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Picnic (1955) – Strutting around like some crummy Apollo

Picnic (1955) – Strutting around like some crummy Apollo

stop it I thought we were doing very nicely you think you're so funny I've never danced with boys oh sure you can come on all you have to do is follow the steps here's the Cape mrs. Johnson all safe and sound kid I'll show you a step I learned in LA now watch this first you gotta set the rhythm I wish I could do it aren't they graceful you used to dance like that Flo why can't you dance that way okay I am a businessman one night I went dancing to the big Valentine party I danced so hard I smooth that's when they call me the dancing fool money pretty legs that's just like you men can't talk about anything about women's legs I just noticed around talking about your legs all the time all right turn to dance with me I may be an old maid schoolteacher but I can keep up with you come on now ride him cowboy but ma'am I is to have a boyfriend was a cowboy met him in Colorado he was in love with me because I was a an older woman and had some sense took me up in the mountains one night and one of the marry me right there on the mountaintop said the stars would be our preacher in a moon our best man did you ever hear such talk you you remind me of one of those old statues one of those Roman gladiators all I had on was a shield same people word to pray I don't think I can dance he was dancing with Marge now let him alone they're young people young buddy Amina young oh I'm sick and DA is a pretty one Madge is the pretty one guess that's something wonderful yeah how much do you suppose the little Dickens who fed liquor to Malik he did mrs. Owens it's all his fault oh wait a minute rosemary you should have been looking after but you were too busy making eyes at Madge rosemary mrs. Owens the boy didn't do anything you've been stomping around here in those boots like you own the place thinking every woman you saw was gonna fall madly in love oh here's one woman didn't pay you any mind bragging about your father and he wasn't any better than you are strutting around here like some party Apollo you think just cause she acts young but you didn't walk in here and make off with whatever you like tell you you're fake you're no jive kid you're just scared to act your age buy yourself a mirror sometime and take a look at us we'll be many years now before you're counting the gray hairs have you got any left and what'll become here then you'll end your life and the gutter and they'll serve you right I've got is where you came from and that got us where you belong we're not off this is a sideshow no I don't go on about your business hold on go on about your business go on get out of here turn on the light I said what happened how well answer me what did you do same all hell I'm sorry mrs. Owens I should have known better than to trust him I want it understood this to be no more drinking was my fault mrs. Owens I brought the whiskey

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  1. "Picnic" um de meus filmes favoritos. kim Novak ruiva, está deslumbrante, principalmente nesta cena demonstrando todo o amor por Holden, A fenomenal Rosalind Russell por esta cena, foi indicada ao Oscar daquele ano, só que, como coadjuvante. Ross imediatamente comunicou aos membros da Academia que ela não aceitaria o Prêmio se acaso ganhasse porque, ela era uma ESTRELA e não uma coadjuvante. Resultado: só iria receber o prêmio muitos anos depois na categoria de Especial pelo conjunto de sua obra..

  2. I saw Picnic when it first came out. I was a kid and I thought it was hot then. Still do. Hotter than all the sexy kissing in current films. It sent a charge when Novak was sitting on the swing earlier and Holden looked down at her. Watch it sometime.

  3. 😘💕🌷É este filme que acitir com meu amor DÉCIO ,terminou o filme ,agora eu entndi o nosso ormonios ficou á flor dá pele ,mas eu só tinha 15 anos já 20 então ,oque nôs fasia era bricar a jente dançava era ums momentos de ternuras mesturada com nuito desejo ,muitas veses ele ia enbora bravo ,e eu ficava ,triste …hoje agora eu me rependo de ter me controlado ,sera que estas lenbranças seri diferentes ,…passados os anos fiquie sabendo por meu tio que o DECIO tinha meu tio como se foce pai ,então meu tio me contou que ele já tinha 3 filhos mas não era feliz ,por não esquecia da namoradunha que ele amava muito.,e oque é mais triste é que ele não sabia que eu era subrinha do amigo ,só ficou sabendo no dia do meu casamento,eu me casei na Catrdrau de SP meu tio covidou ele pra ir e o DÉCIO ficou maluco ele disse para meu tio eu conheço á quelas pessoas que era minha mãe tia e irmã que esta no altar ,ai eu chegue ,disia meu tio que ele precisou sair da serimonia por que ele charava e queria me chámar, á p8r que e!e náo me chameu nossa eu creio que sairia com ele ,mataria minha mãe de desgosto mais hoje a minha histori seri outra …pergunto eu por que…💕😢👆💋💕💕💕💕🌷💕

  4. Masterpiece! Were Kim and Bill even acting at this point? Brilliant character development. Rosalind as the old spinster, pining away for her lost youth and Susan Strasberg dealing with the whole transition from childhood to adulthood. They don't make em' like this anymore; too bad!

  5. Whats funny is that William Holden and Kim Novak., really didn't get along great,
    he criticized her for going to church alot and said she should contemplate her lines ,more than her rosary , while he was racuous and buddy buddy with Rosalind Russell,
    feeling comfortable enough with her , to grab her blouse and expose her bust , in jest.

  6. Russell would have easily won the Oscar for this but she refused to be submitted by the studio for Best Supporting Actress, as she always played leading roles prior.

  7. Thanks for including the postlude to the dance scene.  Great acting on every bodies part.  Awesome directing too.  I'm partial to Mr. Holden as he's my favorite all-time actor.  Wow, making this AND Love Is a Many Splendored Thing at the same time?!  Man he was a superstar!!  Long Live William Holden.

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