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Thanksgiving Cake with Yolanda Gampp | Heart of the Batter

Thanksgiving Cake with Yolanda Gampp | Heart of the Batter

– Hey, guys, welcome back. Today I am so excited,
because we’re in the kitchen with the one and only Yolanda
Gampp, from How To Cake It. Thank you so much for being here. – No, thank you for having me. – I’m so stoked, this is gonna be amazing. And you guys know that I love to bake, but she is the cake maker. And today, we’re going to do a turkey and a sweet potato mash,
because it is the holidays, but it’s all out of cake. Are you guys ready? Ooh, here we go! (mid tempo instrumental) (dance-pop instrumental) I’ll pass your videos, and I just, it’s like a rabbit hole of amazingness. I just get stuck watching her videos, and they’re just so incredible. So I know that you’re
based out of Toronto. – Yes.
– You work here in LA. If we actually did a show
together, it would be JoYo, right? – Yes, or YoJo.
– Or YoJo. – YoJo!
– Yes, oh, I like that better. – It works either way. – YoJo What’s up – That’s why it’s so great – So we’re starting with an eight inch round vanilla cake and a five inch round vanilla
cake that’s been dyed orange. And we used Yo’s ultimate
vanilla cake recipe. – Yes – Was that right? Did I say that right? – That’s absolutely right. – Okay and you guys can
find the links below to this delicious recipe. – We are going to use
the 8 inch round cake to carve a turkey breast. On my channel I did a
whole roasted turkey. – (Jordin) You did? – And the entire time
I was carving it, I was thinking what have I gotten myself into? But It’s my favorite cake on the channel! So I’m loving that we’re doing this. – [Jordin] Good, I have
to watch you do this cause you’re always so precise. – Now the pressure’s on. – (laughing) pressure! – [Yolanda] So I’m just
going to turn the cake out. – [Jordin] Oh, it smells so good! – And begin carving.
This is the perfect cake to start with because turkey breasts are all different shapes and sizes, so you really don’t have to stress. – Sure yeah. – So you can start to see the shape and then we will perfect all of the edges and the shape, I’m not throwing cake at you. – No, no I’m okay. – Although it’s pretty, it’s a good thing to have thrown at you. – Do we need to use
any of these for later? – I always save scraps. – Just in case Just in case, you never know. And then if you don’t use it’s a snack. Even though I’m constantly telling people how to make cakes like I make, I feel like I don’t do well, I’m like yeah, you know, carve it. – Just do this and tell them that. – Until it looks like a turkey breast. I’m a big fan of having
a model when I carve. – Sure, that makes sense. – But like raw turkey breast. – That might not, yeah with the cake – No, not a good choice today. – I have a question about
you’re recipe, actually. What makes it different than say any other recipe that we would find? – Well I’ve been a cake decorator for twenty years and this is the original vanilla recipe I started
with and over the years I just tweaked it here and there because I need them to be sturdy, but I still want them to be moist and
tender and taste good. – Yeah, you can tell – But I need strength. – [Jordin] Yeah. – It’s very important. – You wouldn’t want
anything that you stacked to fall over or cave in. – No. That’s everybody’s favorite question to ask me, by the way. Has
the cake ever fallen over?! – Has it? – Not on the show. – Oh that’s good. – Knock on wood. – Ha, knock on wood
that it doesn’t happen! Okay I’m starting to see it take shape. – Right and I also like to
cut away the caramelization, which is this here, in the process. This is going to be like
the meat of the turkey. – Got it. This is a pizza
slice, look you can save it. – Yes – Save this for a little, a pizza cake. – [Yolanda] Trim off the little edges. – Mm hmm – Turkey doesn’t usually
have a hard straight edge – She said it takes
like from anywhere from two to three days to, her creations. – Lot’s of time. (mid tempo instrumental) – So we have our little turkey breast that we have here, now what happens next? What do we do? – The next thing I do is I call
a very good friend of mine. – Okay – Sir squeeze – I love your squeeze bottle! Yes! – Yes! He traveled with
me, so happy, I’ve never brought him to L.A. before. So. – Thank you for bringing him. Thank you – Thank Jordan. I fill
him with simple syrup and then I just give the cake a nice shower. This keeps your cake moist,
while you’re decorating. Cause decorating takes a long time. Now we are going to do
something very important, which is crumb coat and chilling. – Okay – With my Italian meringue buttercream. It forces the crumbs to
stick to the cake, so what it is a light layer of buttercream, it just glues all the crumbs to the cake. – When did you first decide that this was something that you
were passionate about? – You know, I’ve been passionate about it for so long and I never thought there would be an audience of people who wanted me to watch me do the things I’ve always loved. – Me included. I felt the same way, like when I started to bake, I
realized I loved it because it was similar to the
feeling that I got when I would sing. – Right – When I would sing to somebody they were happy and they
would get something out of it and when I bake, I feel
like when they eat and they have that like moment of surrender. – Yes, yes! – To whatever baked good it is. – That’s a perfect word. – Surrender to the treat,
just surrender to it. It’s even better now that you’re here too, because it’s putting everything together. – Yes – So thank you – Full circle and you
probably don’t know this, I also sing. – Ahhh – Such hit’s as crumb coat and chill, cake it to the minute, ya know. – Crumb coating and
chilling is a big thing on my channel, so we felt
it needed a theme song. – It definitely does. – So I recently updated it,
I think it’s super soulful – (laughing) Okay – And it goes like this, you ready? – I’m ready – (singing) Crumb coat and chill! – Did you feel the soul? – I did. – You feel it right? You feel it. – Yeah, Yup. (mid tempo instrumental) – Have you worked with fondant before? – I have not, I am
actually very fearful of working with it, so – Don’t fear the fondant.
