minor configuragion adjustments e, obs auto configuration wizard. Logitech BRIO cams would have distorted colors Fixed a bug where frame dropping would not happen properly when using wiaard ultrafast x preset Fixed a bug from Configuraion a crash when using QSV to encode Fixed a bug where log files wouldn't be created when the current windows user had unicode characters in the name Fixed an issue with the AMD encoder which would make it difficult to seek on certain file types Repeating Assets 7.

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Save osb.

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On there, click on the recording tab. You can dock these windows to the left and right hand side of your OBS window. When you go live, Twitch users wizrad join in on your livestream and chat with obs auto configuration wizard.
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