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Teenage Riots in Sweden

Teenage Riots in Sweden

FEMALE SPEAKER: On the 1st of
May, the small Swedish town of Eskilstuna, one hour west
of Stockholm, went from this to this. [HEAVY METAL MUSIC] The extreme right groups
Svenskarnas Parti and Forbundet Nationell Ungdom
had chosen the sacred international labor movement day
and the city of Eskilstuna to spread their xenophobic
agenda, Swedish jobs for Swedish workers. This is did not go down well
with the left-wing kids, who won’t stand for extreme right
marches on their streets, especially not on May
Day, which is a huge deal in Sweden. They founded the organization
First of May for All and began planning a massive counter
demonstration. We met up with them
as they started gathering in the city center. [SPEAKING SWEDISH] FEMALE SPEAKER: While more and
more people joined Kim and his friends in the
counter-demonstration, the nationalists started
gathering at their assigned meeting points. Despite supporters coming from
Norway and Germany, the turnout wasn’t exactly
demonstration soon gained some unexpected momentum. They managed to form a blockade,
preventing half of the nationalists from
joining their peers. The blocked nationalists
eventually managed to break away, marching straight into
a park where families were having picnics. Some kids from the
counter-demonstration followed, throwing bottles
and rocks at them. The nationalists got pissed
off and trashed some poor guy’s car in the process. When the nationalists finally
began their march, hundreds of people, everyone from thugs,
dogs, grannies, to the Black Bloc stormed the streets
to form a blockade. [CHANTING IN SWEDISH] FEMALE SPEAKER: Then some
troublemakers started throwing rocks at the nationalists, and
it all erupted into violent riots, sending at least eight
people to hospital with cracked skulls. After about an hour-long stand
off, the nationalists started marching, protected
by the police. But they were forced to take
an alternative route. The kids from the
counter-demonstration started running, taking a shortcut to
form another blockade further up the street. But they were chased away by
the riot police and their angry dogs. This process kept repeating
itself all afternoon. Like ferrets on speed, the
counter-demonstration had become a living organism that
just wouldn’t budge until the nationalists had gone home. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] [SHOUTING] [HORN SOUNDING] [SHOUTING] [SPEAKING SWEDISH] FEMALE SPEAKER: The police lost
control over the city and had to call in reinforcements
from Stockholm and other nearby areas. Realizing they wouldn’t reach
their destination, the extreme right groups decided to hold
their speeches from the back of a rental truck, but only
the nationalists gathered. The police a few booing counter demonstrators could hear them. At 6:00 PM, their demonstration
permit ended, and the police escorted
the nationalists back to their cars. By then, extra police forces
from Stockholm and the surrounding areas had arrived
and began mass searching the counter-demonstrators and
forcing them into buses. Some of them broke away to
bid the nationalists a final, fond farewell. [CHANTING IN SWEDISH] [PUNK MUSIC PLAYING]

Reader Comments

  1. Alltså dom här jävla kommunisterna, alltså jag stötar inte NMR för fem öre. Men snälla har ni inget bättre för er en att stå och skricka???? SD2022

  2. These so called Right Wing protestors will be the only thing standing between you and the Islamafication of Sweden you fucking Kooks !

  3. >Reporter shows how there is a very small number of nationalists there in comparison to the communists
    >Reporter shows the nationalists completely destroying all of the communists and making them fall back

  4. I feel like you need to speak swedish to understand the insults

    "You eat pizza for breakfast" – I have no fucking idea and it upsets me

    "Your mums a boy"

  5. Idk what y'all are talking about, i just saw to kids in different political positions killing each other. There has been right wing attacks in Sweden as well, humans in general just don't know how to behave.

