Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. "but it's spring break season…" it was their migratory season long before spring break was even thought of. Get over it. You swim with sharks anytime you're at the beach in the water.

  2. I was hiking in the mountains one time and storm clouds started rolling in and I knew it was going to be a high chance of thunder and lighting. Just as I was planning my exit route, I got bit by a shark! What are the odds?!

  3. If he couldn't have traveled all around the world and not see a great white shark man in Australia they are huge Mother fucker and every where

  4. "Neither a Black Tip or a Spinner shark has ever been associated with an unprovoked Fatal attack on humans"  But he never mentions they bite 26 people a year in Florida alone. They may not be fatal or unprovoked but they are pretty bloody and life changing. Then he goes into the whole bull shit thing about being struck by lighting which is a farce because it is not a real measurable comparison.

  5. I love how that George guy didn't even answer her question and just ignored it and asked the specialist another question.. what a dick. Fire him.

  6. Lol @ commonman80 You honestly believe the shipment of about 2 million slaves in to the new world, over a 300 year time period, permanently altered the migratory patterns for predatory hunters that have been around for many millions of years? And that a new group of sharks is wandering the same snack line from some genetic memory that they may find some thrown overboard meals? Get real man.. What is your name? John Lewis? Thinking sharks still follow ships, to this day across the Atlantic, looking for people that have been thrown overboard, referring to the slave trading vessels of long ago. No one with any common sense should take anything he says with anything other than a grain of salt.

  7. "Greater chance of being struck by lightning than being attacked by a shark." Well… This guy wins the idiot of the year award.

  8. ill take that guys word over any news reporter telling me its dangerous any day.. this guy studies sharks and everything so if he said its safe to go in the water id go in the water and would only worry about getting stung by a jelly fish XD

  9. I was in Daytona like 2 or 3 weeks after this video and a shark swam behind me. Fastest I've ever ran/swam in my entire life. Safe to say I'm never swimming in Daytona Beach ever again.

  10. Very facinating, sharks are such amazing creatures. Another species on the rand of extinction by the cause of humans, just fucking tragic. All because of some damn soup that doesn`t even need the fin for taste, only reason for it is to sound "luxury".

  11. lol I just did a 50 min ocean swim yesterday off the beach of boca raton. It's april so who knows how many were in the water with me.

  12. So for the last almost 200 years. They have been going through slave routes. And what about before african slave trade sharks have been around for millions of years. They may have followed slave ships temporarily but are not still setting migration patterns based on that.

  13. Spring Break already? Too fucking soon. Ours is in about two or three weeks. That's too fucking soon. It should be in the second or third week in April. I don't need a break in the middle of a semester, I need one towards the end so I know that I won't have to wait too long for another one.

  14. Thanks. The guy in the video is just trying to hide History. AGAIN. Every thing he says Holds No Logic. Why would the sharks arrive at the Eve of Spring and gather in ONE LOCATION When THEY HAVE THE ENTIRE ATLANTIC OCEAN TO SWIM TO WARMER ENVIRONMENTS. Why wouldn't they gather in Africa. Or South America. Why Specifically follow routes that Slave Ships once followed AND DOCKED. This time of year was the best time to Buy Slaves because you could have them trained and ready for farming by Spring.

  15. If you think I'm Kidding you. Google The American Slave Trade Ocean Routes, and Then look at all The Locations where these sharks Gather offshore in The Atlantic North America. Then Look at their so called "Migration". According to The Slave Trade Route. The Sharks should come in in Florida and start moving North towards Virginia. (During which Sick, dead, and Dying slaves were routinely dumped.) before The Human Cargo/Freight reached their delivery Destinations… Yep…

  16. Migrating? That's The Biggest BUNCH OF BULLSHIT I'VE EVER HEARD! Man Created this Phenomenon. The sharks are following The Routes of The Slave Trade. For over 400 years Slave were transported from The East to America using the same Routes The Sharks Follow. England and Africa. If you don't think it became part of The ECO System after 400 years, YOU"RE NUTS! If you line The Sharks "Migration" with the Routes of The Slave Ships, You will see THEY ARE IDENTICAL. That didn't happen Just By Chance..

  17. I think the get hit by lightning more likely to kill you then swiming NEAR that, is a bit over exaggeration.

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