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Penny's Posh Picnics Role Play (ASMR – Binaural – 3D Sound)

Penny's Posh Picnics Role Play (ASMR – Binaural – 3D Sound)

hi welcome to Penny's posh picnics how can I help I'm assuming you're here to buy a picnic yeah have you bought must before I wear our and the menu here basically we have picnics for children and like cheese strings and Teller sandwiches all the way up to a Moy and caviar and what sort of price range are you looking at okay if you have Locke through pages 7 to 11 and those are the type of picnics and in your price range and they've just got they just got the different sandwich fillings and all the different sort of drinks on there so if you just let me know which package you're after and then we can go through it in finer detail oh yeah excellent and which package would you like and what start off doing first is the blanket obviously you need something to sit on we've got three different colors we've got blue yellow and red and this is the blue one the yellow one is the one at the top there yep this is a red once yeah the old hold off boots not one of those I'm being on your own for that you can't get it back and the nice little handle there so you can take it anywhere and then what it does it opens out and then on the bottom and that bit goes on the grass or wherever you're sitting via picnic and so if the grass is a little bit damp it doesn't actually go through unto the material you want the red one yeah that's fantastic and what are the sandwiches okay yeah we can do both of that we can do Spanish on water Gracia and the chorizo and would you like me to make them up with you something where we can even make the sandwiches up for you before you go out and some people just like to have the ingredients and then make them when they're actually out there yeah will provide will provide everything we'll provide the bread and wrap it all up and obviously the trees and stuff and some people just you know like to make it with their children arts and romantic when they do it yeah it's fine hmm what about the crisps they're my favorite and is that be um sweet and salty or just a salty I don't know actually um when I saw them I thought so sweet and salty and I saw the salty and I was looking for the sweet and they didn't have sweet over sell why haven't they got sweet but I suppose sweets been around for a long long time you know the huge packages so I think the new ones they just sort of doing kind of a new thing you know it's sweet and salty our biscuits mm-hmm if you never had them before I love them let's see if I've got some ah listen they're gonna try one now that's what they look like um and they're wrapped in foil think I might everyone you yeah where depends a lot of people just you know shove them in I liked it oh it's all crumbled and then I've got the top and the bomb hmm let me do the whole thing and I think the bombs like a shortbread just delicious hmm I'm Jose as I take a hint of salt but you definitely taste mm-hmm the other ones are um I like home about that big it's quite a few of them and they're all different types of seeds Lindsay on concede and sesame seeds and they're all held together pick a syrup okay I thought you might one of the people test and they always go for what about the sweet box we do um traditional sweets like bonbons and koala bottles or we can do and modern sweets like minstrels and Minnie Mars bars or we can do a mixture of them you there from there to there is the different types and you can choose to do you want chocolate peanut or unlike the crisp I'm gonna owe thee and it's clotted cream fudge which I kissed just then Emmons I am of course without Jess well if they taste more just going once you can chance a quadrille cream okay and last but not least drinks we can taste all those now if you like yeah I've got those in the fridge the this one is like it's not so much of an energy drink I can a Red Bull it's more of them you know I go vitamin water mm-hmm it's kind of like that but rejuvenate um but it's meant to give you energy through given you vitamins mineral what you think of that one it's nice isn't it it's not what you expect mmm a lot of people call for that because it's because of obviously the color you do expect something quite harsh or quite somewhere but it's a very mild flavor and of course it's fizzy or bubbling as I like to call it and yeah we all do um that's how black works black energy so this is an energy drink again this is another one this is more of a again yeah like a dark yellow whereas this is a lot milder so not my other bullets that's a you know it's like a paler hmm now if I want that's fine fridge the last one so we'll be sorbet sorbet water no this is a new line we've got him ginger and mango flavored spring water drink with sweetener the Germans in her book strike so again quite similar I don't think this one's physical you don't like that it's okay okay we do um sparkling or still well bankrupted and what time would you like to pick it up anytime month oh gee that's fantastic view pop back at once her she'll be ready then no your pal collection okay I'll see you in a bit you

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  1. always come back to this one its one of my favorites ! and the new one is great too however i always seem to notice somethings i missed the last time i watched it. this just shows how fast it sends me to sleep 😀

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