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Pokemon Red & Blue Glitch Picnic! | Pokemon Gen 1 Glitches (GB/ 3DS) | MikeyTaylorGaming

Pokemon Red & Blue Glitch Picnic! | Pokemon Gen 1 Glitches (GB/ 3DS) | MikeyTaylorGaming

hello everybody and welcome to Mikey Taylor gaming and today we're taking a look into the world of Pokemon Red and Blue glitches for the Gameboy obviously if you guys sat and watched through my first attempt of a Pokemon glitches video then I apologize so badly to you you did not deserve that that video was terrible with scripting being bad editing being bad and the speaking being bad including explanation of glitches being bad everything was bad okay but this time I've really redeemed myself bringing you 16 glitches from pokemon red and blue you can find a list of the glitches in the description below but if you don't want to ruin it for yourself then you can sit through this entire half an hour and just smile all the way through it I've got detailed explanations of why some of the most famous glitches in this game work and I think I've really done this just this so I hope you all enjoy and if I don't see you before then I will see you at the end card have fun oh and I'm sorry it's been a month since I've uploaded a video again I've been pretty busy so if you're one of those people who chose Charmander at the start of your game or if you're just too lazy to battle Brock in pewter City then you'll be happy to know that there's an easy way to skip him by using a funny-looking glitch if you haven't already defeated Brock in the Pewter City Gym yet then a youngster will be blocking the path to root 3 and he'll just drag us back there if we try to get past him who does this kid think he is exactly manhandling me like this all right if we could kick him out of the way then I'd be pretty happy but since we can't do that we'll just have to glitch past him to set the glitch off bring up the Start menu and make sure that the cursor is pointing it safe you need to do this because during the glitch you won't be able to move the cursor at all once you've done that close the Start menu using V and walk past the youngster whilst continuously hitting the B button to skip his text as soon as you press B on the final textbox press Start as fast as you can and if you did it right then the Start menu should pop up allowing you to save your game once the game is finished saving simply restart the console and choose to continue from the saved game once you're loaded back in the youngster will try to talk to you then he'll kind of glitch out a little and then you'll be free to wander onto route 3 without beating Brock it's super simple I should probably mention that the glitch changes slightly depending on where you walk past the youngster if you walk past him with a one tail gap like I just showed you then as soon as you load your game you'll be able to walk onto Route three but if you walk right in front of him and do the glitch that you'll be dragged back to the gym where he'll stand inside this nice lady and invade her personal space quite a lot I hope he gets arrested dragging me around and invading women creep once the cutscene has ended you can just walk through the tail where the youngster was originally stud by root 3 and you'll be free to pass careful law if you don't pass through the tile he was stood on then the glitch won't work and you'll be dragged back to the gym again get off me why don't we take a look at one of the most exciting glitches that's ever existed in any video game are you guys ready because I'm about to blow your minds find a cuttable tree and cut it down stand where the tree was before you cut it down and then save your game once the game is saved reset the console and continue from the save game and boom you'll be on top of the tree is that an amazing glitch or what listen to that crowd cheering they know it's awesome if I ever made a top 10 favorite glitches in video games then this would have to be on there for sure it's insane right okay everything I said was alive but it's still a glitch so yeah as we all know are certain Pokemon only evolve when you use stones on them like growlithe which evolves when you use a firestorm or gloom which evolves when you use a leaf stone it can be hard to find all of the evolutionary stones that you need in one game but fortunately physical itch that can help you evolve these Pokemon without ever using a storm the table on screen here can be found at vulva pedia and it shows which pokemon has the same identifier as which storm this might seem complicated but it's really simple let's say that we want to evolve a Jigglypuff into Wigglytuff but we don't have a moon storm by looking at the table we can see that executor has the same identifier as a moon storm so let's use that knowledge to our advantage first things first make sure you have a Jigglypuff an executor in your party and that the Jigglypuff will level up during the next battle send Jigglypuff out first and then switch to executor straight away since executives identifier is the same as the moonstone like we can see on the chart switching to it triggers again to think that a moonstone is being used when it actually hasn't make sure you finish the battle using the executor or and as long as Jigglypuff levels up it'll evolve like a regular Pokemon at the end of the battle this is the same method for any of the Pokemon listed on the chat so trade out for yourself if you're short of stones I don't know exactly why this glitch works but it really is a helpful one if you're always short of evolutionary stone during the game like I am ah the SS on this is one of my favorite parts of pokemon red and blue versions don't ask me why because I'm really not sure there's just something about this place that I love unfortunately once you've obtained cut from the captain and left the ship you'll never see it again unless you glitch it's actually pretty simple to get back on the SS am even though this guy tells us that the ship has set sail so we can't go past don't believe him though he's a total liar