Celebrating the Spring Holidays

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  1. hey TJ! need some advice man!!!!! so!! I´m going to Japan this january and I can decided between 2 boards for this trip. So…. I am 1.73 meters tall and I weight about 73 kilos. I will take the Jones Mind Expander 154 with Stratas bindings just to make it as surfy as possible, it seems like this board is really nible between trees……. or I would buy an even more expecific board like the Spring Break Powder Glider 158…… but I´m thinking since is so big maybe i would get the Union Falcor to be alble to make it responsive. since in Japan you end up rindiging trees so much….. what do you think ?? I also have the same adidas tactical adv boots as you do 🙂

  2. You guys need to come thru Flagstaff, AZ n ride arizona snowbowl I'm a lift supervisor so ill get you guys lift tickets!! Just let me know n I got you n your crew!!

  3. I’m looking for a pow board that’s good with dense snow and also hitting groomed trails. Would you recommend this board or the nitro quiver pow?


  4. Just bought my first snowboard setup!!! Yes Basic 158, white union force team bindings (like TJs) and some sweet burton boots. So stoked this thing charges. :))

  5. my gloves are having troubles drying on the inside from getting snow in them and theyre starting to stink and they dont turn inside out to dry nicely, any ideas on how to fix this problem will be appreciated

  6. Awesome video, I've been wondering about the catamaran and spring break decks for a while now, very cool to see one in action. Also, who makes ur guys' beats? They are dope.

  7. Does the swallowtail help with keeping speed up in pow? I cant tell if it would cause less drag with the cutout or more with the full metal edge in the low cut.

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