Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. The black foxes are boring and lack "dance energy" … They can learn from the Motion of the Ocean of TXSU!!

  2. For one thing they dont have no room but the dont look bad and yea golden delight will kill them.They just did a lil work

  3. O WOW! To the girl 3 from the end, you can tell this is your jam! They probably had to tell you to hold back sometimes cause you were really gettin it lol

  4. @dinga10bam good attitude with a good gpa. the 1st try outs consists of making a 1-2 minute routine to perform for the judges and the 2nd try out is they teach you a routine that need to perfect. good luck.

  5. Hey, my name is Jay
    im currently a senior. and my plans are to attend pvamu. I've never been on a dance team in my entire life! lol cheerleading is the closest i've gotten. Its a long way from now but i would like to try somethin new. What is it exactly all that i might need in order to be a part?

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