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Ronnie’s Beef w/ JWOWW | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Ronnie’s Beef w/ JWOWW | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

– Look at me, you and Ronnie. (laughs) (mumbles) – Did you and Jenny smooth things over? – Oh, about Jenny trying to throw me into the mix last night? – That’s how you get a divorce, and you take note too mother (beep). That’s how you (beep). – [Ronnie] Take notes?
– How does he take notes? – [Jenny] I don’t air my (beep) out. – How do I take notes?
– [Jenny] I don’t air my– – I think you were being quite
and not bothering anybody, but she was bring up stuff from– that happened like months,
and months and months ago. – That’s what girls do. They’re like crock pots, they let (beep) slow and marinate, and then (beep) eight hours later (beep) wants to be ready. Guys are like microwaves. (laughs) – Jenny and Ron have
been fighting like this since I’ve known them. I definitely think there are still some unresolved issues
between the two of them. But at the same time Jenny going at Ron came out of nowhere honestly. I don’t know why she did that. – I wasn’t speaking against her, I wasn’t saying anything bad, I was just speaking the truth. Just like you know, she says she does, and she took offense to it. And that’s what it is. If you can’t take it then don’t dish it. I didn’t like the fact
that all the nonsense got directed at me. I feel like I did so much work to try to stay away
from that kind of drama. It’s almost like (beep)
ripping you back in, like you know, it was like (beep) I’m not
about that (beep) anymore. – Yeah, you guys have like
a love-hate with each other. Like brother and sister. – Yeah, but it’s just
kinda like how many times you gonna have the same
conversation with the same person? – Like everyone goes back and forth, and some people take it too far. You know? – Yeah. Jenny is–
(stutters) She’s a narcissistic person. She’s the person that never does wrong. Everybody’s always wrong. When something happens
its because of something, it’s because of someone else. It’s kinda like you maybe need to grow up and realize that it’s not about changing other people or
changing their environment. It’s about changing yourself. But that’s your own (beep)
you gotta figure out. I’m not (beep) Doctor Phil. You can’t afford me. (laughs) – But you could still be cool though? – Yeah.
What am I gonna do? I’m gonna argue with a narcissistic person that always thinks she’s right? (clears throat) You know, its
like if I wanted to do that I would argue with somebody on Instagram. (everyone laughs) In my comments. (everyone laughs)

Reader Comments

  1. But no one ever says anything about Pauly, who laughed with Jenni behind Rons back about her inviting Rons girl to the club…and then later he acted concerned…he is so fake so often

  2. If nobody ever speaks up to you, and all of the people around you are “yes” men, it’s harder to believe you are actually wrong.

  3. Seems JWOW is being a bully to get her ratings up by causing drama. Boy toy and all. Pro wrestler? I googled him and there isn't any info about it. 24 was the one being stupid because he was flirting with a girl that's engaged right in front of his own girlfriend! They're meant for each other

  4. Stop bashing Jenni. Take it In that she’s still dealing with her emotions Over a 10 year relationship that’s broken up. Not only was roger her husband but her baby daddy.

  5. Mike and sammie turned out the best n now we’re slowly watching the rest of them go down hill (except pauly n vinny

  6. jwoww only said something cause she got mad when Ron laughed when Angelina brought up jwow divorce clearly… yes that was kinda mean of Ron but so what!!??🤷 people can laugh at whatever they want to laugh at!!

  7. I guess people like jenni behavior because she have 554k subscribers onYouTube.!!! If you feel Jenni behavior is unacceptable unsubscribe.

  8. Someone should make a compilation of all Ronnie's analogies/metaphors.

    – i put you in the equation. Like you. In the equation
    – she skipped that part. She went from chapter 1 to chapter 3
    – Jose is definitely getting played. Like a piano
    – your hand was in the cookie jar how are you gonna stand there with the crumps on your face "I didnt do it".
    – dont test me I dont like test. thats why I never went to college i dont like tests
    – beneath all that ice there must be something beating there
    – i probably should have said Red where I said Blue.