first you need to stand right in front of the Sailor who's blocking us from getting by turn to the right and take one step towards the water and halfway through the step you need to press Start and save the game just like with a couple of the other glitches we've seen so far once the game is saved you'll need to restart the console and lord that save backup again because of the way that we saved the game we're facing the water when were put back into the world but when we lauded the game our character's position is actually set so that we're facing the Sailor but we can still interact with the water so from here don't move in any direction or else the glitch won't work instead open up the menu choose Pokemon and you surf with any pokemon that can use it once you've done that you'll see that instead of surfing on the water you'll surf into the Sailor and you'll just have to jump off your Pokemon ami on the side of him so simple walk through the loading zone and the SSM will still be sat there waiting for you I told you that that guy was a liar look I'm not a liar I just didn't see the ship there okay just don't judge me for this I'm doing my job leave me alone okay okay I didn't know I'm sorry you can go inside and collect any items that you missed the first time you visited you can also battle any of the trainers that you missed on the ship but by now you'll probably be able to completely destroy them so there isn't really much point in doing that as well as being able to go back into the ship you can also explore the dock around the SSM now to buy surfing from the bridge if you explore the area a little then you'll easily find the truck that Mew was rumored to hidden under turns out that that was a lie to you was never underneath this truck and here's the proof this is a simple glitch that personally brings me so much happiness farewell until next time ss an I love you I'm weird next up we're going to take a look at a couple of safari zone glitches one of them is pretty famous but the other three ant is well known but still have some cool effects a lot of you guys may have heard or seen glitch City in these games if you haven't then it looks like this you can guess why it got its name right it's pretty easy to get here actually using the Safari zone and some simple steps so let's take a look first make your way to fuchsia City and enter into the safari zone gate house then when the cashier asks you if you want to join the hunt say yes once you're inside the safari zone take a step back into the gate house where he'll then ask you if you're leaving early you need to choose noir and then you'll be taken back into the safari zone again from here don't move from the position that you're in instead press Start save the game and then you guessed it restart the game again load the game that you just saved and then walk into the gatehouse one last time this time the cashier won't ask you if you want to leave early which means there's only a couple more steps to go walk past the cashier and when he asks if you want to join the hunt this time choose no and you're free to leave from here everything seems normal but there's actually an invisible step counter counting down the amount of steps you have left until your safari game is over even though we're not even in there so this is the final part of the glitch just make the step counter run out there's a couple of important things to know for when that moment comes number one you can't be in a city when it runs out or else nothing will happen number two the glitch effects will change depending on where you are when the counter runs out and number three there are 500 steps before the counter runs out make sure you use them wisely so if we finish the step counter whilst were in a route when we exit the safari zone gear towels were put into glitched City but why does that happen it's a hard one to explain but the reason that this happens is because cities in the safari zone all have the same warp type which is used when you enter and exit buildings to take it to a new location when the safaris on step counter runs out the game attempts to use that Wharf to take you back into the gatehouse but if you're stood in a route then that Wharf doesn't exist so the game gets confused and takes you to this mess of a place when you leave the glitch city that you're taken to will always be a corrupted version of the area you were walking when the counter ran out check the map and you'll see simple right even though the route looks like this if you get lucky with the corruption you can still walk around and even surf if you can find water I'm not gonna go into too much detail about this place so that you guys can explore for yourselves and see what there is to find out there in glitch city you might be surprised by a couple of things if you get bored of glitch city and want to escape to the normal world all you have to do is use fly or teleport and you'll be taken to a Pokemon Center in the boring old land of Kanto the people of this land really don't know how screwed up their world is I think they'd be frightened if they did as I mentioned earlier there are three of their effects that can be brought on by this glitch depending on where the step counter finishes so let's take a look at those as well my personal favorite of the effects is if you end the step counter in the Viridian City Gym after stepping on one of the tails which makes you spin once your ding-ding dand taken back to the gate house the walking animation will now be a slow spinning animation matching the movement that you were making in the gym leaving the gate house works fine because we ended the glitch in a city so have fun moving around everywhere at 1 mile an hour whilst spinning uncontrollably you can even get on the bike for some ultimate BMX skills crazy this guy's gonna be a parole when he grows up for sure another awesome effect is if you jump off of a Ledge on the final step of the counter if you can count perfectly and pull this off then you'll be taken back to the gatehouse whilst you're still in midair start