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Teaching Baby Micah To Crawl On Vacation!

Teaching Baby Micah To Crawl On Vacation!

b-day friends it is ah another day down in st. George what what this place says its feel I about lost my mind it said it was four hours away and I was like there's no way but it's like you got gone full like location I was about to it like I have your location I know anyway today we are going to Pioneer Park where we can check out some sweet dinosaur footprints oh yeah I mean not that Pioneer Park we're gonna go to Pioneer Park to going on a hike in here Park and then we're gonna go to the dinosaur park which I I definitely am NOT I'm just pumped guys I just love dinosaurs they're the coolest love dinosaurs exactly I love dinosaurs ever since I was young so yes they're just red guys and it makes me so happy that the 90s are like back and dinosaurs are back in fashion because I freaking love it so hop on our adventure Mike has had a pretty good start and she is out solid maybe we should just drive around for a little bit let's do er sleep see what there is let's do it let's get some power s fancy drinks are snacks today too like what I don't know they have places hold on let's give it a test run my K you look so happy yeah good that's all I want don't worry we have slathered on the sunscreen on everyone here I kind of want to like our extremely pale so we had to be extremely cautious with you I kind of want to like spray her arms I don't know like if adult sunscreen is bad for she's good are you going to your first adventure you ain't going to hike hey put your arms up here that's fun no glitter keep our arms tucked let's go sir I'm worried about her being out in the Sun this is hot Sun for somebody who's nervous never seen the light of day we found this really cool little slot canyon think that be careful you go to watch your step you better watch your step or the gila monsters are gonna get you would make us you looking out for the genome on stage you go first we're gonna fit Micah make this backpack too big wait here one of the world's tightest slot canyons see don't bump your head look Michael we could fit in there we could do there's a big mosquito keep walking guys this has never been done before we are going through one of the world's tightest salt canyons without any sort of stuff they don't see anything oh my gosh Micah you're one of the youngest to ever do that most world's most dangerous small canyons I can't turn around they have to go backwards beep beep beep you're good to keep coming back but in like three more steps you've got a little bit we made it through the slot canyon how are you guys doing and I need to find some food I need to get myself some food maybe I need some vitamins and nutrition and hydration go to default Steve Irwin I mean really we gotta sound legit Joseph I'm all legit when you sound like this yeah that's real legit you guys he's going to piss it all mica sure she is she seems unimpressed well my god what oh my gosh that freaked me out what thought it was the spider in my shoe but it's just that stupid thing that that about wheat free to me Haws pumping ago we in me shoe there's about 87 things here that could kill us keep your eyes peeled look a lizard that thing's not gonna eat us we're tiny little thing right there watch I'm gonna steer it away oh my god really what are there there goes that's the first lizard you have ever seen my Camille what's she doing I can't see her I kiss she's having a good time I can see in the reflection of my glasses but you're upside down did she smiling at all mica she's probably in the midst of heatstroke we've never been don't joke about that she's very hydrated she just think Watson elke she's got all over herself all over me all over the car here you wanted me into this sorry I dropped my oh no dropped your chapstick it's all dusty what are you to do now they're fighting you guys the lizards are fighting one of them is biting the others head and the other one has its tail in his mouth look at it little do we know that's how they mate no they're totally fighting this way look at it they're biting each other okay you guys break it up break it up I don't want to interfere too much but break it up check capture it geez no you don't touch wildlife why because it's irresponsible just like all these glass pieces on the ground why my eyes I just found some ancient ruins look that's probably like an old temple wow this place is so cool you can see that they actually pieced together a little bit of a ceiling a little window like wooden planks all the way across the top and then this is like a chimney Micah Micah you and give me with cheese DDT you're giving with cheese Nicky geez look at that big giant rock over there you guys yeah so big how many dinosaurs who think would have been on it I mean it purely depends on the dinosaur you talking about t-rex thing in one day like Brachiosaurus what one-one how big do you think dinosaurs are cuz no other dinosaurs gonna be up there with a frickin t-rex okay that's a fair yeah I win I don't know a Brachiosaurus a brontosaurus would you say Brachiosaurus bronchitis you guys Austin already got complimented on this shirt move it out here yeah if I had three-year-old she was like yeah he's got a dinosaur on his shirt that's cool huh oh yeah personally I love this contrast look at that that is so wicked cool desert mountains desert mountains it's it's so weird knowing that like right here it's gonna be upper 80s today almost ninety degrees but you can still see snow-capped mountains yeah it's cool well you squirrel there's no tortoises that we've seen squirrel I think he's lost I don't think he knows where he's supposed to be yeah we noticed Mike his arms are getting a little bit pink so he decided let's just go grab some lunch hydrate I don't feel so bad if she gets the thing is we were only on the Sun for maybe a half hour and she was wearing at least SPF 30 45 and it was caked on guys it wasn't like we wet we were a slouch and well but the backs of our arms working that's true it was the only ones in America good Skelly do esqueleto the cute one that's all boo boo are you having a good time especially now it down to the son harm an Austin keeps complaining about the heat I could all imagine what she's feeling she's she's just chilling she's happy as later deposited by swamp she gets watching me he's having a special thing and deserts it The Rock's cube a dramatic change it's like a giant turd these are so wild a guy just told me to stay away from this dinosaur cuz they haven't eaten in a while and I said go to bed dad Joe to the dead jokes back and forth joke's on us these fossils don't really exist they just ruined shirt on this pretty neat wait what's this a not as cool as mine these things look like I've just given you the bird leg babe oh is that dinosaur the cute one outside they were trying to pronounce that's Asuka tell us or sorry yeah Mikey you got a super dad too you like buckle Ana that could have been super fell like Dwight like do I just done that before it is the type you got not seem like something dryer dudes like a joint yeah who actually uses the paper towels when they provide everyone if they're smart this is a freaking cool guys I'd pay to see this again so hot here the first time he's warming it on the car the automatic wipers were on it started slapping at him thanks babe you bet you're the best oh you've been so happy today though you have been and look at your crazy little hairs sticking out over here look at those hairs they're growing and so big and beautiful I was really thinking that she was gonna be a crap today because she had like her normal breakfast got some solid foods in but this afternoon while we were out I was just breast feeding her and letting her snack on Cheerios here and there and it wasn't till just recently after we all kind of woke up from her now that she was starting to act really kind of hungry so we got her some food and she's just been happy as a clam all the time I think you like the warm weather huh I think you do you and me both but not dad that doesn't like the warm weather we got to clean your face off yeah absolutely Barry on your face you want to go try playing on the ground again and trying to crawl a little bit yeah oh you said the girl watch this you guys watch go back on your belly we're gonna show them how you're practicing crawling okay ready like this come back at me ready like this Micah Micah like this and then you get it like this ready you gotta get up our happy bunny and crawling this you get it that's not quite it you tried you gotta get back on your knees first are you getting me are you getting me bring it you family now you get mom you're such a good sharer hey sure I have a confession to make I am failing our life right now so before we came down here I was like let's be healthy so we can have that six-pack for the pool that didn't happen and then when we got down here I was like well I'm not there so let's just dive on it I want brownie sundae know what I use cream I want like all these things yeah you just got talked about guys I have been so naughty candy hasn't slapped my hand once and I'm like no all right am I supposed to yeah but not a boy anymore weird worried or dedicated we're here we have arrived we I have eight awesome bag of gummy zebra cakes I buy zebra cakes by the way which aren't near as good as Christmas cakes I ate a bag of freaking gummies I bought a freaking bag of kookaburra I Taco Bell today I have just been floating on the life preserver out in the middle of the Atlantic just a minute guys goodness so needless to say this is gonna just be a cheap vacation and when I get back I am done I could not get this dad pot I need I still want my six-pack by 32 either way it's better it's been a fun day just this had to be really real about this guy's cuz there's just no hiding it tomorrow cuz I know it's heavy the pool they look great well anyway it's this has been a much-needed vacation guys I can't even express how much closer I feel the Jess and to Micah and just be not not having to focus she was so extremely happy I think she needed this break just as much as we have and it this literally was something we've needed we have not had did not work since Mike has been born we we have not had to not work since our honeymoon yeah it's been crazy guys so it's been nice not having to edit not having to get any of that stuff up I mean we are a little anxiety is it ya know just accept it so needless to say I don't know when this videos up but we may worry tom hollie we may have taken a small break from posting just because we do want to enjoy this without any editing and I know you guys will appreciate that because we'll come back better than ever ending on that No thank you guys so much for tuning and we hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you tomorrow you get right next time eat some candy okay bye bands

