Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Spring Break 2019/Bye David

Spring Break 2019/Bye David

basically just like whenever you go to film like it's filming right now and then press the play right that's someone right now huh yeah I know I know sorry so so like like step back a little bit like you're back and then I just wanted to like advance towards me and I'm gonna like look up and I'm gonna tell you like when to advance all right okay so just go ahead and play the song let me swipe down the top and it's like do I keep your chest in the shot like our neck neck the head that's about it shoulders all right okay got you it's negative attention at best fuck did you want me to pause there dude and action oh fuck oh I need to sit down my backpack just be sure to pick up my backpack whenever you come over there right yeah yeah X action and action like my mind fucking stop me dude well part of that giant put all water to talk to – yeah and just like a bit of logic okay well you can use a piece of that it look pretty cool and then dice let's just get into it man I gotta get into it and action I shit how long shit how did that look there we go nice read medical field bloopers bloopers I knew you just trusted nothing you ain't even stepping on anything told you a slippery dude you got you got you say nice and stable oh dude you made a stuff out of not a stuff that was cool where you want to stand that man for the shot I guess on top of the small little little creek all right cool action oh shit [Applause] so it shows she is so Oh – I know – it

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