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Sharon Ramsey’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Sharon Ramsey’s Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

– Well, back by popular demand, my mom. – Oh, Rachel. – Mom, thanks for coming back on. – Oh, I’m so happy to be here.
– Seriously! People love when you come on. – I really think you just
tell me that, Rachel. – No! They do. Because, cooking is like
your spiritual gift. – Yes, I enjoy it. – And you’re really good at it. Always have been. And, so, we’re gonna
give everyone two amazing sides dishes for Thanksgiving, because there’s always this
kind of the pressure of, “Oh there’s a party,” or you’re cooking for
family or extended family, and you always want to
have great side dishes. So, this is the woman to go to, people. Now, Thanksgiving in our family— I hate to say it, Denise always offers to bring a dish. – And what do you do? – Nothing, never. – That’s okay. Its never too late to start, Rachel. – Oh thanks, mom.
– Its never too late. – That’s a great motivation, okay. ‘Cause I am just, I’m not a great cook, and I don’t really like— I try. – That’s okay. – I’ve tried, but in our family, you do all the–
– Yes. I really do, and, you know, cooking for Thanksgiving is
something I really enjoy doing. – Yes. – I mean it took a lot
of years to practice. It took a lot of years
– Yep. to really know how to
do the perfect dishes. And a tip. – Yes. We love tips. – Because, we usually
eat on Wednesday nights. – I know, we started a
tradition with the Ramseys ’cause of the way all of the in-laws worked, and everyone’s schedules. We do Wednesday night dinner. – Yes, and it works great. – Yes. – And, so, I really start
planning a week ahead. I go to the grocery. I buy basically
everything the week before. – Yep, yep. – And then probably Monday,
two to three days before, is when I do all the really, harder dishes. – Like the prep and stuff? – Yes. – So you make things
before the actual dinner? – Yes, yes. The one thing I do not make
would be our green beans that we’re gonna do today. – Oh good. Okay, green beans. ‘Cause green beans are not my
favorite food in the world. Not gonna lie to you guys. Because usually if you
have them, its just like out of a can, and that’s when you eat it. But, you don’t just do out of the can. You do a bunch of other
stuff in your green beans. – I do. – So, talk me through
your green bean recipe. – Yes. Well, I do use canned green beans. – Yes. – In the summer months, when
we have fresh green beans, I do fresh. – ‘Cause then you like
pop them and all that. So much work. But canned is good for Thanksgiving. – Yes, perfect. – And you have a brand you love. – I love, it took several times making it. I really think Allen’s
Italian green beans. – ‘Cause it has like a seasoning in it. – Its a two pound. They
come in different sizes. This is four pounds. – Okay, perfect, so. – And, so, I would take–and, with your vegetables, all vegetables have water. – Yes, in the can. – In the can. So, its always very important to rinse your vegetables. – Yeah, I don’t do that. – You just strain them. All you do is strain them. – Is it terrible that I don’t wash them? – Well, yes it could be. – So, put them in a strainer. Always wash your canned vegetables. – Yes, yes. – Okay. – What we’re gonna do is just put our two cans of green beans, and depending on the size of your family . . . I usually, for Thanksgiving, I think I do at least three to four. – And, you’re doing a crock pot. – Yes, for Thanksgiving. If I normally was just–
anytime during the week, I would do it on the stove. – Okay, so how long do
you cook the green beans? – Yes, if its in the crock pot, in the mornings, I
would usually put it on, probably for about two hours on high. – Okay. – And, then I would turn it down to low, maybe. Just depending,
you can always check, maybe two hours, three hours. – Okay, so about five hours total. Half on high, half on low, each. – Yes, yes. And, people in the South, we do cook our vegetables a little longer. – Yeah. – I have been told. So, it does depend maybe, what you prefer. – I love it. Hey, southern people cook real good meals. So, washed green beans from the can go into the crock pot. What’s next? So, I would buy anything that’s organic, and it’s always chicken broth, and I would use, probably,
depending on how much liquid you want, maybe about a cup. – Okay. – So, just poor that in. – Uh-oh, see, okay nope. We can’t do this, because you say “Pour a cup in.” I need a measuring cup. – Okay. – So you go. – Let’s just, let’s just, maybe . . . – This stresses me out. – Just cover the bottom. – Cover the bottom, that’s a good tip. – That’s good. – Okay. – And that’s probably, I’m gonna say, a cup and a half. – Okay. Just eye-balling it, people. – Just eye-balling it. And, everybody prefers different
levels of salt and pepper. – But, you use a lot of seasonings. – I do.
– Yeah. – And, I know some people
put even hot flakes. – Oh, like red peppers? – Yes, red pepper flakes. – That’s good. Alright. Let me do something.
– Okay. – I feel like you’re cooking it. Okay, so what am I doing, mom, here? – You’re putting the butter in. – That’s great. Okay, how much butter? – Two tablespoons. – Okay. And then, this is your secret ingredient. – This is a secret ingredient. At Thanksgiving, we
have a ham and a turkey, and you’re always, always gonna
have so much ham leftover. – Yep. – And, so, each year, I will freeze the ham that is leftover from our Thanksgiving, and I use it throughout the year. You use it in soups. You use it in any type of beans. – Yes, that’s good. – So, you have to be creative. – We always leave with a
bag of ham from mom’s house. – I do. – And how much is this? Like, let me, I’m gonna pick it up. I washed my hands, but just to show everyone. So you just get a chunk? – I’m just totally guessing. – Okay, but you just put ham in. Because, what does the
ham do in it? Flavor? – Well, it adds, because of
the fat that is on the ham. – Okay. – All the seasonings that the ham has on, it will cook into the green beans. – Okay, amazing. So, that’s it? – Yeah, that’s it. – And, it actually, the flavor is, it’s amazing for just like
out of the can green beans. – Totally. – And, unwashed green beans out of a can. This is washed, with all
the good stuff in it. – Totally. – Love it, mom. Okay, we’re gonna put this aside and do my favorite recipe that you make. – Yes. Let’s do it. – Your stuffing. – Alright, the next recipe is your famous stuffing. – Yes, I had to go through several different dressing recipes to find the perfect one. – Okay. – And, so I found this one, I’m gonna say, maybe eight years ago, and I have stuck with
that throughout the years. – That’s good. – And everyone loves it, so. – It’s bulletproof, people. – I think I’ll stick with it forever. – Okay, so we do dry
ingredients first, you said. – Yes, we do – So, this is biscuits. – This is biscuits, and I love the Pillsbury frozen biscuits, and I do the buttermilk
because they’re fluffy. They add a little bit of
flavor, and just really good. – Okay, so, four cups of biscuits, which is about, what,
eight biscuits, you said? – Yes, probably eight biscuits. – Okay, perfect. So, eight biscuits, crumbled up, cooked. Next is cornbread. – Yes, cornbread. – Four cups of cornbread. So, four cups of biscuits,
four cups of cornbread. Okay, and then breadcrumbs. – Yes. – And four cups of breadcrumbs as well. – Yes. – And your thing with breadcrumbs. – Yes, you can go to the
bakery at most grocery stores, and they will have the
crouton breadcrumbs, which will really add, and probably make the recipe a little different. – Okay. – But it’s yummy. And it’s, again, a lot of
flavors are already added. So, it kinda just adds
to the mix a little. And, then, we will do our onions, celery, green onions, parsley, and then we have sage, and then, of course, we have
our famous salt and pepper. – Salt and pepper. You gotta say your famous phrase, mom. – Yes. Rachel, just open up your spice cabinet. – There it is, people. – Anything will work. – There it is. – Yes. – Alright, then you do– – And then we will add all of our liquids, and this is chicken broth. The recipe actually calls
for about two to three cups, but we like ours moist. – Yes. – So, I will always add an extra cup, which is probably about four cups. And then again, once you’re mixing it and you feel like, maybe
its a little drier, because when you bake it, its going to absorb all
of the chicken broth. And, then we have eggs, which
are two slightly beaten eggs. – Okay. And then, butter. – And then we have our butter, which is always special. – Half a cup. – Half a cup of butter. – Yum! – Yes. – Okay. – You’ll just mix it all up. – And, then you put it in a greased pan. – Yes. – And, you put it in the oven for? – 45 minutes at 350. – 350 for 45 minutes. Homemade stuffing, you guys. – It’s delicious. – It is. It’s so good. Okay, so I’ll finish mixing this, and we’ll get our two dishes ready, and we’ll taste them. – Yes, how fun. – Alright, finished product. Two great side dishes for Thanksgiving. So good. And if you guys want these two recipes, and a surprise recipe that
may have to do with dessert . . . Sharon’s famous. So, more recipes to come. Make sure to click the link below. Alright, cheers to stuffing.
– Let’s do it. – That’s good. – Very good. – That’s good, guys.
– It’s good. – Mom, thanks for coming on. – Oh, I loved it. Thank you, Rachel. – You’ll have to come
back, cook more for us. – I will, thanks. (upbeat music)

