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Rentals United – Interview with CEO James Burrows – Vacation Rental Channel Management

Rentals United – Interview with CEO James Burrows – Vacation Rental Channel Management

Hi, I’m James co-founder CEO of Rentals
United. When we look at the market today we’re seeing more inventory and more
property managers come onto the market on a daily basis. It’s getting really
really competitive for you guys and you need to be able to stand out above your
competitors and you need to make more bookings I think the main question is
why was any property manager want to work with a channel manager like us? Our
main tagline is all about making more bookings and giving less work to
our clients and this really works. In general, we’re increasing revenues by 25% within the first three months which is a a really powerful message for these days. I think that our main concern is making sure that not only you´re best represented
on all the top channels out there like Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia & Homeaway but we also have over 70 different booking channels worldwide. We focus on not only big global websites both hotel driven as well as vacation rental but
we’re also looking at more local channels and I think that this is where
the real benefit of working with a a larger company like a channel manager
like Rentals United comes into the fall because we give you access to these news channels which will give you access to a different type of clientele, these guys
they travel in different periods, they’re really more focused on coming with a
very different mindset than you would when you come from a booking channel
like Airbnb and they tend to be a lot less last-minute based, so they stay for
longer periods, the ticket value is a lot higher and you guys earn more money.
Equally the difference I think between a channel manager and a PMS that has some
direct connections is that we’re not only focusing on getting you more
bookings, we’re also focusing on getting you better bookings, so
yield is a very important subject for us we really try and maximize the amount of
money that you’re getting per reservation and how do we do this we
have better connections with the channels we have more functionality with
the channels we can offer different types of rate types with the channels
and we’re here to help you guys really understand how best you can utilize all
of these booking channels that there are worldwide and there are hundreds.

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