Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!! "Here you go I made this really good" *walks off "I put so much vodka in her drink" 😂

  2. SO proud of Mike for being a great boyfriend. Also, Jenni is hysterical lmao! "Last time I wrote a note, I got punched in the face. I aint writing no more notes – im going the fuck to bed." HAHA

  3. When skooki’s daughter grows up shes gonna be sucking cock side by side along mommy! I’m sure of it!😂

  4. Ronnie was definitely high as hell on that good kush. I don't think that was the work of alcohol, especially not when he said "let's continue this journey" 😂

  5. He said that is not going to fuck you just fucked a girl that had on the black shirt on you fucked her in the bathroom

  6. “ I’m not going to write anymore notes I’m going the fuck to bed”- Jwoww lmao 😂😂👌

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