walking around in here and you'll realize that you can walk through any of the walls in the gatehouse but if you leave the gatehouse then the effect disappears so that's a little bit boring you can crash the game by walking out to bounce in here though so don't do it because it's annoying the final effect can be found if you end the step counter in a tunnel where it's dark if you do that then the dark effect will remain when you're brought back into the gatehouse unfortunately leaving the gatehouse brings you back into glitch city but if you join the hunt and enter the safari zone again then the effect will remain until you use flash with a Pokemon I've always found it kind of strange that you can still use flash to light up the area even though you're not in a cave but it does make a lot of sense I guess I think it's about time we covered a glitch that doesn't require a restart don't you cycling Road is a beautiful place full of beautiful people I mean everyone is beautiful in their own way right even this guy who bullies ten-year-olds from his motorcycle on cycling roared by the way it's also home to a very steep hill but you can't really tell that from the top-down perspective so we'll just have to believe Nintendo on that one anyways the glitch if you haven't got a bike yet or if you've stored it in your PC because your item menu is full then you can still pass by the cycling road guards stand next to the counter that the guard is stood behind and walk past him whilst continuously hitting the B button it could take a couple of tries but soon enough the text will cancel out and instead of dragging you back to the entrance you'll walk right past really doesn't get much easier than that this is a simple way to save an item slot if you're planning on going to cycling rod you'll just have to walk everywhere else slowly that's all let's take a look at another glitch that'll save you quite a lot of time at some point in the past whilst playing through these games I'm sure that a lot of you guys will have stumbled across the pokemon tower in lavender town if you did before you found the Silph scope then any Pokemon that you find will appear to be ghosts these ghosts are the worst you can't attack them you can't catch them and there's one that you're forced to battle near the top of the tower before you can progress if you don't have the Silph scope from the rocket hideout in celadon City then you won't be able to beat this ghost and running away from it doesn't get rid of its either meaning you'll have to back track down the pokemon tower go to celadon City and make your way through the rocket hideout to get the item for those of you that don't know the rocket hideout can take about 10 to 15 minutes if you know your way around it and much longer if you've never been in there before so let's skip it and not have to deal with wasting all of that time first by a polka doll from the fourth floor of the celadon department store and that's literally all you need for this glitch make your way back to lavender town all the way back up to the ghost which was blocking your path and simply use the Polka doll to escape the battle for some reason escaping the battle using the doll tricks the game into thinking that the ghost was actually defeated rather than it being run away from the event showing that the ghost has been put to rest pops up and then you can go ahead and defeat the rocket grunts at the top of the tower save mr. Fuji and there you have it you saved a lot of time by doing basically nothing winning in pokemon red and blue versions when entering a building it may seem completely new to you at first but if you look a little closer at the inside of the buildings in these games they're often clones of another building just with certain graphics and objects moved around and changed to give the illusion of a completely different place another example of this can be found in celadon City if you make your way to the celadon hotel in the bottom right hand corner of the city and take a look around you can see that it too is based on the inside of a Pokemon Center so you might be asking where's the glitch well if you walk into the corner of the hotel where the PC is normally found in a Pokemon Center and press a you'll find an invisible PC which you can use and it's fully functioning to a tiny glitch can be found with certain NPCs on the overworld when you're walking around for example if you start walking up nugget bridge and press the stat button just as the first NPC is about to appear on screen he'll appear in the top left of the screen instead of in his normal position behind the pause menu I believe that this happens because whilst you're walking around the set of tiles behind you is unloaded whilst the set of tiles in front of you is loaded pausing the game leaves enough time to Lord the tiles ahead of you but not quite enough time to put the NPC's in the right place that's what I think anyways I could be completely wrong but that explanation makes sense to me this glitch works with many different NPCs found in the game so if you think it's kind of interesting then you should try it out for yourselves with different people for me though this one's kind of boring so I think I'm gonna leave it up to you guys to find the rest of these NPCs okay with finally at the infamous glitch that we all know and love the old man glitch this glitch is likely to be one of the world's most famous it's helpful and destructive all at the same time and is one of the few ways known to find that legendary glitch Pokemon known as missing though to start off the glitch you first have to talk to the old man in Viridian City who shows you have to catch Pokemon and watch his tutorial when you talk to the old man your name is temporarily replaced with old man so the name that you chose at the start of the game needs to be stored somewhere whilst this change is made the place that your name is stored is in the grass pokemon encounter table why well it's actually really simple whenever you're in any city or town you'll never ever find any grass tiles to