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  1. I need to ask…what's the amount for the onions, green onions, celery, sage, and parsley? And how many people does the dressing serve? The pan looked small. I'm serving 8 people and we like to go back for seconds. 😉 Thanks for your video. We love the Ramsey Family. My husband and I have been FPU coordinators for years now. God bless…

  2. I vote for a Sharon R cookbook!! So fun to watch you and your mom and since I'm your mom's age, I really appreciate watching her 🙂 Thanks!!

  3. Mrs. Sharon Ramsey is the best! I am inspired, you are such a beautiful and wise woman. Thank you for joining this episode ❤️

  4. I've been following dave ramsey for years and i have never seen Sharon. I must say you are GORGEOUS! You too Rachel. Gorgeous family.

  5. I want to see Rachel cook something and use spices without a recipe and have Sharon try it to see if the phrase, "Open up your spice cabinet" really works.

  6. Great video Rachael and Sharon but some of the comments below seem to be laced with sarcasm and an attempt to undermine Sharon's competence in the kitchen. Nobody is perfect!! There are professional Executive and Sous chefs that inadvertently leave out details and even burn turkeys in the oven. These negative comments are indicative of an obvious aversion to the Ramsey family. Please do more of these videos and thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to do this presentation. Also, please always ignore the critics!!!!

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