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Schitt's Creek Holiday Spectacular

Schitt's Creek Holiday Spectacular

thank you all for coming I am vulture editor Jackson McHenry and with me we have Dan levy who plays levee O'Hara Annie Murphy Emily Hampshire and Doreen so from what I understand this is the first time you all have gotten to watch the holiday episode what was it like you all you were laughing a lot in the back yes well that's that's been the story of my career I guess that was lovely thing nobody else wants to say anything I was watching and judging your directing guess half of the episode and directed I was just sitting there being like is anyone laughing you were laughing yeah I mean fortunately you paid them all to be here so thank you for showing up it's that time of year kind of when you find yourself actually watching the Hallmark Channel sometimes right just to get a little hit or the fireplace channel for that matter huh I just put on the Yule Log and everything on Netflix so how did the idea to do a holiday episode first come along and I mean specifically holiday because it's both Christmas and Hanukkah as the decoration really indicates yeah in case you couldn't tell inclusion we had we had decided to do one we thought it would be nice we thought it would be sort of in line with the show and so we did so we did but we tell that again the quick trip into the mind of Daniel Levy we had an idea to do this and so we reached out nobody cares about this answer I thought they on fire line I wanted to we wanted to make sure that it would air around the holidays because that to me is like all the iconic holiday episodes you they all like that Downton Abbey yeah I always did like a Christmas or a holiday sort of special that happened over the holidays so we wanted to do that unfortunately all of our people who would checkmark that being a thing that we could do said yes uh-huh and so how did you I love the idea of having the flashback because where's this far enough into the show that we sort of think of the Roses as living in shits Creek and sort of being part of it and then you get the sense of oh they had this whole life Paul Shaffer was playing the piano they were having these Christmas parties it kind of draws you back into thinking of County original setup well the last time I think we showed the the mansion was in the very first episode the very the very first scene in our very first show and you know it the the great thing about this show now as we progress from season to season is how this family has learned to be a family and in those days yet you know it was all about money money was the band-aid that that kind of cured everything in this household and there were kind of like for almost disparate lives living in a world that revolved around money you know Alexis was touring the world the kind of I would call it the fat yes kind of a fast lane with bad company and you know what's you when she was quite young and David was you know running his gallery and and before by the family and everything that was sold pretty much funded by the family and the core of what emotionally I think this episode kind of you know peeks to although we've been building over the seasons is just how this family has learned to function and appreciate each other and and truly know what family the meaning of the word family also it was Johnny's fantasy but really it was mine my risk just to live in that world again yes well I was wondering because at the end of the episode she has the line about the menorah do you think if they all got their money back tomorrow would just be like I'm out of here I'm back to this life or as she learned more how long would it take no I like to think it actually would really affect my when you know be careful what you wish for kind of it and I think uh-huh I imagine if Moira actually got out she would miss something cuz obviously what what Eugene just said they've become a family and that what parent which parents get to be with their grown children this much my kids are 24 and 21 and they're where you go now who are you with what what did you have dinner what did you do and now these this is a fantasy for parents really to be with their kids this much so yeah I would miss that in the town of the people they're so lovely the ships don't smell like roses I all sort of look a kind of logistic question because my row gets to where this gigantic fur hat and these really I mean I love that but you normally shoot in the town of Goodwood Ontario correct and it's typically summer in shit spray are you filming this in the winter or were you noting that it was winter we were shooting it in the dead of summer I didn't have to be real knows so it was all part of what went into the logistics of the episode was figuring out all the post effects that would have to go into it and I'm like a big stickler for things looking and feeling right so I was like well do we shoot it in the winter how do we do this and this post effects company who is fantastic assured us that they would able to be able to sort of paint a very dreamy world that we've never been able to see and I think part of it for for me like you know in terms of creating what this episode would look and feel like and what it was supposed to say it was so much that I feel like the audience hasn't really seen you've got to see their old life in a different capacity of them rather than them being