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Send off CEREMONY (WWC) with Alex Morgan & USWNT

Send off CEREMONY (WWC) with Alex Morgan & USWNT

now let's send it over to the public address system as the US Women's National Team gets one last stateside farewell from the folks here in New Jersey and I'm Meghan Alexander what a game folks what a send-off series now we wanted you guys the fans to be a part of sending off each and every single hero as a part of this US Women's National Team so should we introduce them one more time ladies and gentlemen your US Women's National [Applause] let's hear it beginning with contestant number two Mallory Pugh [Applause] put your hands together for number three Samantha Lewis [Applause] here she comes number four Becky Sauerbrunn [Applause] you're number five Kelly O'Hara ladies and gentlemen number 6 Morgan Brian put those hands together for number seven Abbie doll Kemper we know you lever number eight Julie keep that applause going for number nine Lindsay Moran let's hear it for number 11 Ali Krieger ladies and gentlemen number 12 Tiernan davidson on your feet for number 13 Alex Morgan let's hear it for number 14 Emily sonnett she's your number 15 Megan Rapinoe keypad applause going for number 16 [Applause] ladies and gentlemen number 17 Tobin Heath number 18 Ashlyn Harris from Rockville Centre New York number 19 crystal from Northport New York number 20 a Lila give it up for number 21 Adrianna branch ladies and gentlemen number 22 Jessica McDonald's [Applause] period for number 23 christen press your hometown New Jersey girl number two for today 3-nothing in favor of the united states your goals coming from Tobin Heath the New Jersey native Mallory Hugh and Kristen [Applause]

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