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  1. So is Christ talking to just the Jews about the "rapture" or is he speaking about a one time event, the gathering together of the saints After the end time signs, and just prior to his second coming, you cant have it both ways. im getting sick of double talk and circular reasoning about pre trib teachers who dont sit down and study the bible but continue to teach theoretical crap givin to them from some other guy..

  2. were being purified right now what do you think baptism and the holy spirit is for.. right now is the time to be ready and stay ready.. we are purified thru the blood of Jesus that covers his people daily

  3. you know what is funny….people like this don't seem to realize that the word "rapture" is no where in the Bible…in fact it was created by the Catholic Church….Vatican, which is a false god paganistic beast that worships Dagon and Molok…wake up and realize that Satan has already infiltrated your precious churches and has twisted the words of God. WAKE UP

  4. the true Christians are the underground Christians from the Roman era…we are the ones that you scoff at and consider radical….if you only knew a tenth of what we know…you would throw us to the inquisition as has been done in the past

  5. Say brother, it WASN'T created by the Catholic Church. where did you get your info? curious.
    The English word “rapture” is derived from the Latin word “raptus,” but it is also related to the Latin word “rapiemur,” which is the word St. Jerome used for “caught up” (KJV) when he translated 1 Thessalonians 4:17 in the Latin Vulgate Bible.

  6. While the use of the word “rapture” in casual conversation has changed in meaning since St. Jerome’s time, its original definition and application to Jesus’ return for His Church has remained.

    In the classic sense, the word “rapture” means “to snatch away ,”Since that describes how Jesus will remove His Church from the earth prior to the Tribulation, we continue to use that word to describe the event of Jesus’ return for His Church.

  7. I mean you no disrespect, but I was a serious skeptic. I believe the bible….LITERALLY…. so I dug into the actual history of the "rapture" in 1 thes. 4:17 …. thing is, even though the WORD isn't there…. the ACTIONS of this even t are self evident…. study it for yourself. by all means, BE a skeptic… but let the EVIDENCE lead you to the truth . God bless, and hope to see you there.

  8. There will not be a soul  leave dead or live before (the last day).org they are only blind guides do not believe what they said they are quite wrong

  9. the book of John has this phase (the last day) 6 or 7 times in it, they just can not read basic English very well so stop spending money on bad info and just read the book of John open your eyes and hears

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