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Spring Break 2014 Cancun Oasis (video test Panasonic HC-V750)

Spring Break 2014 Cancun Oasis (video test Panasonic HC-V750)

Well, In short, we arrived to America How are your impressions? We just had breakfast. We found normal food, European. There are 20 different restaurants and bars. How do you like nature? The nature here is extraordinary tropical. Today we’d like to try to shoot the sea. The sea is amazing here in general. And I swam yesterday. Yeah. Last night. Now we gonna get some Cuban cigars, and we gonna get high. And you can still set the automatic alignment of the horizon. How is that? I’ll do it when we enter the room This is our room I mean our room block our block room of our block

Reader Comments

  1. Классное видео и фото.
    А фото тоже камерой снимали или фотоаппаратом?

  2. I have to agree that this is probably the best test video of this camcorder that I have seen.  It showed a whole spectrum of  scenes — low light, bright beach, varying colors…etc.  I have been told that the V750's microphone is very sensitive.  Did you use an external microphone?

  3. I'm not sure if it was the location or the quality of the video. But I've been thinking about getting a V750 for a while and this has convinced me that it won't be a bad decision.

    The quote from Dumb and Dumber was entertaining too.

  4. really very nice vues and editing… I think panasonic is the best on camcorders…. very nice colors and good lens….

  5. I am still debating between hc v750, hc v720 or hc w850. I mean my choice would be Panasonic HC X920 is the best but it is $900. 

  6. Al Po,спс.за обзор,на 5 баллов.Вопрос?,как наз.муз.композиция в начале ролика.Хорошо бы качнуть с хорошим битрейтом,а еще лучше клипчик в НД.Спасибо.

  7. фото сделаны также камерой, или это зеркало.
    Ой, уже увидел ответ.

  8. видео так себе (по качеству) а фотки обалденные

  9. me gusta esta camara, aparte del lente de la camara, usaste algun otro lente extra para que el video sevea exelente, o simplemente solo el de la camara.
    otra pregunta, que tal son las fotos que toma esta camara, por favor responder

  10. i was wondering how you were able to add justin timberlake music without being copyrighted? also several popular songs are heard playing on the beach. did you have any trouble with copyright?

  11. Great video, I ordered a V750. Some of the video details seeded mushy – eg" The neck of the peacock, some night scenes. Looks like its due to the AVCHD format or the video editor messing it up. In any case I hope the captured video was good without the artifacts

  12. Да, фото в конце имеют большую художественную ценность. Очень хорошие снимки. Ощущение, что вы не новичок в фотографии. Очень все професиионально выглядит и цвет и композиция. Все спрашивают на что сделаны снимки и чем монтировалось видео. А я спрошу чем монтировалось фото? И какой объектив на 650Д?;-)

  13. Panasonic should be paying you money for this video.  I am sure you've sold them a ton of cameras after people viewed this

  14. Огромное спасибо за видео. Какую программу для редактирования видео Вы использовали?

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