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road trip, real college life + birthday festivities, | VLOGMAS DAY 17-19

road trip, real college life + birthday festivities, | VLOGMAS DAY 17-19

good morning guys so it is a vlogmas day 17 today is Monday and I just felt ready and I'm about to head out to go to work opening this store today I going to be there till 3:00 or so and then I'm gonna come back and start getting ready because tomorrow I'm going to road trip down to San Jose with one of my best friends because we're gonna go for my other best friend Grayson's birthday I'm gonna make some coffee really quick in the Keurig just because that's quicker and then I will be on my way to work so I'm trying out video copy Cooper in today because my mom got herself a grocery store cuz they didn't have like the French vanilla one that I usually get I'm really hoping it doesn't have too much of like a coconut aftertaste give us a quick taste I hope it's sweet ooh I know that big affair and honestly I put some oat milk in it that might help a little okay so I put in a little bit about milk and it's a little bit better it's almost not the best but I guess it'll do okay guys so I am two things of good news today first thing is I'm feeling a lot better this is great because you guys know I have been sick for like the past week second thing of good news is that I have a new playlist I've started my December playlist finally and I've got some new music to share with you guys so I'm gonna have the playlist linked below in case you want to go follow it or listen to it [Applause] [Applause] Rosa so I just got to the store and I'm gonna show you guys my outfit really quick so this jacket is actually from bow and arrow and so is this sweater it's my new sweater I'm obsessed with it my belt is from bow and arrow as well my pants are from Free People I'm just working some converse because I didn't want to wear booties today I just wanted to be comfortable oh yeah so there's my casual OOTD gonna play some Justin Bieber holiday good morning guys so it is the next day it is vlogmas day 18 and I have just showered and gotten dressed because I am headed out to go to my friend Simone's house and then from there we're gonna go to San Jose today I briefly mention that yesterday but we're going to San Jose for our friend Grace's birthday I'm gonna do a little bit of a road trip I've got my things packed back there because we are gonna go out tonight cuz it's like just a little bit her birthday and stuff like that and kind of an over-packer so I'll show you okay so this is like my everyday bag that I always take with me this has my clothes in it and then this has my shoes and like makeup and stuff so what I'm bringing oh and then a blanket as well okay guys I'm here with Simone she's somewhere back there so I'm not someone's grandparents house and it's literally like so pretty here I haven't been here since I was like maybe not know ten eleven something like that driving here was so pretty all the cute houses and stuff oh my gosh how cute I love it here I mean look at that view that's insane we are here at the gas station right now and as you can see we got the backpack this is a giant futon that's my bra you spill your gas all over here Jeff okay so Mon just spilled her gasps oh God hey that's good I must Hunnam about our great time that we have oh yeah we're gonna sleep on it on faces living room floor some have no shoes I'll not I got it okay give me a friggin napkin it's all your in got it you excited for tonight have you got an hour and 40 minutes to go we will get there at 1:00 oh yeah oh yeah oh my god I forgot to say that I love Phil's avocado toast you guys know when I lived in LA I went to Phil's like almost every single day me wondering how to get on I'm gonna turn around go back that back way okay anyways I love Phil's avocado toast so I'm so excited for this we're gonna stop out of our way well actually no it's kind of on our way to Cordoba Dara – good to go – yeah I'm really excited everything was all grade we were having a nice car and – where's my wallet please tell me my wallets in my purse because I put it on top of my car when I got gas and I was like okay we check her back I'm like Simone how how small is your wallet cuz I don't I can't find it in here she said it's huge so I flick your wallets not in here we're on our way back to the gas station yeah we know there are good people there oh yeah Gazi she probably found crawl it and gave it to her ID which she would need because we are going to a club tonight watching her get in without it so we really need her wallet so this is our mission now to find food so it'll be there we'll find it easily although we tried to look at the vlog footage because I was vlogging as we were leaving but like you can't see what should you do see that she gets into the car without her watch she was wiping off her fears from the gas you don't see no wallet and then I was trying to see if you could see it fall off the car but like you in the video so we're gonna find it operation finds moans well it starts right now do you work here alright we're in the middle of a street y'all alright guys so far we have no luck finding someone's wallet we have no idea where it is we've looked around this gas station like three times we're still going to the main street right now oh so update we cannot find Simone's wallet to save our lives we've been here for like 20 minutes you're Simone no luck dude our only concern is how she's going to get into the bar maybe we'll see it like on the road Caleb I have to go get my passport okay so I'm coming inside we've drive although back here tell my grandpa what happened yeah and then we come here to get her passport and I get that Passport we're leaving I'm like kay bye I walk out my freaking wallet is sitting right here someone literally dropped it off at our house that is so nice I can't believe it let's go that is like wait that's so crazy kids like Simone was joking like when we were when we were coming up like her driveway like we were coming up her driveway she like check the mail she's like I'm just gonna hope that they already brought it back and left it in the mailbox and little did we know it would be right on the front porch oh my god I knew good people he said I knew it you gotta have faith in the power of the people well we were walking out the door and it was just like I'm set on top of this little box of Christmas lights I was on her front porch this is the wallet this we've been looking for you guys and all like for 20 bucks still in there her ID for medical cards and everything like a medical marijuana card that point is we've got the wallet they're good people in the world you can never lose faith in humanity people that was a lesson we've learned today just got some fills I had to run in because there's literally no part Oh there's literally no parking here at all so I just ran in and ordered for me and Simone one is really good too oh it's like the almond butter one no like gluten free bread oh and then all the Cotter time and then of course your mojito [Applause] the winner I made it wanted to go we made it to our destination get it on camera they're not paying attention okay Simone is yelling at me it's my birthday tomorrow's your birthday that's right now okay Berkeley yeah there's Christmas Eve and Christmas birthday birthday Devon all right so today I'm a college student for the day actually I'm already confident but today I'm a CSU college student so the first step of my college routine is we're walking to Phil's lieutenant motion even though we already stopped there grace to go again every day so we're going Erika literally is making me hold this cup for her oh I'm sure even though it's half drinking and it's a small from Phil we're crossing over here okay we're now headed to the mall because Grace's body suit that she was gonna wear tonight it's just a tad bit see-through uh would she need luck dude oh so do I get her this yeah you can get over because you have 3.4 miles to go but anyway so we're in on the way to some of the mall like a random flower petals to cover up and censor her we're doing I'm 22 guys it is much later now we just got ready she's about your buddies in the shot love that just in my hair makeup use gracious power oh this lighting is a lot better cuz music playing and we're gonna go to guard house for dinner can't wait but good morning guys so it is the next day we are still here we are alive and well smells driving and there's actually someone else in this car that you cannot see right now you can see her legs kind of right we brought this futon as you guys know and when we saw on it for two hours so might as well not even brought it I know that the I did I'm so anyways grace is back there and we're going to the city right now so she'll only have to drive it or sit like that for an hour not like until we go all the way home so that's a good thing but it's just funny grace say something if you gonna see veneers I it's like muffle but like she's like to read cars away anyways we're going to this really cute brunch place called the palm house so hopefully I'm just oh my god this guy's stopping Wow oh no he's on one all right weirdly shapes [Applause] Oh you

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  1. ok I literally just found your channel and omg I'm obsessed with you dude! You are so gorgeous. I'm in college too, a vegan, a capricorn, and we're just so alike!! So happy I found your channel 🙂

  2. I always wanted to ask whether or not you speak Spanish, it doesn’t matter either way of course! I just know some people who hate being asked that. Hope it’s not offensive! I’m finally asking cause I noticed the Spanish song in your playlist. love your vids 🧡

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