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Reaction to MAYDAY五月天 – 派對動物Party Animal

Reaction to MAYDAY五月天 – 派對動物Party Animal

Alright, so I don’t know if this video will be up because of copyright issues. Also that’s my other sister in the back. And my youngest sister in the back, over here. Hi, I’m Alyssa. I mean…I don’t really say my name. Feel free! I’ll link her instagram below! LOL Anyway this video is gonna be MAYDAY – Party Animal. Yeah. So let me just fullscreen her, and I’m recording so… Oh! Which one? Fullscreen. I am tired. You said your name. You said your name on these internets. Did I say Alyssa? I meant Cameron. – Cameron?
– Cameron. What? Hold on. He turned back the clock? Like they’re all young now? Where did they fall into? I don’t understand. Okay. Who is that that this is? Are they supposed to be the artists right now? Yeah, this is the band. This is the band. Um, yeah. Hold on, hold on. This is real weird. Because they were old men and then one of them opened some door and they all became young again. So the first thing they do is go to some girl who’s sad? Her room? Some young girl? And start a party? That just sounds weird. I don’t understand what’s happening. Or is she like the target audience? For the music? Oh! They’re just showing up at random people’s houses, (people) who are like stressed? And throwing a party up? I think…okay, I think I kind of get what’s going on. Okay, what do you say is the (story)? Well I feel like the song is basically like…it’s kinda like don’t forget to have fun every now and then. Like don’t let like life and like… Because they were old and they were just stuck in their life? No, but also because he also did say something about you know, having to…bills and rent and I feel like it’s like, oh, well, you know, work and pay off what you got to do, but at the same time don’t live life. Don’t just keep it as a routine of I gotta do this, and this, and this, but have fun in life, because you’re missing out moments. Okay. I feel like also it’s the song that’s just like…(mumbles inconsequentially about listening to this song wherever)…at the party, wherever you are. Oh, and now they’re back to being old? Where are they? I’m confused as…Okay, what? And now the door disappeared? Maybe it’s like, oh, let’s live in our youth (mumbles in cup) Okay, but four of the five of them were at a senior home. And then all of a sudden they were in that magical room. How did that fifth one get to that door? Wasn’t the fifth one the one that opened the door? Yeah but how did he get to it? Why wasn’t he at the place with them? Questions, need answering. So I just listened to Enter Battle and I think I saved…don’t remember if…I think I saved that one on my Spotify. This one is catchy but I don’t think I’ll save this. Did you like the song Alyssa? It was, it was… I feel like I could listen to it if i listened to it more than once because I had to. I’d probably get into it myself. I don’t think it grabbed me right now.
But what did you think it was? I think it was more like…at one point it was like the you know, *hums.* Like that’s repeated so of course it’s gonna get you a little, like you know, bopping and what not. But it’s not really something I would listen to. Yeah. Yeah. I could get to listening to it if I had to listen to it multiple times, but I’m not gonna add it to my Spotify right now. Okay, thanks!

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  1. Because they're promised their fans. Even they are 80 years old. If people feel sad, feel hard of life. If their fans needs mayday. They will sing for them!!

  2. All Mayday songs deliver positive messages, you are right, do not let the negative side of what's happening in life beat you.

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