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PICNIC (1955) original TRAILER

PICNIC (1955) original TRAILER

how do you talk to boys how do you think of things to say you just say whatever comes into your head supposing nothing ever comes into my head dad you better get away from this wall you're liable to get educated yeah yeah yeah I guess I know why you want me to keep on drinking no honey that's not so but comes a time in a man's life when he's gotta quit rolling around like a pinball maybe a little town like this place to settle down hi hi you got every right to be sore Benson but you saw another pretty girl and you had to head her through your list the book you for the night bub you got no place to sleep anyway come on jail no damn jail see beat it baby I'm in a pretty bad mood Allen should have talked that way to you I said beat it okay baby you asked for it maybe what you do the others we've gotta get back to the picnic do we

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  1. I'm 22…channel surfing and decided to watch and the movie just captivate my interest…was compelling, had depth, dialogue, life seemed so simple then and the little things they found entertaining and I tried to relate it how it would be like today….totally enjoyed, surprisingly

  2. william holden miscast in this, too old, he admitted later, but Josh Logan wanted him. Brando probably turned it down, James Dean would have been good, but despite all that, the picture has strength and power, helped me escape that environment as soon as i could. big hit in its day, and it made Kim Novak a star.

  3. The "feel" of this film is SO 1950s. –With the assist of the James Wong Howe (cinematographer) and filmed on location in small town America 1954-55.

  4. Read that Nickerson, Sterling, Hutchinson, Halstead and Salina (all Ks. towns) were film locations. Hard to believe Kim Novak's image is 1955. Way way more modern. In all the plastic hokeyness depicted in the film, just underneath is an incredible sophistication which emerges later as people break out of their shells.

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