like extracted from their home it was a glory day kind of situation and you also get to see this town in the wintertime which we never really do because it's a summertime show it's a show that you know we don't show the disparity of winter because that's too sad these people's lives if you really dismantle the show like it's two grown children lives sharing two single beds in one room we don't need winter slush we want to create the illusion that this is still something wonderful so yeah the I think the the it was supposed to be sort of this nice one-off episode where where all of you got to sort of peek behind the curtain and what these people used to be and it's the first time Johnny's worn a sweater in the show and we thought it was a nice kind of holiday ish touch that Johnny's more in a sweater but because we were shooting it in the summer I decided to go sleeveless [Laughter] so if you guys want to note that down that's a gift yeah and going back and showing them at the floral sort of whole fight height of their money and kind of power designing their looks in the Christmas episode and figuring out kind of what their lives would be like what was it like to go back and kind of play them before they've learned anything really um Catherine any thoughts was fun I love forcing David to sing with me at the party getting rid of them David step aside and I love your look your look for your hands he leans into the moment and then it's yanked away from him it's just just dark it was all done in one take as well so that was also part of the we must have shot it like 15 20 times and I was co-directing with our co director and rusev adeno and doing the take and it was all one take through the house and then running back to the monitors and re watching it maybe like there's a background performer that's staring right into the lens we're like the audience see it or do we have to do it again we might have to do it again so we're gonna be doing it all again for the 50th time okay and just as much excitement okay also had a really hard time chanting the name Johnny oh yeah remember that so it was like okay so we're gonna do Johnny Johnny and people were like John not that hard one person started and the rest of you join in but it's funny you were mentioning the looks because I think the the holiday clothes are an element that we didn't get to play with and I think particularly for like Emily was very excited of most excited she leaned over to me as we were watching and went really was waiting for that I wanted to wear that hat yeah it was hot it was hot but I was worth it worth it you did not go sleeveless you were like Canada goose it was covered because TV wouldn't have a Canada goose I'm slightly worried about Stevie's holiday traditions and that they seem very unsustainable to drink 12 bottles of wine but she had to let sort of a little bit of a kind of like a Grinch experience where she gets brought in and she's feeling a little bit sort of warmed by the family company and she's gotten this relationship with Johnny running me in and everything so like where do you see Stevie being she's kind of grown a lot yeah I think she's been exactly what you said kind of brought into this family and I think at first begrudgingly so just because you don't want to pretend you like something and then find out that you're like not welcome there or whatever but yeah I think I think I've ever season she gets a little more lets her heart be a little more open to this family and being in a family that's really in my hat that though might have Noah playing Patrick it's sort of it's a lovely relationship between Patrick and David because Patrick is is still in the process of coming out and he's come out but he's he's the one who kind of pushes David to open up more and he's trying to say you know oh you can bring in the decorations and everything so and they've you know given the end of the last season they said I love you to each other where do you see that they are in the relationship I think it's like that I think the way that Patrick would think about the the Rose history is like a like a movie or like a series that he's watched or like he keeps hearing about or like you know like it's not quite ever really real for him he's like okay yeah sure sure you did you know so like that's and I think there's a lot of fun you know in the in that relationship that we get to play off of that kind of like there's a there's a semi like competitive there's always a game afoot and I think that's a lot of fun but yeah that's true this is this this episode is a bit of a jump from from having said I love you so I felt like you know at Christmas we've sort of gelled into a into a nice relationship place and that sort of very very still early relationship but like you know solid yeah which is nice to play yeah and there's something very kind of comforting about the town of shits Creek that these guys can be out and it's a small town and sort of in nowhere North America somewhere and it's still very welcoming and it's still there aren't people who are as outwardly sort of homophobic and something was that an intentional choice and writing the show yeah I it was an absolutely intentional choice I have no patience for homophobia or bigotry and this was always going to it was never going to be part of the equation and I think as a result it's been amazing to sort of read feedback because I think that if you give people