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spring break in disneyland | part 2

spring break in disneyland | part 2

this is practice Danny practice makes
better because you can’t be perfect okay back it’s the next morning you
couldn’t see anything at night so I just straight up stop filming
that’s my bad went on haunted yeah narrator wasn’t working but when you’re
gone haunted so many times you know what he’s saying it was like halfway through
we noticed that it’s down because we were saying it in our heads and were like someone else should be saying this okay
so today is day three and I’m a bad vlogger because I did like the beginning
of the day and I kind of forgot about it for the rest of it but it’s okay that’s
why I’m doing it this trip so that I can learn what I’m doing
also if you notice my voice is almost gone Danny’s voice is gone she’s like
giggling in the bathroom behind me she can hear me right now
her voice is shot we went on guardians once the first day and then we went on
it twice yesterday because we got one fast pass for it and then we got another
one because we had a fast pass for Goofy’s fly school and then it was down
so we used it on that and then we kind of accidentally ended up in the fast pass
line for in incredicoaster too because they told us that the fast pass for
Goofy’s fly school because it was down so backtrack we’ve been using Max Pass
which is an extra 15 bucks a day and you use it on your phone on the Disneyland
app and then you can get fast passes for different rides from wherever you
are you don’t have to do the old paper ticket system that Disneyland still uses
this is different from Disney World Disney World has magic bands so this is
not new if you’re in Disney World but Disneyland we’ve been using the max pass
system so we had fast passes for Goofy’s fly school and then we went over and it
was down and our Fast Pass was from 7 to 8 so we went over around 7:30 and they
were like yeah it’s down so we went like it asked the fast as people and we’re like okay can we get a new fast pass for a different time so she said
on the app it’ll just turn into a like what’s it called Danny nevermind oh it’s
a multiple experience fast pass so you can use it at any ride in the park so we
were like okay cool so we were like let’s go use it on the incredicoaster so
we went over and on the app it’s still set for Goofy’s fly school and their
leader was there so we asked her we were like can we use this here they told us
it was gonna be a multiple experience fast and she was like yeah just swipe it
so we swiped the one that still said Goofy’s sky school on it yes so then
they used the we used it on guardians we had a good day yeah I know but we got
all the we had a lot of really great cast member experiences which is just
making me really excited to be an attractions cast member because I can do
this for other people now we were waiting for the Matterhorn so if you’re
a Disney World person you don’t know the struggle of the Matterhorn
it breaks down literally every time you’re in the park it’s like
part of the experience you know people like you have the line is part of the ride
experience like it’s if the Matterhorn doesn’t break down while you’re in the
line the queue for it demand your money back because it’s a staple but so we’re
waiting for it and we were doing single Rider and so we got to like the front of
the single rider line before they like sent you to like the front half of the
single rider line if you a single rider you know what I’m talking about
and then they were like through Matterhorn is experiencing delays so
almost everyone in a single rider line just left and so we were chillin talking
to the cast member and they’re like it’ll be back in like 30 minutes and it
was back up in 15 minutes and she was like you guys have been so great why
don’t you just join the regular line so she took her fast fast things and let us
go on together so that was really cool Jessica you’re you are awesome shoutout
you made our day I definitely need to go and take a picture by the cast member
door because I’m gonna be a casa very soon I’m gonna get a pen that says that
I’m celebrating being accepted for the DCP we’re getting ready to head out of
the room right now so that we can make the next shuttle so I’ll see you in the
parks okay so we’re in the park just got my
D is celebrating DC people 2019 oh my god my voice journeys were so until she
opens her mouth the way safety begins with us safety begins with me
this is high key the least flattering angle I’ve ever taken of myself but
we’re not gonna cut it out cuz they’re keeping it 100 percent real here so I
think I already said this but the only ride we haven’t done yet our pirates sky
school and Monsters Inc so we’re headed to pirates right now I have no idea what
the wait time is so it’s fine it’s actually feeling really nice these past
yeah we have the best luck the best cast members this is just for a solo trip on
our own for the first time this has been amazing I couldn’t have asked for
anything cause true just Nemechek right here right I pack for life but except
for my boys because you know that dark Guardians did this to us but I wouldn’t
want it any other way Mikey would ride it three times again
today no doubt that we’re about to go on that ride again I’m gonna have to I’m
gonna go to work on Thursday oh my god okay what else
Oh max pad so if you haven’t used it definitely use it because it’s safe just
like so much stress yeah it’s 15 bucks a day
but definitely worth it like I would pay like 30 a day for it honestly they think
Taylor will probably make a video about using it and like that in the future
yeah I can do that because it’s very it’s a very useful tool and
unfortunately I know on the website it seems a little confusing after exactly
how to yeah 100% cos they’re going to be so much more and definitely
oh my voice came back for a hot second let’s be how long now that our girl is
down again Indiana’s down oh oh in beating r.i.p
good thing we did it yesterday for entering the Bermuda Triangle which is
the like intersection of three different paths so I’m going to turn off the
camera so that I don’t run into small children so I usually don’t film
anything in the Q line but I need to tell you right now that danny has that
silly emperor game and like every time we get in the line for a ride she’s like
a chicken my wives first of all and being ashamed right now yes
get your tasks convert you finish retired hello just like really quickly like
we’re leaving CCA right now is like zero crowd I can’t speak anymore Guardian
start I’m Mike I work for a desk I have to go back to work on Thursday my voice
is gone then so last minute stop shopping whatever up to the room and I’m
crashing because I’m exhausted yeah cuz tomorrow this is our last day
of the park so tomorrow we’re just driving home that’s all we got tomorrow
now a story I’m driving home sorry yeah daddy’s driving home I’m gonna be
sitting shotgun and playing music and calling it a day we walked right out of the park and they
were playing this phantasm music and Danny and I immediately started acting
it out because that’s the kind of trash that we got if you don’t do it are you
really a cast member and gotta prepare in advance so we have like 45 minutes
till apart buzzes if you can even hear what I’m saying right now aren’t you
using your camera stabilizer because I left it in the room so y’all are gonna
be busy sorry not sorry so I think we’re heading we’re headed
into space and we’re gonna try and do that one more time before the park
closes and if not then it’s been real there was a carriage I almost ran over
children I need to not walk into things I’m very tired I’ll be real no one’s gonna tell you
this about blocking they’re just gonna assume you know it your arms gonna get
real tired real fast real fast like I mean that I’m maybe I’m just weak but I
like to hold this up for like 30 seconds at a time and I’m like ready to throw my
phone against a wall the other thing no one’s gonna tell you is it’s hard to
remember to take out your phone and film yeah I don’t know what else to do this
is practice Danny practice weeks better because you can’t be perfect wait in
case we in case I forget when we go back to the room help me we got to do a
sign-off but what should what should I don’t have one I don’t either hello no I’m just hey I’m not an in my
video like that TTFN see your friends know and this has been
the Taylor’s own

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  1. I love your ears! I'll be starting my program at DLR in May so I love watching these videos and can't wait to get down there and start making new videos!

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