Celebrating the Spring Holidays



good you good man oh my god yo this is gorgeous yo jus cool flip it's hard to believe that this is all once a lake tell max felony you ever want to see what vlogging looks like from the other perspective that's what it looks like there it is the wild Tim Tim I'm in my natural habitat guys I'm looking for my mom I am your mom Tim I am your mom I didn't want to have to say here I'm gonna stay in this tree forever me and red I don't I get down I can find buttons Oh mad monkey max yo bro you're touching my knee 9 red be careful red [Applause] [Laughter] you guys ready [Applause] Oh Monica oh my god man oh my oh my oh my god oh my god ha Tim it looks just like you [Applause] all right Tim we should probably get going you find a girlfriend Barney how long yeah post for me baby okay perfect yeah I like when the wind is blowing her hair in Sioux so oh I like her hair I like their humanity Barney you and love of course of course I thought you were in love with Apple Barney and his majestic natural habitat the vlogging environment today he's gonna be vlogging oh wait you're vlogging me vlog you oh my god it's a vlogging a vlog look at that Barney tell me tell me like this does not look like a battle scene like this would be like a perfect kongfu battle my god this is so pretty no dude it literally turned into like full-on Jurassic Park for a minute there yeah yeah that was so awesome all the green industries and everything like this it was like this piece it was like it was like him like that like those three but anyway guys so yeah we're heading over to twins Twin Falls I think which is basically like two giant waterfalls super-hype to get there so let me just take you on the trip and show you the scenery ha ha sorry if you puke because of that you guys think some Eagle lives in there oh my god there is no planet wait before you leave there's giant bamboo over there that means our fight must start let's go bro Joey Brett don't be a wimp look at that look at how majestic that is oh my god red you're so hot red be careful of sharks how cold do you read we made it back Ross please survive what do you want max that's a nice shirt you got there bro okie dokie so we're all at the beach right now we're all going to hop in the water just to clarify it I can't I can't bring the camera into the water or it'll break or it'll break so yeah let's avoid doing that and you

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