things like if you show the other side if you show homophobia or bigotry intolerance in a way you're fueling other people's beliefs if you leave it out of the equation you're saying that doesn't exist to me and it shouldn't exist so when people watch the show you almost you know letters we've been receiving from sort of people who have realized that their beliefs were biased or homophobic or bigoted in a way by creating a space for people where love and acceptance is sort of paramount and you're able to watch the growth and the the comfort and the ease with which people can outwardly live their lives when they're not fearful of being targeted or talked badly about that kind of growth particularly for David I think was really important and I think from a lot of the response I've I've read has has had sort of a ripple effect in into people's homes so and having gotten that feedback has that has that sort of in turn have you brought that into the show or sort of thought about you know are there ways that we want to depict this relationship no I think I think that's been the problem with any kind of queer relationship on television is that there's always been a room of people being like well how are we gonna handle this and the reality is would never ask those questions of a straight couple you would never have to question should these people kiss should they touch each other should they hold each other the intimacy that exists between straight people on television and in films there is an ease because that has been what it's been like for years and years and years but the reality is we you cannot depict a relationship with any kind of strategic purpose because people don't buy it and for us in the writers room and for me in particular in terms of just authenticating these people my biggest sort of form of quiet protest was to say like no I'm gonna give this absolutely no thought and just proceed as I would a normal relationship a normal relationship and that's what this should be just it's like I've heard stories of people in writers rooms where you've executives are saying like well we've had two kisses this episode I mean that's a lot fuck you [Applause] no you treat youth you have to treat you have to treat relationships like relationships you can't you can't paint them with any kind of brush I think it just puts every single human being on the same playing field you know it's not about sexual preference it's not about black or white it's not about male or female it's not about it's it's just the people as people and the stories deal with people period yeah also appear sorry also if you expect the best of people they're more likely to rise to the occasion then then expecting the worst you know we're expecting homophobia or any kind of discrimination or any kind of bad behavior mm-hmm yeah and then and speaking of other parts of this relationship are there any plans to have Noah okay Patrick sing again hopefully we just happen to have a guitar yeah that was some I mean you know that was a great we had a lot of fun with it was lovely to see the way people responded to that on line and signing clips around of that like know what was it like that sort of have the response to it very surreal and it continues it's really it's really crazy you know between you know people right doing their own rendition of it and and sending it you know and and having I don't know it's it's just it's mind-blowing I've never actually experienced anything like it you know other people have found a record that I made a year ago and or two years ago and sort of just put there and didn't do any kind of promotion for it and people have found their way to that and it's a it's amazing but I do think it's really tied in to the relationship I think it's tied into all of the the look that david has been putting into himself and that the family has been putting into sort of like being comfortable in their own skin in this new environment and it's really that that build-up was was present in the in the payoff of that moment I think yeah speaking of another relationship on the show Alexis his backwoods head and I I have to admit that I am slightly I'm slightly on the side of Ted's bet friends and that I am slightly concerned about what and what was your position on how they stand I was also kind of on the side of the vet friends you know they've had a real they've had a real time together but I think I really do think to get on Alexis aside for a second I think that she she really really had a lot of things to work through before being able to commit to somebody fully and sometimes you got to make mistakes and working through stuff and sometimes you have to hurt somebody that you don't mean to hurt in the mean time but I think you know I think they think they're in a good spot let's just say that I think they're in a good spot going into five and didn't he look cute in that apron yeah it's a funny thing like love love situations like that because I feel like on TV shows there's like it's you're really quick to like throw someone with one person and then they meet someone else and with the Alexis Ted thing we knew what was sort of happening we knew the long-term goal and if we could get there we weren't going to work through it but it was like a four season arc that we sort of picked away at season after season because we didn't want anything to come easy to Alexis and I think the character of Alexis is such