Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. 2:18 Super! I am currently studying in foreign where there is no leave for Pongal. When my cousin went home for Pongal in India, my reaction was Goundamani's one 😵

  2. சுனாமியே வந்தாலும் உங்கள(Today Trending) ஒன்னும் பண்ண முடியாதுடா போங்கடா! போங்கடா !!!😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Bro, in 02:15
    Instead of goundamani senthil template

    Office goers: en vayiru eriyudhuda.
    School students: yen? Raavaa kudichiya?
    Office goers : Sathiyama Solren…..
    School Goers : Raavaa dhaana kudicha?

  4. Nice ennala siripa control panna mudila.. because. . My favourite vadivel. .sir… goundamani sir clips.. match

  5. What’s pongal. If January born . Path will be born too After haverst land is clear. You can see clear path . That’s beside the points. When finished haverst you give a thanks to sun with out sunshine 🌞 you can’t do haverst. There for we call thanks giving day .

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