battle Pokemon so putting your name into the grass tiles encounter table would never normally be a problem what's the tutorial with the old man is over your name remains in the encounter table until something overwrite sits but that only happens when you walk into another route where Pokemon can be found but there's a way to exploit this flying from one city to another means that nothing is overwritten because like I said in cities there are never any Pokemon found in grass so there's nothing to overwrite the name when you're in the new location there is however one city in the game where grass tiles exist and that's Cinnabar Island believe it or not the tiles that you can surf on to the right of the island are classified as grass tiles which means if your name is still in the encounter table you can find some pretty weird things on the course line including missingno so if you didn't already guess the steps to the old man glitch our number one is hop to the old man in Viridian City number two fly – Cinnabar Island number three surf down the west coast until you get an encounter step 4 there isn't one you're done the Pokemon that appear on the course all depend on the name that you gave your character at the start of the game missingno will always appear no matter what your name is and now I'll explain why this is where things can get a little complicated but I'll try and keep it simple for you guys every single Pokemon in the game has a hidden hexadecimal number that's the number which would normally appear in the encounter table telling the game which Pokemon can be encountered in the area that you're currently in the list of all these numbers can be found here on Bulba pedia the same can be said for each less of your name every letter in your name has a hexadecimal value so when they're put into the encounter table the pokemon that matches that hex number can be found when you're performing the old man glitch but only the third fifth and seventh letters of your name are taken into account as they're the slots in the table that the game searches for encounters in the characters of your name that aren't being used to finding counters are used to determine the level of the Pokemon that you'll find but we won't go into that right now because it's a little more complicated than I'm making it sound one form of missing nor will always appear no matter what your name is why you ask the hex value for this version of missing nor is F F which is just a blank space in the name of your character when you're choosing a name at the start of the game you're only allowed to input up to seven characters but there are actually ten free spaces reserved for the name even though you can't reach the last three when performing the old man glitch these blank spaces are also taken into account and that's why missingno appears no matter what I'm lucky enough to have the letter Y in the fifth slot of my name so I can make the ghost sprite appear when using the glitch but this one we can actually battle and catch unlike the ones found in the pokemon tower from earlier there are a couple of strange effects that happen when you encounter missing noir for example the sixth item in your bag will be increased by 128 if there are less than 128 items before encountering it anyway since the game can only print numbers up to 99 in the items list the number gets a little glitched out when there are more than that in the bag hello infinite rare candies GGG encountering or catching missing nor can also mess with the Hall of Fame deers are quite a lot too so if you're interested in keeping the Hall of Fame normal but it's best to just avoid him altogether I guess missingno is what's known as an error handler he or she appears to prevent the game from crashing under circumstances such as this one though it was never intended to be discovered at all it's now known around the world that we can make him appear on demand there's a whole lot more that can be said about this glitch so much that I could probably make a whole episode based on it but I recommend you guys take a look more in-depth on Bubba pedia so you can learn all about it if you're interested there is a lot of information on there and it really helped me get to grips with making this video so I would highly recommend it and with that it's time to leave the most famous glitch of all time behind us so here we are guys on the final glitch of this episode this one's pretty famous too so there's no doubt that a lot of you guys will have seen it in action before watching this but I still want to show it off and explain why it happens there are a few trends in the game who can see you at full range they're the ones who can battle you as they appear from off the screen and can be so annoying if you're trying to avoid battles because you can't tell where they're going to appear from these trainers are the key to our glitch I'll be showing you this with the junior trainer found on route 24 just so you know if you want to try and follow along then you should use this guy – you're about to see why it's called trainer fly except for the fact that I'm using teleport instead of fly because I haven't got fly yet so yeah first make sure that the trainer who wants to battle is off-screen and that he'll spot you when you walk into his view as soon as you take a step to make him appear press the start button and you'll have access to the Start menu whilst also being able to see the trainer who wants to battle you use fly or teleport to be taken to any Pokemon Center and when the menus disappear the trainer will spot you buts it'll be too late you'll have already escaped from this battle haha not catching us out today is there mr. jr. trainer when you arrive at the Pokemon Center that you chose the game will be in a glitched state where it thinks that we're still in a battle with the jr. trainer that we escaped from everything will seem normal except for the fact that the stat button can't be used until the glitch is over so the next step is to battle any wild Pokemon our trainer that you can find if you battle a trainer