Celebrating the Spring Holidays



SUBSCRIBERS! So how are y'all doing? You know when there's only one minute left for the last exam to get over. Then the heart says, "Enough!" WHAT IS THIS CARRY. (◎_◎;) Anyways exams coming to an end is not an ordinary thing. BRUH, A WAR HAS BEEN WON. Children have been injured. Hands have become blue. Writing & writing with a pen their middle finger has got a dent. And some girls are making a group and crying maaannn. (╥_╥) AYE SHEILA (╯︵╰,) OVER. SHOW'S OVER. RITU DON'T CRY RITU. Even we will have a house. Even we will get respect. FAP! (ง︡'-'︠)ง Now let's come to those miraculous kids who were touched by God personally. From them, every year one comes to me at this time and says, EXAMS ARE OVER BRO. — YEAH, its over… Appi Indipindin Day BRO! Indipindipi WHAT? —- HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY BRO! AYE, It's not today! — Aye BRO, Exams over. WE ARE FREE WE ARE FREEEEEEEE WE ARE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WE ARE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *glass falls* Exams are over so you are celebrating Independence day? Just as he says, "HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY BRO!' I feel like bringing my hand near his cheek with love AND THEN BASH HIS HEAD ON THE WALL! NO NO WHAT DO YOU WANT JUST AS THE EXAMS GET OVER AND YOU GET OUT OF SCHOOL EVERYONE SHOULD CLAP FOR YOU AND AKON SHOULD SING A SONG FOR YOU IN THE BACKGROUND YOU CUNT! FREEDOOOMMMMM ≧◠‿◠≦✌ OHHHHHHHOOOOOOHHOOHOOOO FREEEDDOOOOMMMMM ٩(˘◡˘)۶ OHHHHHOOOOHOOOHOOO FREEDOOOMMMM (─‿‿─) OHHHHHOOOHOOOHOOO (╥︣﹏᷅╥᷅) BASH THAT FUCKER 💪(◡̀_◡́҂) Anyways this was about exams getting over. But after that what comes? HOLIDAYS – A phase where all my plans shrink down to sleeping, eating, and socializing……( On social media (>‿◠)✌) I dont even realize when my vacations start or end. Sometimes I feel " Am I dreaming?" My Brain just got lost in a life filled of fun. Just as vacations get over On the first day of school, The teacher will ask, "And kids, which places did y'all go?' Now don't take this question lightly. This question is not asked because the teacher cares about you. NAH. By this question your status is declared. Like, CUNT WHERE DID YOU GO? TELL ME! Tell the entire class! Firstly a rich girl will stand and say "Mam I went on a cruise. It was beautiful. AND BLUEEEE." —– WOOOOWW Yes mam. Actually my flight got delayed two times too. -But you went on a cruise Then how come a flight? MMMHMMMMMMM. Then we come to know the girl didn't go for a cruise. But to her Grandma's house where she spent her entire vacations with her Uncle's kids doing somersaults on the bed. Now just as the teacher asks someone like me,I get a flashback. How all the vacations Got spent roaming in the streets. – Sometimes for excitement the stray dogs ran behind me. Sometimes I ran behind the dogs. When the dogs get tired and crushed. Then you go and slap the kids in the hood. Then they slapped me. Doing this the entire day gets over. Then wake up next day And then this cycle gets repeated. Just doing this the entire vacations gets spent. Then you feel like all the kids are staring at you as if they will eat you up. Then whatever comes out from the mouth….I don't even know from where it comes. Mam I was high. — WHAT?! — Mam, I went to Nainital. And it's a six! Nainital is the best answer in the world because agree or not everyone goes there somehow or the other That's why Congrats. Kid kept his status. Now let's come to those kids who sold the land in their village and have come the city to study. —- Madam, myself coming from village area. We didn't go roaming anywhere. We played FutBaall We played Cirkit We played Kho- Kho. Now sometimes You wake up to go to school like The Undertaker And your body says YOU CAN'T DO IT TODAY. Even you think it's just about a day what will happen? Will the earth explode into four pieces? Let me take a day off. Then the next day when you go to school, you come to know That yesterday the entire earth rotated 360 degree. Wonderful things happened. Two guys fought for love. Sunil the mathematics child prodigy – They found out he's not a human. 