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Spring Break Part 3: Our First Q&A

Spring Break Part 3: Our First Q&A

– hello three two one hello hello this is my logo and basically today we are asking each other five questions oh lucky now I don’t know what to say I thought it would be fun to ask each other five questions and then if you guys have any suggestions for questions and future videos just leave them in the comments will answer yes so let’s just dive in today what is the most shocking thing about living that’s a good question so many people asking a question but I gotta say like there’s so much diversity that I see every single day here compared to how it is in Japan obviously I mean it like Japan has only you know most of the time at 98 percent maybe like 95% Japanese like agent Japanese but here but I mean depending on where you go where you live you see so much diversity and I like it like economical status economic estate is like a financial service they show diversity thank you friend Suzy you know they just stuff [Music] who are you who am i yeah I just wanted to see what you like how are you answer to that question because it’s just so open-ended you know what a philosophical question yeah I have some of my experiences okay next question what are your hobbies um my hobbies are reading books watching YouTube videos watching movies I used to play volleyball volleyball but I don’t do that anymore I just make make excuses that I’m busy I don’t be like it and stuff but yeah someday I just want to go back to playing volleyball I like eternally like I like writing stuff down into kind of like organize my feelings emotions and you know thoughts make up oh yeah make up um but I don’t practice enough I guess practice daily yeah but it’s just the same like single it every single day just you know my natural neutral makeup look miss okay next question what surprise to you when you visit Japan last year for the first time I told a story all the time but when you go to Tokyo you expect to see lots of people I think we took the subway one night and you we went by all these different buildings and each building had one or two floors lit up each building everybody look the exact same is this weird feeling of deja vu and like everybody’s working so hard late at night everybody’s dressed the same conforming to society it’s kind of bizarre what is everyone working so hard for make a buddy’s like robot yeah are like ants and Colin well let’s do you miss most from your hand oh my mom’s making you know things like something like tofu yeah like tofu more food or like let me touch it or food or not fun enough but I need skin I don’t know like just you know things like that it’s not like Paraguay or when I come in rice or you know the cause like those things we can make it but in it like it just does make I don’t know that traditional japanese-style food it’s almost like dishes yeah like my mom or my grandma makes oh so I miss like nice a Japanese style breakfast like a miso soup and salmon like a grilled salmon and rice and you know tea and something like that it’s like yeah I remember salmon cheaper in Japan I think so watching so yeah I mean a for sashimi I think they are a little bit more expensive because they have to be fresh and everything but they have an assignment for grading so it’s got a skin and everything I think those are much cheaper which country would you like to visit within the next few our next five years if there’s a I always said Australia but lately it’s been more like Hawaii even though that’s the same country so I guess Australia why do you wanna is it [Music] growing up I watched a lot of Steve Irwin and that’s where he has it was maybe it has something to do with the country there looks so beautiful there’s amazing beaches what is your least favorite thing about living here um I thought I can’t talk to my family your friends my pain Japan in it as often as I would like to or it just it’s freaking expensive to just to go see them I when I came here for the first time I thought that I would be I would like just get used to not being able to see my family that often and stuff like that but like this year for some reason it’s just it’s been really hard and then like there are so many moments where I just miss them so much you know and but like talking on the phone that can be difficult sometimes because of time of difference because of the schedules that we have in something not everyone’s so busy with their own lives you feel like you’re bothering yeah that’s that’s that’s the one thing that I don’t like when it comes to living here yeah out of all of the places that you’ve been to for vacation in the past where was your favorite like cool or cook next thing yeah state country just like it can be United States it can be Japan it can be anywhere just any way it can be Omaha like or like favorite vacation mode I like going to the beach weird active up as I like the beach Galveston Texas and like that experience but the water was so murky yeah like we couldn’t see anything it was so dirty Japan like you can see everything and see all the garbage over CB jellyfish crabs fish yeah like you can see everything and he veloute nothing yeah and we yeah yeah that was fun what are you most proud of [Applause] [Music] oh my he knows me I I’m not gonna answer those questions just because I don’t call you most of the time I don’t know I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing something I’m also assignments difficult to like list my strengths and you know things that I’m proud of myself I know okay I think two people out there I think it’s normal that I I’m staying here like but sometimes I just there’s so many moments I just wanna where I just wanted to like go home and like copy everything gonna go home because my English is still sucks and you know um you know relationship with my cooperation my athletes in you know there are so many challenges like the obstacle is every single day and then I have to face them and yes I’m new learning new things but it can be what it is Ossining sometimes but I’m still here I going to finish it like finish what I’m starting I’m gonna look I’m kind of person okay I know I’m kind of person who finishes what I started does that make sense like I don’t know cheating up it’s so cliche but I think many people were like that too but I don’t want to keep up so I’m proud of myself about not giving up last a question that I have for him what is one thing that you can think of that is unique thing about leadership compared to other relationship like other couples I guess that’s not make sense yeah I think the most unique thing is that we come from such different cultures and it’s not even like an American culture type thing but like the culture within my family very laid-back and go with the flow and life happens so just enjoy it my pun Denise I like that too I don’t feel that done [Music] feels like every day has to be full or or else you’re not good enough or something I think Japanese cultural aspect of it I mean I think about it so yeah everything has to be done fast and efficient it’s not so much about enjoying the journey I guess feels that way and that shows in our relationship especially towards the beginning but our kind of like cross yeah all right so a dose or five questions to ask each other I hope you guys enjoy it will be hope that you guys enjoyed it if there’s any questions or any video ideas that you want us to do then comment down below thanks for watching thanks for watching you should say east-west I think we should do it on a slope okay [Music]

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  1. Hi Ben and Momoko! I'm from Australia also married with a Japanese wife. Please come visit here one day! Question from me, what's your 出会い story? I love hearing how couples met 😀

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