Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Playmobil Family Fun Ski Holiday Giveaway | Playmobil 9281 | Jazib Toys Giveaway

Playmobil Family Fun Ski Holiday Giveaway | Playmobil 9281 | Jazib Toys Giveaway

thank its hello John even spider-man so which new toy do you have today so it's ur name will be in every farm cities there's family who is going on holiday for scheme and there is a mother and there's a son they are together going for scheme yeah oh that's really nice so it's like a family time yeah very nice are you going to open it yeah great let's do it does it are you ready to go on holiday now yeah let's go hey what's wrong here thank you I need to blend up the snow then you can go skiing okay so let's have a cup of coffee till then this is a nice hug here let me party eh I can't wait to go to scheme actually run a snow hole now and you spoke with you know this one never just sit back and enjoy a coffee and it's all done now it's safe to go to skin yeah let's go yeah let's go skiing yeah and he's dead eco wow that's so much fun let's do it again I couldn't leave yeah yeah I'm too tired now it's not skiing for one day I think okay hey Danny what are you doing here Peggy I came here for you guys Thank You Peggy I came here for you guys thank you so did you like the surprise yeah okay let's go home now yeah where did you park the car thank you oh but the car is not here somebody stole it dance at home oh yeah the roof is dead here let me call the police yeah hello hello police officer please come quick somebody stole our car Oh somebody stole our car it's blue color it's a Jeep okay fairly rich yeah the roof is still here oh yeah afternoon yeah the defender went away with the car all night okay oh yeah did mr. chief you are going to present with me and mr. you and your family can go home now yeah okay bye thank you for this officer thank you for watching my video please look thank you my channel bye hey kids if you wanna win this guy just subscribe to channel and don't forget to click the bell icon

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  1. Wow that so cool πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ½πŸš‚πŸššπŸš•πŸŽπŸš—πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜€

  2. I was already subscribed and i liked the video shared on utube and facebook and i will give yall a shoutout on my utube channel i wanna enter please

  3. Awesome playmobil family nice toy and giveaway Biggest Super Like 1
    Madeline Stay Connected Have A Nice Weekend

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