Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Penn State Holiday Greeting 2016

Penn State Holiday Greeting 2016

I can’t wait to see you too! Yup. My ride will be here
any minute. It’s with a guy named Eric. Oh, it’s here. Bye! Love you. ♪ – How are you doing? – Dr. Barron! How are you? – Oh, I’m doing great. I just thought you guys had
such a great year I should help out and
help you get home. – I appreciate it! Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Hey guys. – How are you doing? – Good Morning. – I’m doing well. Where are
you headed? – To Malaysia. – To Malaysia? I don’t think
I’ve got quite the gas
to get me there. – Where’s home? – Uh Ohio – Pittsburgh (Humming Alma Mater) – Oh, I’ve got an idea. ♪ For the glory of old State, ♪For her founders strong
and great – Bye! – Hey, watch this! We are! – Penn State! – I never get tired of that. (laughter) Oh! Look at that group.
I wonder if they need a ride. ♪ (Penn State Chant) Let’s go State! ♪( continued chant) – You know what would
be really cool? If we had a cowbell. You know, I do have a cowbell. – You have a cowbell? – It’s in the glove compartment ♪ (cowbell) ♪ P! ♪ (cowbell) – Are we there yet? – Actually, we are! – See ya! – Thank you Dr. Barron! – Bye! – Thanks for the ride! – Best ride home ever. – Well the whole Penn State
family wishes you just
a wonderful holiday. – Thank you! – And say hi to your parents. – Bye! – Hey! How are you doing? You need a ride back to campus? Come on in! How are you doing today? Me too! How about a little music? ♪ ♪ Hail to the Lion, ♪ loyal and true. (Music fades)

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  1. Most of my FB friends are Penn State alumni or fans, so I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR! GO LIONS, BEAT USC!

  2. Thank you for being inclusive, as a hijabi alumni I was delighted to see the Malaysian student in the car pool ride throughout this segment. Happy Holidays Everyone!

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