make sure that when he spots you there's at least a one tile gap between you and him otherwise the game will crash it's also important to know that the Pokemon that you battle against here will determine which Pokemon you're gonna encounter during the glitch so choose wisely I'm gonna battle this youngster found on the way to Bill's house at the top of nugget bridge because he has a special sloth hawk and I'm being deadly serious this thing special and we're gonna see why if you're gonna use this youngster – then don't forget to walk up against the wall so that the game doesn't crash when he spots you defeat the Pokemon or the trainer that you chose and afterwards you'll be able to use the stat menu again so open up the menu and use fly or teleport to get back to the cerulean Pokemon Center and then walk back into route 24 as soon as he tried to get into the routier stat menu will pop up for some reason press B to cancel out of it and a battle will start if you guys chose to battle the youngster of the slowpoke just like I did then am you will appear I told you that that slowpoke was special why would I lie to you guys so why did mu appear this is all down to the hexadecimal values I told you about before when you escaped from the trainer there's a blank space left in the battle table telling the game which Pokemon you should be battling right now when you battle a wild Pokemon or trainer the game takes the special stat of the last Pokemon you battled and puts it into the battle table the slowpoke alert with battle has a special status 1 and looking back at the chat shows that Mew can be encountered if the number in the battle table is 21 it all makes sense in the end and it's pretty simple to understand once you get your head around it this can be done to find any Pokemon on the chat and the method is the same for many trainers who want to battle you from full range to trigger the final encounter you'll have to walk into the route there stood on though that's the only difference so have fun experimenting with this glitch it can keep you entertained for hours trust me okay okay I know I said the trainer fly was gonna be the last glitch but there are two more teeny-tiny glitches that I'm gonna add to the end of here as a bonus for you guys in any gym walk up to the statues and try using a fishing rod instead of the message this isn't the time to use that popping up you'll be able to fish for Pokemon apparently these statues are classed as water tiles or something at least that's how it seems but I'm not 100% on it you won't find any Pokemon in these statues though unless you're trying this out in the Cerulean City Gym that is Pokemon just seem to chill out in the statues here or something seems pretty normal to me so here we are on the real final glitch of today this can be found wherever you can find a Boulder to use strength on whenever you're pushing a boulder around with strength it's super boring it takes forever because of a little animation that plays out every time you touch the Balder the glitch here is found with this animation if you press a button and push the boulder then very quickly press into the direction for just one frame then the boulder will be pushed but the animation that plays out will be done in the wrong place the timing on the button pushes is pretty precise so it could take a little practice to get right but it's easy enough to try out for yourselves I couldn't actually find this one documented anywhere but I doubt that I'm the only one that's done this before and if so then we've discovered a glitch on glitch picnic well guys there you go that was the Pokemon Red and Blue glitch picnic like it was supposed to be a year and a half ago this video I think you'll all agree was so much better than that first one and I would like to thank you all actually I'm gonna take this opportunity to thank every single one of you guys who's watched this and has subscribed because we've just reached 20,000 subscribers on this channel and that's insane it's incredible I never thought that this content would make so many people happy but it does and it really makes me want to carry on doing this the likes that you give the comments I love talking to you guys and when I can I do it just seems so unreal that 20,000 of you guys think that the content is worthy of a subscribe and I really do appreciate that you don't understand how much but I do so anyway I'll probably make a twenty thousand subscriber video at some points I have no idea what its gonna be about I have no idea what the next glitch picnic is gonna be even so if you guys want to suggest something then I mean I've got a big list of games but I'm really not in the mood to do any of them at the moment so if you want to suggest something and that pops right into my head like that'll be a good game than yet sure I'll do it and now the time done rambling I'll promote two of my other videos that you might have missed because YouTube doesn't like to inform you guys when I upload a video for some reason the one on the left here is Super Mario Sunshine glitches for the Gamecube this was a great episode I really enjoyed doing the glitches on this one there's some pretty cool ones if you want to try them out for yourselves and if you check out the box on the right then you'll find the Legend of Zelda glitches for the NES this is the first game and I've got to be honest I've never really seen any of the compilation of glitches on youtube or anything like that so it's probably worth checking out if you've played that game before and you want to find some cool tricks to use I mean the not very most of the mount helpful but they're still pretty cool obviously the glitches who doesn't love a good glitch even if it's pointless anyways I think that's everything that I wanted to talk about and I think that's everything I've got to say so if you wouldn't mind then please don't forget to Like share and subscribe if you've enjoyed the video and I'll be back very soon with another one thank you all again for watching until the end and don't forget I love you all mwah

