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Solar Weekend 2014 official aftermovie

Solar Weekend 2014 official aftermovie

To be honest… I didn’t see the line-up yet. I simply bought the tickets, done! Three days of party, It’s gonna be good . Don’t need a line-up for that. A chair in the lake, sitting in the sun with a beer Dancing, being able to be yourself, letting loose Yeah… It’s our party, year after year! Good morning Solar Weekend. you are listening to Solar Weekend radio It’s Friday the 1st of August It’s not just any Friday No! It’s “Dirty Friday” at Solar Weekend Feestdjruud… Knaltival… Solar Weekend 2014 “Dirty Friday” we’re gonna finish this… let’s go! 10 years Solar! Congratulations! Happy birthday! Are there any people here using heroin? YEAHHH!!! This was… Solar Weekend 2014 We hope to see you next year!

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