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Preparing for Invasion: Poland’s Paramilitary Weekend Warriors

Preparing for Invasion: Poland’s Paramilitary Weekend Warriors

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  1. Polish people here flaming Germany when germany clearly changed and even sold them tanks. You know who sold and produce that " polish new tank " ? yep Germany. Keep flaming them while you make them rich by buying their weapons. Idiots.

  2. Never again will there be russian soldiers in Poland. From 1945 till 1993 they were here and we hated them. Occupation forces. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  3. In the case of war, this will lead to the mass executions of the Polish civilians (men, women, and children). When it comes to counterinsurgency, no government, with one exception in Central America, wants to investigate or prosecute it. Von dem Bach-Zeleski wrote about the thousands of civilians (men, women, and children) his units executed in the Soviet Union, and, yet, the German courts refused to prosecute him because it was counterinsurgency! At present, the USA refuses ICC's attempts at investigating the American counterinsurgency in Afghanistan. Thousands of Polish civilians will be murdered and no one will be held responsible.

  4. 21 square feet is about 2 square meters. In other words, he is saying that if someone invades Poland, then the Poles will put them in a grave.

  5. For some strange reason, civilians think there better than the military just because they shoot a gun at a range…THERE NOT!!!!! THEY ARE DELUSIONAL! !!! SIMPER FI!

  6. What the hell would a civilian police officer their instructor know about military tactics Urban warfare offensive and defensive actions I serve 10 years United States Army including a tour of Duty in Iraq in 2006 I've been 12 years and I am a municipal police officer for a large city in Florida police officers are not trained in military tactics!!!!!

  7. For everyone saying you’ll fight for the poles, don’t think combat is a joke, that shit means actual training, and how to deal with emotions many die in wars, some never recover from the experience

  8. The German reporter asks dont you think teaching young people these ways could be dangerous, NOT IF THE GOVERNMENT DOENT HAVE SOME INTENTION OF TURNING ON THEIR PEOPLE! the government seems to really work with it's people and sees them as more like family not their constituents!

  9. How do I know something like Ukraine won't happen to Poland?
    You don't.
    But it's not likely to happen. Ukraine and Crimea were moving closer and closer to becoming pro-EU. Russia could not allow that to happen because it would mean losing control over their trading ports on the water-front. Russia already has a tough time when it comes to maritime trading and to lose control over Ukraine and Crimea's ports would be a devastating blow to Russia's economy. It would allow the EU and NATO countries to have an extremely large influence over Russia.
    Initially they intended on making Ukraine and Crimea into puppet governments. Just have pro-Russian governments that can be controlled or in Ukraine there were pro-Russian rebels that Russia backed. However that wasn't turning out as well as planned and Russia was given a lot of flak from the rest of the world involving sanctions, so Russia had to resort to more forceful methods considering a lot was on the line. Russia was really pushed into an all or nothing situation regarding the actual invasion.

    Poland has a lot of value to Russia geographically speaking. But I don't think there is enough value there for Russia to push their luck and go for the forceful approach. Especially considering Poland is in the EU. But hey, Poland would be foolish to not be prepared for that odd chance.
    Besides, I think it's great that the people take pride in their military and wish to stand and fight. I work with a lot of Polish people and I have a lot of respect for them. For a country that was pushed around a lot in the past, it really has finally started to stand on it's own to feet and let it's voice be heard. It's a shame that people are beginning to hate them for it though.

  10. They dress dope as fuck. The scarves and hats and little accessories are awesome.

    But tactics training without ballistic gear? AT LEAST some kind of helmet. Doesn't make a lot of sense.

    You always train with eye protection and helmet. Because you should always use it in a real fight. Because you'll feel fucking dumb if you're taken out of the fight by a twig poking your eye, or a falling rock knocking you out.

  11. Wow, polish paramilitaries helped so much during WWII! After it's been taken over by the germans in just 2 months only 6 Mio people di… Oh wait

  12. Poland is like a wall before Germany and they just have to wait for support of Germany France Luxemburg England Austria and the rest

  13. Thats the kind of country I want to live in. Where preparing to defend my country isn't me being a crazy facist whos gonna shoot up a place

  14. F*CK YEAH, I love poland……first they burned and killed muslims and now they are getting ready for WORLD WAR 1, PART 3, NUCLEAR BOOOGALLOOOOOOOOO

    (pls don´t take this serious, except the part with the muslims)

  15. Ok let's be real here. None of those military students are ready for war. At the beginning of this video, they interviewed two girls, and one of them was sitting in a tank behind a gun in one of the scenes (2:12) saying "Pull back, load, hold… and just shoot''… She is not ready to take lives with that weapon. Patriotism is great but they really should learn about death too.

