Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Spring Break Outfits

Spring Break Outfits

Hey guys, welcome back to the Plato’s Closet
Style Blog! My name is Kobe and today’s I’m going to be
showing you guys 4 different spring break inspired outfits. so this first look is very sporty, but still
cute. i’m wearing these black ripped jeans with this gray knit tank from Brandy Melville,
which was $8 at Plato’s Closet. The sunglasses I’m wearing are also from Plato’s
Closet, and were again, $8! I really like this look because it’s very
simple and laid back. I paired this look with my Adidas. This next look is very comfy and loose. I’m wearing these vans and these white mom jeans. They have rips all down one leg. I paired this look with a gray loose shirt
from Brandy Melville which was $8 And the pants were $12 This next look is one of my favorites because
it SCREAMS 90’s… This red tank top is from H&M and it was $5 I paired it with this 90’s windbreaker that has the same red and and ties the pieces together. I’m wearing mom jeans to give the look a 90’s vibe. So this last look is the girliest of them all. I am wearing my Adidas again, This light, pink and white t-shirt dress is Brandy Melville and was $18 and the denim jacket I am wearing is Forever 21 and it was $23. I really like how comfy everything is. So that’s it for all of my outfits! I hope you guys enjoyed. See you guys next time – Have a great spring break! Bye!

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