Celebrating the Spring Holidays

THANKSGIVING, by Old Skool QueenE

THANKSGIVING, by Old Skool QueenE

Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for everyone; Thanksgiving, The thanking has just begun
(Repeat) I’m Thankful to my Love
And thanks for heaven above I’m thankful that you dare
To show me that your really care I’m thankful you love me
Enough to make and set me free I’m thankful for the joy
Of all the girls and boys, Thank-you, Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for everyone …… Thank-you
Jesus Thanksgiving, the thanking has just begun
Thank-you Lord, Thank-you Now Let’s Spell Thanksgiving T Turkey smelling up the house H His little dog is hungry as a mouse A As she stirs the ingredients for the cake N Now the children are wide awake K Kinda makes you begin to think back S Seeing yourself as a kid who lacked G Giving is a kind hearted thing to do I Important is thanking for just being you V Visit your family and friends anyway I It wouldn’t hurt you to share and pray N Nearing the time for Christmas to come G Gratitude “likewise I’m sure” says the Bum Thank-you Jesus
Father God Hallelujah
My Lord! (Repeat) ©Esther Mayberry 1976

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