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Queen Naija, Blueface, & more! (THE STAGE [email protected]) Roots Picnic 2019

Queen Naija, Blueface, & more! (THE STAGE  C0LL@PSED) Roots Picnic 2019

okay let me get right let me get right back with another video and if you know went into United sending you a dig and today as you can see from the title I'm about to be going squeen I just stuttered today I'm going to be going see this how you know I have ended videos in a while today I must be going to see we not a little baby the city girls and also 21 savage at the Fairmount Park now I know I haven't been recording their life which is why I had to get height real quick let's start in the video but yeah we're gonna see what today's consists of I'm in a good mood my mom is with me and yeah we bout to get let's go oh yeah so we fund early here it took forever to get in a parking lot this is the speed but uh I don't know if you have to see that's the stage oh we of course we're gonna get up there but right now I'm waiting for another I just bit my tongue right now I'm waiting for another supporter of clean dodging we we not discern snow who was spicy game so I'm at the meet over her once you get here and it's about to be Alyssa wishing you feel me Oh Oh Oh okay [Applause] [Applause] got some brightness country that we both talk Oh somebody Oh yeah what [Applause] if you got a bad boy I want y'all to sing it with me don't bet on Oh Oh say it yeah say the soda actually just yes all got away from you y'all not yet go streaming all platform to fill me away from you so I'll be on the record Oh now you gotta come over I don't know but he can't be that what you can't feel it but even when you no matter what your awesome and I can't [Applause] spy over the bed right follow we put the fire I'm gonna be bye-bye [Applause] and Hey Oh [Applause] Oh they always say that good thing [Applause] say it every Magus you always know just how to make but why me [Applause] just wanna Oh [Applause] just wanna thank you I love all of you I did this feature when Tom I don't know if y'all hit yet but I did this feature with DDD if you know it if you know [Applause] take a step back with a small back in my somehow you bro bro Oh [Applause] when you walk me the old okay so I see some of y'all know it and some y'all don't a better road [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I want to have a good time I am having a good time I'm okay actually I did another feature way [Applause] [Applause] nobody [Applause] I [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] before I in my show let my show but my part of the show yes yeah right in this part I really want to sing medicine you coming okay and I know you all know this song oh I see no strings I know I know I know maybe one day maybe one day [Applause] but is doing it if you from looking so great me come in Essex when you man oh just a friend freakiness that Oh every you don't like it my fella maybe I should fight while you be playing the big dog I am shit out the champion Hey if you are everything [Applause] ah what don't ask me why don't ask me why thank you so much [Applause] look at all of these people they get ready to see me she's so loud the birth of Queen Najat sorry I didn't she got be shown up for her what'd you say [Applause] so the show is over right now I'm at the mall my mom just cut the Saint Laurent bag you already know I had to get that for her for Mother's Day it's already late signa but right now we both are going Neiman Marcus you know rich people vibes you already know device you feel me and I'm not the cop me some singers I think I need some blue cheese sneakers right MA I need some pussy sneakers right I don't mom got my money but yes so um the show was fun I got the chill will clean and clearance and the whole spicy game for a little bit you feel me I might do a video on it I don't really want to I don't know I don't know if I want to do a video on it or not but y'all comment down below and tell me if y'all want it's behind the scene footage I got like some I want to record too much because I just wanted to enjoy the time with them you who me but one thing I gotta say is me and my mom was talking with one of the girls right we wanted to support her all of them and we talking right and the whole stage collapsed like we're 20 was savage was that where he was performing the whole stage Club so everybody run it I'm thinking issue in her song or like and then people talking – a bomb and all this other stuff and we just run it and then this lady right here saying here looking for me instead of just running y'all tell me if you see it's a bunch of people running in general you tell me if you're gonna run – because I know I would run I wouldn't even look for nobody now if it was that my lack of my little brother or something yes I would look but right now look I'm not the go cop me only like these blue cheese to everybody in a mom got there but yeah which one should I get you already know them YouTube checks coming in strong you from the June said I get should I get the slides for the summit should I pop out or should I get some dress shoes for next year mom which one should I get probably some of these no I look for old man I like these for sure these are definitely tough but these look like they came from H&M or something like they don't even mark I get some balloons he added like 400 we got over here Javon Qi when I get my checks coming in right i'ma get all of these cop the whole story can I get one up here huh probably eight great ones you say you don't these the ones that Clarence we're at the beach PTO works he was I see a nigga what you hear I don't want one at the match my hair I just want a simple plain Jane would I get the black ones if they have they have these in red I definitely see how definitely those if they gotta make it yes sir hide yourself yes all right these are ugly the only thing about these are the nicest ones and not only reason is because clean Gutterman a so small our feet so they look nice but if they are grown in this light yeah these are nice I'll cop these deaf copies Alessi ugh is you hurt let me get it either fire anything I picked out she be like I don't like you but yeah yo that was this vlog good time so we had to run because the stage collapse we thinking I never see her run so fast in her lower besides the time when she was looking for me it was no point of that I would just kept running and met you at the car saw we both knew to where the car was so it's like real parent I'm looking for my child you can't just bring and after I was gone I'm like 20 you don't gotta look for me but yes so that was the end of this vlog I had a good time behind the scenes we clean planets patty Lee beast everybody it was all humble and y'all better stop talking about Queen saying oh she shouldn't got her body done cuz she looked good and it looked mad normal like you can't even tell if say somebody didn't know her you wouldn't even tell like she got her body done so next time y'all see some I'm gonna be chalk if I hear one more person you feel me i'ma knock you right out that was the end if you stayed all the way to the end I hope you enjoyed this vlog and I'ma be I'm gonna be with more content I get out of school June 10th so if I'm not posting as consistent by June 15th or June 20th then y'all need to get on me you feel me and I'ma be out make sure you like coming to subscribe turn on your poster notifications and comment down below you dig

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  1. So I have some BTS footage when I was chilling with the gang.. Like this comment if you want me to film a POSITIVE video of how it was hanging out with them❀️

  2. So unprofessional to stand on the side while she is performing! I love them and all but stop trying to share her moments… Take the baby in the back it’s too loud for him to be on the stage feeding him.

  3. Blueface got no love lol. The 40 ppl in the front of the stage was the only ones hype. everybody else in the seats was quiet as shit. I think cuz he went on late and his crowd was at the main stage watchin City Girls perform. But when Thought and Mos Def came out it got LIT!!!

  4. I'm new to your channel; awesome vlog . Thanks for sharing the show; good quality . Also enjoyed the shoe shopping, with your mom .

  5. She singed the mess outta Hold up. I felt that πŸ₯΅πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  6. Heyyy it was dope that you got to see them again!! Queen looked soo bomb and her performance was soo good. All she got so much love when she started singing butterflies aww. The way she said periodttt!! Watched in full, watched ads in full, liked, added to playlist, and tweeted.

  7. Littt asf I wish I was there omg I love them sooo much I listen to both of there songs I love you to royal trevion!!!!πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

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