  6. Teenagers should not be let to vote or decide on anyones future. I am so glad I left that group of the society some years ago. Nazis are idiots too but Jesus those "wotking class" teens who probably never had a serious job in their lives to that moment aren't credible at all too. Luckilly it is been 7 years already since the publication of this material so maybe they all got mature enough to understand some stuff XD

  7. yo.. when we see the police cover the communist in our country.. we fucking charge.. we know they want disruption and division.. we have to.. a momentary dispute is needed if it suppresses the violent agenda.. but yeah.. try to be peaceful next time.. that was a lot of riot for not a lot of reasons

  8. what kind of racist anchor bitch!! she says thugs and its the first black people you see in the whole video….wtfff

  9. They are trying to keep the country peaceful but they are the ones who always starts fights with the group their standing against fucking idiots😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. hmm, the tolerant group inciting violence? the 'inclusive' group cant stand another group assembling? why does this feel familiar. oh wait, the US right this moment

  11. So kids think being a nationalist is being a Nazi ? Lol kids are getting even more stupid. Hope u don’t breed but all die of the plague.

  12. Ridiculous what has happened in Sweden 🇸🇪
    Mass importation of a culture that hates freedom and does not share our values. Sweden has gone from a low crime high prosperity country to the rape capital of Europe. Police no go areas are common.

  13. Seems the “Nazis” were peaceful, till the thugs started their thuggery. By the way, the term nationalists doesn’t mean Nazis. Not at all.

  14. 2:33 mentions Thugs than show black people just standing there not doing anything. I think the white people are the thugs in this video lady.

  15. As a Swede I can confirm that these "Nazis" are not the ones to be weary of. I went to Gothenburg during the antifa vs nordfront and the "Nazis" were as Civil as one can be.

    The far left and leftist media is very good at using buzzwords and fear to paint anyone as an enemy. AngryForeigner is considered a "threat" to our democracy. Yeah he's real dangaurous for having opinions and telling his audience to not vote for a party just based on Youtube videos and actually doing research. A real classic super villian

  16. what an absolute bunch of morons. All of them on both sides. use your fucking words not violence you mongoloids. At this point we should be beyond that as an civilization. So shamed to see this kind of idiocy

  17. So dramatic and all them epic camera angels. Next video I wanna see from other side. So working class attacked by immigtants and communists. That would be just as much propaganda as this clip. Then after you can equal it out.

  18. Xenophobic

    Ok feminist fool get you males you hate unemployment
    Capitulate to a lovely Islamic guy

    Try moving to an Islamic country and do what they do
    Your daughters will love being under a sheet

  19. I liked this video a lot. I would suggest given this type of raw conflict, just to not talk as much. Throw some death-metal in the background and videos of people getting shit kicked. I did not like the language the narrator used though, it was too one sided. I mean fuck Nazis but let me come to the conclusion that Nazis suck and not in the first minute. Thank you. -J

  20. 3:47 Lmao imagne imagne arriaving in that train and then you see all of them people fighting

    Edit: btw thats my hometown

  21. Vice you fuckers, you are a very dangerous and fake news media, go fuck yourself. All people who whork in VICE, I invite you all to live 2 days in Malmo, Sweden. You'll see what is a multicultural country

  22. Sweden the only Scandinavian country that has bought into the new insane left created by feminist and soy boys !! I'm a Norwegian liberal BUT I use my brain!!

  23. 2:18 ahahahahha "stop nazis!!!11" yet they fucking run when the """"nazis"""(patriots) are chasing them….fucking antifa pussies

  24. Lol this video is such bullshit. I know people in Sweden (around Malmö) and Sweden is in shambles because of the Middle Eastern thugs that have moved in (most are illegal because they throw their passports away before they arrive, so they're all unidentifiable). These fuckers are literally attacking natural born Swedes 24/7 to the point where Police will no longer enter towns that are predominantly Middle Eastern. These Middle Eastern illegals are throwing grenades in the streets, having shootouts, smuggling drugs, all the while they are receiving free healthcare, free housing, free jobs, free education, while Swedes are losing access to these very benefits that they work to pay for themselves, all because the illegals are draining the public social system. Then the world wonders why natural born Swedes are fucking losing their minds and demanding their safety and rights back.

  25. What hapend to the maner in Sweden????no body help Sweden???in Slovakia muslim must scharap,klape.!!!!we are slavic cauntry,women go faith with men,to protekt Slovakia !!!!

  26. Why do all the racist and xenophobobes flock to vice videos to hate even tho they know that vice is a liberal organization 🙁

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