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Rallye Monte Carlo 2020 – WEEKEND HIGHLIGHTS

This rally is very special for me and I always
have even more hunger to win that one than any other event of the championship. The first
one of the season, with new colours and new car, so it’s going to be once again very
challenging, but I can’t wait to be at the start of the rally. It’s always like a huge
pressure on my shoulders because it’s my home event. It’s obviously a special start down here
in Monaco but it lasts for very little to be honest. When we start this first stage
tonight in the dark then it goes from one extreme to the other but obviously it’s
all part of the rally and what makes it so special. I have been starting here a few times and
every year the start here in Monte is really really amazing, and also if we see the finish
line it’s really nice to come back to here always. Overall it’s been a
good feeling in the car I have to say. I’ve really enjoyed my time behind the wheel. Overall
I’m pretty happy with the feeling, with the setup. We’re going to just change from
very very minor things maybe now just to adapt for the afternoon loop. The morning was quite difficult, again new
conditions, going with slicks on ice. It was quite a careful morning but then we got better
all the time and this middle stage of the loop was both times really good and when there
is clear tarmac it’s quite OK. It’s been a challenging day like always
here. In the morning I didn’t have the perfect confidence still with the car, but I think
the pace was decent, it was not a big issue. Only Elfyn was doing even better, he was doing
really a great loop this morning. In the afternoon we did a couple of adjustments on the setup
and the confidence came and the times were better, so I’m happy with the day. It went pretty well, a little bit careful
on just a few places in the first stage but generally it was all OK. A little optimistic
just on the end of the last one. It was the very last corner with ice on as well. But
anyway, we’re here now and it’s been overall a solid day. It’s been a consistent day. I think the
only regret we can have is being too cautious in the last stage on the tricky section on
the ice but that’s how it is. I always prefer to be too cautious than in the ditch, so it’s
not too bad. At the end of the day I’m not really unhappy with this day. It’s still
very close and completely possible for tomorrow. We are in the middle of a nice fight to finish
the rally and like I say I’ll have to be strong tomorrow. When your expectations are raised, as soon
as you lead the rally then that’s the target of course, so now it’s difficult. But I
think when we go home to reflect, it’s generally positive weekend and maybe not such bad thing not to be starting first on the road for the next rally. I feel good honestly. It’s a positive result.
Of course, I would have hoped to deliver even more and bring to the team straight away a
win like we managed to make so many times here in the past, but it’s always such a
huge challenge to adapt so quickly to a new environment, especially on such a challenging
rally. So I think it’s still for the whole team very positive. I think Elfyn has done
a very strong rally, we were more or less equal at the end, I just passed him in the
last stage, but it’s a very strong result for the whole team. We are competing on the highest level and
it is so so tight. Monte Carlo is a challenging and difficult rally to win. Of course, we
were confident that we could do that because we had the drivers to do that. But the overall
result is absolutely fantastic.

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