a I mean Annie's done such a wonderful job with it but I think what's so great about Alexis is that she really has had the biggest change in what she the respect that she paid herself in season one versus the respect that she has for herself at the end of season four so that was sort of strategic in terms of like how can we possibly get someone turn down two engagements with the same person how do you how do you get her to win how do you get them to come back together and that was a really fun that was a really fun long character arc that we worked on yeah I mean what is it like to sort of have to play that into to go into thinking about you know be making sure that you're on Alexis's side as you're playing her if you if you I mean I think it was it was really important because on paper like when I you know first like you know she's not the most likable creature on paper but I think it was just really important to me to to think of it as like everyone has many many layers to themselves and she really she really didn't know much about much even though she it had this like incredible worldly experience she hadn't really dealt with like any kind of depth of emotion and so it it was it's nice to be able to like forgive her a little bit for that and and understand that she has like multiple multiple layers these kids were raised in captivity really they didn't have they weren't living in the real world Alexis it was really good at getting out of tight situations in foreign embassies their strong suit oh yeah and I think one thing that this episode really emphasizes is how far the show has come from its kind of initial premise where it's not necessarily just fish-out-of-water it's now they're living in this town they're sort of trying to figure out their lives still do does the way you kind of think about writing the show but also playing these characters has that changed now that you're sort of into later seasons of it well the show was always – may been about the family about the Rhodes family at the core of it all it's about this family learning to to be a family and I think over the course of the seasons we have learned so much in these characters have learned so much about themselves and each other and other people that would never have entered their minds for one second like I would say the townspeople let's say in the beginning wouldn't have meant too much to this family in any way shape or form so I mean I think that that's that's still a major major part of what this show is is the journey of this family from where it started to do where it you know is currently and where it will end up that's really the the heartbeat that keeps this thing going to me I think the intention to was to you know the first season was laying the groundwork of who these people are they're not likable they're freaks they're weirdos they don't know themselves they don't know what they want they don't know what they need they don't know who they are but the intention of the show and I think what has been really fun to write as well is that the the nature of the show is that the audience learns in real time with all of these characters we're never going to like have a quick turn and expect the audience to cry at something when when it hasn't been earned so I think part of what's been fun about this but particularly writing a comedy is allowing the audience season after season to grow with these characters understand the characters and with that the next season you can peel back the layers even more and tell sort of slightly more intimate or emotional or sentimental stories because you have earned all of these beautiful people's trust in the show because they care so it was always quite strategic to make sure that by season four we're gonna be in a much different place than we are in season one it was never intended to sort of be a flat line of emotional sort of superficiality yeah and Catherine I I always loved the way that moira pronounces words with like at least seventeen different syllables and for me in this episode it's cat free have you had favourite words that you've had to pronounce or found ways into so many yeah it's just fun I keep thinking a bomba night means buzz can you feel the bomb ballet can you feel the room bomba latex as I speak every word every fun word I love I love the idea of learning a new word and then I'm going to use it learn the word don't use it you have to use a new property baby with this forever baby and I'm trying to educate people along with myself you haven't you all learned stuff yeah and and also an Ian and Emily you you both also have very distinctive voices on the show that you should have the vocal fry' or so this TV is very direct deadpan do you find yourself staying in those kinds of voices as you leave it or is it hard to get out of what's really weird is that you say that and I've been recently like in stores and someone will look at me and be like there's some kind of connection or something and then I'll speak and then they'll be like oh my god I knew I knew it was TV I got it from your voice didn't realize I had such a distinct what I thought maybe this but no not this at all so I didn't I knew you had a whole thing [Applause] yeah I get stuck I get stuck I guess and it drives me it drives me insane yeah Emily I would say are like the starkest contrast between who they are as people and who they play on television I would say like the two of them