  16. Germany can increase its military manpower but their to scared of the backlash from it from France,UK,and the EU so they dont. Germany can easily become the local superpower easily

  17. Poland has long been surrounded by enemies and a tougher more robust and sell reliant people are not to be found.

  18. I hope things have changed. Because their live fire training is unbelievably bad with regards to teaching weapon safety. And the guy Damian has clearly not been trained properly with anything.

  19. Poland needs millions to join! Remember WW2?? NOBODY HELPED THEM! The country was divided in 2 n Poor poles were exterminated!!! ARM UP!!

  20. Natural disasters of countries around the world

    1. UK : weather
    2. US : hurricane
    3. Japan : tsunami, earthquake, and anime
    4. Poland : neighbors

  21. Don’t worry guys we here in Ukraine ready to fight for Poland as well we fight here and everywhere where is no justice…

  22. As a german I feel offended! Nobody is allowed to invade poland without our permission!This is our thing, okay guys, get your own country to invade

  23. Polish women. Nice. Unlike the Ukrainians who basically pulled a France in 1940. The Poles will fight to the end. Sending a German is an insult.

  24. Great Job Brother's ,I Wish I Could Be There To Volunteer Love Poland Greetings From National City CA USA

  25. gen Pacek is an old communist from military police ,two weeks before us attack on Afghanistan he told that carpet bombing or area bombing will never take place any more tkat is about his knowlege

  26. "The U.A.A.K tried using sabotage and attacks to liberate Poland from the occupying Nazi germans" <<<<<<<<<<<<<<There. Make sure what you say is correct.

  27. Those "soldiers" cannot even speak Polish properly. It is shameful for me as a Polish. I agree with the AK soldier. Those young men should concentrate on studying and working for their homeland instead of playing in the forest but apparently they aren't enough smart for it.

  28. Whether the American National Guard is also called derogatory as Weekend Warriors by Germans? Do the Germans dare? It is obvious that Poland should be portrayed by the Germans as an aggressive warmonger. This is the subtext of the video! Quote: "It is not trained first aid, but shooting! Poles should not talk to the German journalists at all!

  29. It should be noted that Poles rightly say that Poles fought against the Germans and not only against the German Nazis!

  30. Haha just another B.S. propaganda from Vice, this country is just a US puppet, perfect to make propaganda against Russia. Poland, a country full of useful idiots.
    USA the evil one of this era.

  31. Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪!
    Even though our backwards government hate you, the people of Sweden are grateful for you aiding us in time of need! 🇵🇱🇸🇪🇵🇱

  32. god
    this video made me want to apply for polish citizenship and sign up for the army
    so glad the citizens are patriotic and not just a bunch of fat libtards

  33. They create paramilitaries for a invasion which won‘t come. Come on, it‘s the 21.st century,Russia and Germany won’t attack you.

  34. The russians are coming lol What is really coming to Poland is hordes of afroasians that EU will force on them .Stupid people turning their backs on their Slavic kin .Years have changed ,Russia is not what it was in early-mid 20th century and has absolutely zero incentive to invade Europe .A land with hardly any resources ,and inhabited by manlets and feminazis.Russia has all the resources it needs

  35. Protect your land!

    Have balls.

    Guess thats hated nowadays?
    Oh Communism is back.. left.
    Cowards are the only ones disliking this.

  36. Girls in UK: aahhhhhh omg is that a real gun oh no you could kill someone with that :O

    Girls in Poland: S H O O T T H E B I R D S

  37. Now you guys are saved after President Trump visited, first stop his Europe trip. Now 1 billion, military structure is allocated by Poland to U.S prssent, freedom never come cheap, but it earn back with right partner……

  38. Angela Markel melt, when Putin speak German to her….she is selling all German technologies to russia, she ought to be removed from her seat immediately, she allowed too much M.Eastern immigrant to enter her country, there was a time I read, in news, every evening German girls/ladies being raped, in the public garden, parks, no news paper wrote about it, public protested, she acted as if not her own flesh and blood, yeah , she never had any children of her own. I was so impressed about German economy, after heard of immigrant issues, I never respected her anymore, buying natural gas from, Putin, bad enough, doesn't want to contribute NATO 2% cost. Shame you Angala.

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