12th grade's Rakesh Sharma is the father of a kid studying in pre-nursery. SRK gave a motivational speech. Usain Bolt ran with the students on the ground. And the last shock – The entire syllabus has been finished yesterday. (⊙.⊙(☉̃ₒ☉)⊙.⊙) And you have to submit 29 copies. By hearing this any big personality will pee his pants too. On the inside you feel like, " Oh god what did I do!" From now I won't take a day off. But humans aren't simply called stubborn. Again they take a day off. Then again that shit happens. This is why I love summer vacations. For 7-8 months after grinding your ass the break you get for 2 months BRUH, It's delicious (👍≖‿‿≖)👍 👍(≖‿‿≖👍) But how can the school stay quiet unless they put their head in our ass. Many years ago there was a serious meeting. We have given a 2 month vacation to kids but We can't let them enjoy the pleasures of life. Now you tell me what should be done. — Sir, I would suggest Mr.XXXX_PussySlayer_XXX69 What have you brought for lunch? -AH B B Sir, Dum Aloo. — STFU. How you dare talk when you have brought Dum Aloo?! Sit down. Sit down, on the ground. Sir I would suggest. Mr. Chhada, what have you brought for lunch? Sir, Matar Paneer with Double Roti Wow! Thank you Sir! As I was saying, why don't we give homework to the students. By hearing this the students will make chaos. But Sir, if in front of homework we put such a word A word which gives kids happiness. A word which gives by which 12 yo kids get excited. SEX? — No Sir. Holiday. HOLIDAY HOMEWORK. OOOOO HAYYY HAYYYY HAAA HAA HAAA ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ Holiday homework is a conspiracy in which every kid gets trapped. Doing it or not is like hitting your dick with an axe. If you don't do it then your teacher will taunt you. And if you grind and somehow do it. Then it's not enough. You have to decorate it like a bride. If a peacock's feather is not there Then forget checking, she won't even turn her head to look I'm telling you for real I haven't seen anything worse than Holiday Homework in this world. Holiday homework hasn't helped my life in any way. So that's it for today. If you liked this video then press the like button. Let's aim 115,000 likes. Do it quickly, without that the business doesn't run. And if you're hearing me for the first time then subscribe! You know that red button, Spend your holidays with that or break bricks, I don't know just make sure you click it. Anyways I'm gonna reach 1 million very soon. I just can't wait. Do it quickly! Please! Please! Now even I'm going, I have to enjoy my vacations. BYE. Mohit, where's the stash. Where's the stash? I'm waiting since so long. Where's the stash? (≖‿≖) POOF POOF CHIC POOF PU POOF CHIC (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) MEH $WEG ROCKXXXXXXXXXX (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (¬‿¬) (─‿‿─) (っ^▿^)۶🍸🌟🍺٩(˘◡˘ ) (👍≖‿‿≖)👍 👍(≖‿‿≖👍) (•◡•) / (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌 👋≧◉ᴥ◉≦

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  1. maaf kardo yaaron itna time lag gya pados Vale Ghar mein thokum thukai chal rahi thee toh mic mein bartan tutne ki awaaz aah rahi thi 😋

  2. Ek din ki chhutti li aur dusre din duniya 360 degree ghum gayi Puri saal ki syllabus khatam ho gayi aur itne sari copies submit karna hota hai😂😂😂and yes holiday homework ufff carry u r the best love you yaar😘😘

  3. Kis kis ka holiday homework aaj Tak kabhi kisi teacher ne seriously check Kiya hai 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😊😊😊

  4. I laugh like mad while watching the same old carry's videos with headphones…and people around me think me fool!!😂😂😂

  5. In holiday homework I used to write first 2 pages and last 3 pages of register and then write some songs or anything that comes in mind and then decoration because we all know a teacher never sees full home work only turning pages

  6. Bnchoo kal chutiii lale gand mar le teachers na mtlb saloo na 200 numerical …salaaaa hmare sadhaa maro na torture krka ku marta ho …gnadmaraaa cc …kutaaa h tuuuu ….😂😂😂😂

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