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  1. My best friend is a Paleontologist, she’s the one that gets to sit on the other side of the glass and carve out the Dino bones πŸ¦•πŸ¦΄πŸ˜Š

  2. Austin I have two jurassic park shirts and I have a "Clever Girl" with a raptor pop socket on my phone and I'm 28 years old!!

  3. Hahahaaaa you guys laughing about the candy is killing me LOL And Micah's beautiful smiles are so amazing <3

  4. Could you please make your shirts in larger sizes. I can't but Men Try shirts, I can't buy your shirts, I can't buy Ladies and Lattes shirts because none of them come in 4Xl or 5XL. That really sucks.

  5. Uuuughhhhh y'all made me so nervous with micah on your back and steep rocks and tight spaces lord the anxiety…..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so glad y'all are having so much fun and it shows!! Lil micah sucking on her binki and lil sun hat ❀❀❀

  6. Don't rush micha she'll crawl when she's ready. Keep her a baby as long as possible love y'all from New Orleans Louisiana

  7. Too funny. Love that you had so much fun together, enjoying life. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Aww, you guys just look so blissfully happy, it’s beautiful. πŸ˜€
    I’m so glad you were having such a great time on holiday. And Micah was happy, she was also probably feeling the happy, relaxed, stress-free vibes coming off of you guys, which would have had a positive effect on her, I’m sure!
    I’m glad you decided to enjoy your holiday properly and not do any editing, you all deserved it.
    Oh, and Austin, most people enjoy treats and food that isn’t good for you when they are on holiday, so enjoy it and you can get back to healthy eating when your holiday is over! πŸ˜ƒπŸ’•

  9. what an adventure for Micah πŸ™‚ who is adorable x relax and enjoy your family time πŸ™‚

  10. Love seeing you guys enjoy of an incredible vacation. It has beem needed of you guys to pamper yourselves. ❀

  11. Pale skin problems! I have to use 100spf to keep from burning! I am a ginger and I burn if I am out for 30 min or more!

  12. You should take vacation breaks at home too. Take like 3 no editing vacations a year if not more. We all will still be here. You both deserve it. I am enjoying your vacation vlogs. Here in Vegas, there is still snow on the mountains while we had 90+ days. I love the heat. As for Micah in the sun, just keep reapplying the sunscreen like every half to hour to be safe. She will be fine. Love you guys πŸ’›

  13. You guys doing the English accents πŸ˜‚ best thing ever.

    And yes you guys deserve this vacation, everyone needs a break now and then

  14. I just love watching y'alls vlog. It so much love, joy, and just the sense of family. Not trying so hard to perfect and just showing real life. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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