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  1. One time using the trainer fly glitch with the bug catcher in the forest…long story short I broke a forest.

  2. One time I slapped my Pokemon Blue cartridge real hard and when I tried to play all text boxes were screwed up and the game put me in glitch city

  3. If you have a weak poisoned pokemon then when you enter the gatehouse, when it faints, you go outside of a pokemon center and you can mess around!!!!

  4. Never did the slowpoke part of the mew glitch just walked to the bridge and got into the fight. Was on yellow if it matters.

  5. For the trainer/fly glitch it's also fun to know that no text boxes will be displayed either and I'm exploring any effects that doing this can do. Messing about with this at current. I have managed to get text boxes come up before the encounter on the route including a bunch of glitch text and communication error messages.

  6. As far as I remember there was an even easier way of dealing with the Ghosts on Lavender Tower:

    Open your Pokémon status.

    I've just researched about it and apparently, it'll only show the real sprite, not act as if you've actually used a Silph Scope, but still…. Allied with the Poké Doll, you don't need the Scope at all in RGBY.

  7. 22:33 wild ditto apear trainer: i think this is rare ditto is captured 1 hour later trainer: omg this can turn in to anything yaaaaaaaaaaaay

  8. for people who do not know who missingno is without watching this video: missingno is a weird shape used as a pokemon that acts normally but if you catch it and then use it to fight another pokemon it can screw up your game, save file or even the game card itself

  9. MissingNo is a fire stone so you need to get a glitch to perform a glitch to evolve growithe

  10. There is a better mew glitch . Instead of only defeating the slowpoke use growl 6 times then beat it try going back to the nugget bridge then there is a level one mew . However get mew some xp that is under 55 then boom you have a level 100 mew

  11. want mew? heres how, do the trainer get away glitch, go to a patch of grass, walk in it until you get a wild pokemon incounter, if its mew, CATCH IT

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