  9. ever since jersey shore vacation i’ve lost all respect for ronnie. especially when he keeps trying to bring up Jennie’s divorce cause his business is always in the news and always being brought up so he tries to do it to Jennie

  10. Ugh, I can tell that Ron wants to do better and his intentions are in the right place. It just sucks that he's surrounded by drama and toxicity. I know he's made huge mistakes but I'm really rooting for him. He needs to keep his distance from both of the Jenn's in his life. His "friend" and his baby's mother.

  11. Yep.. and remember when she flew off the handle and punched Mike in the face in the earlier episodes? He should have pressed charges… if it were the other way around, hecwould have been in jail and banned from returning to the show.. but she gets away with that????

  12. every one who was there should have told the truth at the table what happened venny should of said yes I seen the hole like and she did kiss him then he slap her on the side she was wanted him bad … I just so glad she got to see the tape of iui t but they should have came clean about it at the table

  13. I lost all respect for Jwow when she said this is how you get a divorce. Pointed at the homie Ronnie. Who wants to get a divorce. You fight for your marriage until the end get counseling marriage isn’t easy and for her to say that this is the right way made her seem fake. Jwow can never admit to her wrong doings at least Ronnie and Mike accept the fact they have a problem. Smh. If I where Ronnie I would ignore her for good. She ain’t no freind

  14. Jenni is vile. I think Ron has real violent issues and I’m not a fan of Roger , but Jenni is so combative and a hypocrite if she thinks her violent confrontations makes her a good role model as a mom

  15. Ron talked to Jenni and he told her that he didn't like her bringing up his past or talking to his ex, he also said he will respect Jenni when it comes to her divorce so they squashed it in Las Vegas. Then Jenni turns around and brings up Ron's family issues AGAIN and wonders why Ron is so defensive. To make matters worse Jenni lets her crew join in on the argument and says nothing. As far as Roger goes, Ron never went as low as Jenni by inviting him out, Jenni has talked to Jen countless times and even invited her out when Ron told her he didn't like that on so many occasions but that didn't stop Jenni because her excuse is Ron puts it out there or he's family. Oh wait she didn't invite Jen out, she tried to blame Angelina even though the world saw her do it!!!! Yes, Jenni is WRONG, period.

  16. Stop doggin each other and be family….she needs support not more put downs….yall need to talk it out not fist fight each other…and 24 sorry but i really dont like you something about you just makes me nervous and chris better be treating ang good cause i am sure he dont want to step to the wrong family…these dudes arent always right stop letting them control your moods your better than that! You all are!

  17. I swear if people dont stop cowering around Jenny I'm going to stop watching this show. . Grow a pair peeps, please!! This is getting old already. 😐 …except for Angelina. You go girl!

  18. Jenni is finally showing her true identity of being Trash. All the plastic surgery in the world cannot change your ugliness inside. I'm sorry but I'm behind Angelina 100%

  19. Jenny is trash. Always has been. She is one of the most egotistic, annoying females I've ever had the displeasure of seeing on TV.. straight trash!

  20. Wasn’t Ronnie instigating Angelina to go off and get into with jenni tho?😂🤷🏽‍♂️ the comments are wishy washy afff🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. Except jenni probably just saw the episode of him being a psycho at the dude ranch. Yeah it happened for him months ago, but she got to fully experience for the time recently, in the timeline of this clip.

  22. Ron needs healing and real friends.. Why does it look like everyone is fake to him by their eyes and body language.. It seems as maybe theyre only staying koshure for the show.

  23. Vinny never was a jersey shore Guido and now could totally pass as a skinny guy who works in a start up IT company and party's on the weekend with his grease monkeys.

  24. Poor Ron … that’s messed up that people use other people mistakes against them honestly Angelina didn’t do nothing wrong she needs to check her friendly bf not Angelina even though I don’t either of them the only person on show I like is Deena and Nicole and Pauly I have no idea what’s up with Jen I used to love her

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