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All right, welcome to a new video and now we are here in Hockenheim for round two of TCR Europe and we are just now getting ready, so I will soon jump into the car now and we will see now for the first practice how it will go It’s a new track for me, so I will try to get up to speed as fast as possible, and we will see now for the first session. So I will just get ready now. It’s also very nice weather today, so we
will see now, it looks like it will be good weather all weekend, it’s still now quite good weather. Yeah, so we just now came in here and it
was very hot session, I’m really sweaty now, it get so hot in the car after a while. But yeah it was okay I would say, I’m struggling a bit with understeering
now with car, and that means that when you arrive in the corner,
it’s very hard to get the car around the corner, so I’m struggling a bit with that, but we will see now the for the next session – we have like five hours to waiting now for the next one and we’ll try to fix it to make it
better for me, but I was still, now I was 11th in this session, so I still have a lot to improve, but we will see now how it goes, we’ll try to speak with the engineers and try to get the car better for the next one. So Free Practice 2 is now done, we have just been eating dinner now, because it was quite late now, and now it’s like 8 o’clock in the evening and it’s still nice outside so It was a very difficult Free Practice 2 I was struggling a bit to find the right balance and the right flow in my driving. So I will try to to check some data and some
videos now overnight and hopefully tomorrow morning we can find good
speed in qualifying. And tomorrow we’ll see, we have both
qualifying and the race so we will see a bit tomorrow how everything plays out it can be a really fun day I think, so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. The race suits on drying for tomorrow. So today it’s a race day we just woke up and now the cars are getting ready for today so here are my car getting
ready and all the cars have just been to scrutineering, getting ready for today So it should be a nice day I think it’s sunshine, and soon we are going out for qualifying. Yeah, we just finished now qualifying the car is now in Parc Fermé so we are still waiting to touch the car but was a really good qualifying, I qualified 5th in Q2 and it was like one tenth up to P1, so it was really close but I’m really happy with the
result. And then in Q1 also, I was really fast, so I had the best time for a while in Q1. So it was a really good qualifying and I’m really happy. And now I will start 5th for
Race 1 and 6th for Race 2 It’s a good place for both races so I will try to do a my best and I think we have a really good car and today I felt much more confident in the car So I think we have a good speed for the races So now we will just wait for the Parc Fermé to close, and then we can tweak the car a bit for the races, so it should be quite good I think. Hello and welcome to our coverage of the
second race weekend of the 2019 TCR Europe series. Row 3 of the grid, yet another Target
Competition Hyundai, that of Andreas Bäckman, car number 19 Andreas and his
sister Jessica, we’ll see in a moment graduated from TCR Scandinavia and TCR
UK last year, moving up to TCR Europe this year and impressing already you have to say. The lights very briefly on and off we are racing! I wanted to have a more steering in the end At the beginning of the corner? Yeah in the beginning of the corner. Because in the end I had to brake a bit earlier just to make the corner. So we just finished the race, here is my car now it’s still looking good so, I finished in 5th, so it was a good race it’s just very hard to get past when all the cars have the same speed. But I’m still very happy with race and some very good points for this championship. So good job by the guys and big thanks to Target, my team, and to Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing. And, so I had a good start and from that I tried to go further and I tried to pass the guy for 4th place, but they in the end I couldn’t really get past him but yeah, I’m still very happy and I think for tomorrow we have a good chance to get a good result there also because then it’s the reverse grid so then I will start in 6th place. So for tomorrow I’m really opening forward to that. And big thanks to everyone in the team and now we will just sleep on it and hopefully tomorrow we can have a good race. So my car was still intact but there other cars were very crashed Jessica’s car was quite damaged and also Dusan’s car, but they will fix it for
tomorrow so and also Mat’o’s car. So it’s only me and Josh’s car that was still intact after this so, but yeah it’s still a long time until tomorrow, so we will try to fix the other cars and mine and Josh’s is still good and ready to race for tomorrow. Morning, today’s a raceday and I just woke up now and here’s my car getting ready. And today is also a very sunny day so it should be a good day I think. Today I start still in 5th place so it should be a quite exciting race because today is also the reverse grid, so it’s gonna be a bit different drivers now in the front so hopefully we can go for a
podium I will try my best and we will see how it goes in the race. We made some small changes also in the car to make it better so it should be a good day I think. Andreas Bäckman on row 3 Everyone in position, watch for the lights, the revs rise, the lights goes out, we are racing! We just finished race now, It was a really good race I think, I started in 5th place and went up to 4th place in the start and then from that I also had the fastest lap in race, so we had really good speed, just not enough speed to go up to the podium, but still a good
result. and I just went now to take a shower because I was so sweaty after the race, it gets really hot inside of the cars but still I’m really pleased with this weekend and now I’m up to 5th place in the series, so it’s really good points from here and the good job by my sister Jessica to
finish in 3rd, she really did a great race, I tried to catch her but it was not
enough to get the past her but yeah I’m still very pleased and big thanks
to the team and everyone and also to Hyundai Motorsport for a great job this
weekend and now looking forward to Spa in two weeks time so see you there and thank you for watching and see you in the next video.

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  1. What an amazing start to the season andreas , keep up the good work , hope it can carry on like this , looking very strong 💯

  2. Thanks for watching! Please tell me what you would like to see more of in future videos, I'm curious to know 😉

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