are the farthest apart Annie is nothing like Alexis in any capacity like at all and Emily is like incredibly enthusiastic and expression full it's very amazing because I mean they're just great actors but it is amazing to sort of hang out outside of set and then be on set and you you get to experience the sort of two different people I guess I was thinking mainly about myself close we are yeah and what is so exciting about this show is it is in so many ways kind of a little show that could that it's we've gotten this whole crowd here for all of you and it's like really built a following and and a lot of people really I mean just their shits Creek gifts everywhere there's just great clips it's all sort of spread around with her a moment where you felt it kind of taking off or you felt that the attention on it was really kind of growing I it's it's only it's really been in the last you know couple of years that I've noticed that more people had come up to me on the street or at an airport whatever are talking about your show shits Creek loved shits Creek loved the show I mean you know up before that I would I mean people would you know come up and talk about hey I see your feet are normal yeah nice seeing you you know or whatever or American Pie had any apple pie lately whatever but this is in the last honestly in the last I would in in the last two years I think it's been 99.9 percent people coming up saying love your show hey shits Creek and it's all about shits Creek so yeah it's been since we started and where we are now I think the awareness level is just just decision ever I think because we write in a room and we act in a small room and I edit in a small room that whenever I'm out doing anything if someone's like cool show and I'm like what's show what do you mean well that's just the Canadian in you I think yeah there's been some amazing feedback I feel like no I you I feel like we yeah I would CSA is probably around the time that I came on the show you came from what yeah some what you're describing you're on the subway it's around the same time someone called Nielsen Noah's over here and then you talked about the getting the chance to get more into the characters relationships and sort of get into that emotional depth what does this mean for season 5 should I like prepare emotionally for it or well there's we've released a little tease so there's a tease somewhere on the Internet it I think what in terms of just the chapters of the life of this show season 4 was really sort of a revelatory emotional season for these people where a lot of things happened and season 5 we just wanted to have fun we thought let's create memories for our lovely people that watch the show let's continue to give more of what we what we do and continue to build these characters and take our characters into places we've never seen them before and mix them all up and you'll see characters who have who are now paired with each other in ways that they've never done and we've never paired them before I play baseball at one point I mean we're really pushing the limits that's not a ratings deadline headline then I have no idea you look good in a uniform thank you so much yeah [Applause] about to run out of time but if anyone else has one word that they would tease the next season with from the rest of the cast though maybe it would be a good way to do it Bumba lighting other people going then off Emily no we're gonna wait for you oh yeah I mean I I wear something maybe better than that that hat I know you can't imagine Oh getting any future huh I have something separate to talk about I everyone know that in the Christmas episode I feel like we haven't talked about Chris quite enough Chris Elliott uh Chris 8 I believe it was over 45 take a full pig in a blanket when it went into his mouth I just have to add to this comment here about Chris and his eating he is notorious about eating anything you put in front of him on the set you know in her first season he had but he had a banana had to walk in eating a banana while he's talking to me and we course we do many many takes and he not only takes a bite of a banana he eats the whole banana when he puts it in his mouth and then he has to do it again and then he has to do it again and do it again we had a party scene where Chris and I are oh we got a little high and and we're sitting eating spareribs and they put the spare ribs down and yes they were good spare ribs and they're still talking about the spare ribs so Chris started eating the spare ribs on the rehearsals and then on the shots where we're in the extreme background he was still eating the red he must have eaten a thousand ribs but yes the boy loves to eat well on that note I think we are fully out of time can I have just a couple of announcements just one more time these are because some people might call them cheap plugs but yes the karissa this this show does air December 9 19 10 p.m. Wednesday 10:00 p.m. on pop and these the end of you is left out you're here telling us if you miss the episode on the 19th you can catch it on the pop now app absolutely for free from the 20th on the show premieres in January are a 16th starting with 2 episodes episode and in case you don't have Netflix or or can't get Netflix or just think what they have to offer isn't enough you can watch seasons 1 to 4 on the pop now app and there we go [Applause]

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