Have you ever felt fondant? – I have, it’s been a long time. – Okay, so you just, the most important thing is to knead it. – Okay – So I like to sort of press it down. So I have a little ivory
and some brown as well, and I’m just going to
create like a fleshy base. – Okay, fleshy, mmmmm – Mmmm, but it’s going
to really help us when we paint our turkey, it’s going
to help it come to life. – So what is your trick to
getting the right color? – My best advice for
coloring fondant is just tread carefully, because
you can always add more food coloring but if you add too much you can’t go back – I’m scared. I have a smaller
piece so I gotta be careful. – Yes, I know sometimes people are like, I don’t know about fondant but it’s so versatile and you
can do so much with it. – Yeah – Now we’re coloring it,
we’re gonna texture it we’re gonna paint it. – It definitely looks turkeyish. – Mmm hmm (laughing) – I was wondering if you ever bring any of your cakes, maybe
one of these turkeys to your Thanksgiving dinners, ever? – When it comes to holidays,
I love to make pies, ice cream is one of my
favorite things to make. I really enjoy baking other things, when I have a chance. – Yeah. I do a sweet potato casserole, my Mom’s recipe. So good! And then my Mom also does a cream cheese
pumpkin pie. Ahhhh It’s so yummy, Mommy
please make some. Please Please make it. – That sounds amazing – Yeah (mid tempo instrumental) – This is fondant rolling pin. – Okay, it’s so small. – It’s very small, but we’re
rolling this nice and thin. So when you want to get your fondant thin, this is a good option and
it doesn’t stick to fondant. – Okay. That’s good. – Its made for fondant. – That’s great! So you want to just roll over and sometimes you’ll get
air bubbles, don’t worry. – Dang – Yeah you can really see them, that’s why kneading is so important, helps get most of the air bubbles. – Got it, okay so not have that. How thin can you get fondant actually? – I generally like to roll it till I get an eighth of an inch, this is going to be thinner than that. I
never want the fondant to over power the cake. – Right. I think that makes sense. – Yeah, and then we can texture the skin. I call this on my channel,
my turkey skinator. – Haha, turkey skinator. – Yeah and I filmed this
whole fake infomercial as if you could buy it
but really it’s just shelf liner, it’s like a silk shelf liner. – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, okay – So I love using it to texture fondant. – That’s super smart, I would
of never thought of that. – Just lay it on top and
then roll right over it. Okay, so you can see the
texture, here you go. You’re rolling pin. – Oh it’s heavy, I like it. – I like to use sort of
the length of my.. yes. [Yolanda] How does it feel? – Feels good, easy, I’m not scared of you. Okay mine actually looks like a salami. – That’s great, you even rolled
it out in a turkey shape. – It does look like a turkey shape. – No, I see a turkey breast. – Okay and then this. – The turkey skinator. – [Jordin] Now if you wanted to, could you just use your hand? – [Yolanda] You could. You absolutely could you can try that. – [Jordin] To press down on this? So just press down and
remember to like turn it around – It does look like a
turkey breast (laughing) (mid tempo music) – Let’s use your turkey skin Jordan. – Okay – [Yolanda] Suppose to put
the thickest part up on the thickest part of the cake. – [Jordin] Okay. – And you want to lay it on, there you go and then you just use,
this is a small cake so you lightly use your fingertips because you don’t want to erase all of the great texture you’ve created,
don’t worry we will cut away the excess. – Okay. Oh my gosh, it actually fits! – Mmm hmmm – [Jordin] It’s the perfect fit. – [Yolanda] I feel like your
turkey skin was made for this. – (laughing) [Jordin]
It was made for today. – [Yolanda] Yeah, they have a
connection, you can feel it. Now I’m going to use a X-acto knife, – Love those. I feel like a surgeon when I do this. – I know it’s so nice. – I tell myself I’m that
important. In my head So were just going cut
away the excess fondant. – [Jordin] Okay. I haven’t
used a X-acto knife in a while, but my mom and I used
to scrape book together. – [Yolanda] Oh nice! – [Jordin] And so we
would use the X-acto knife to make the pieces and whatever we would decorating with we would use it, so she loved that thing too. – So this is a small cake so
I can pick it up in my hands. – Yeah, of course. – Most of my cakes I can’t do that with. And then just smooth
the fondant underneath. – So okay so on your show,
you do make all these immaculately, amazing cakes.
Do they ever get eaten or do they, just show and then ? – Just disappear, no they do get eaten. Of course I share them with my, my editor loves cake, loves cake, so
he’s eaten a lot of them. – I would imagine that your cakes make a lot of people happy after you make them. We have turkey! We have turkey guys! – We have a turkey, and so sometimes when you’re smoothing out
fondant you lose the texture you’ve created, but
never fear, you can just re-texture it on the
cake and this time you definitely use your hands. – [Jordin] That is crazy – I’m very happy, see what I mean, I have to put down the shelf liner. – That’s amazing, that’s so cool. Okay so what happens after this? – Now were going to paint. – Paint – And make it look like
a nice roasted turkey. – Okay (mid tempo instrumental) – Mmmmm – Now we are using the same colors I just like to put a bit in each bowl. I would just start to drop the alcohol in. So I’ll dropping the alcohol and you just want to stir it together. And now I can start to paint. – Do you start with lighter
colors or darker colors? – I like to start with lighter colors, so it’s easier to build. – This is so crazy! I’m
so excited you’re here. Like I just had a moment, realizing that you’re actually still here. I mean not that you would
leave me, I think, but – And I’m done. – (laughing) Bye. I really don’t think
anyone expects you to make cake turkeys for Thanksgiving this year. – The whole turkey that
I made on my channel took me three hours
just to carve the shape. Three hours. So that’s coat number one. – [Jordin] Okay. – [Yolanda] Which I’m really happy with. – [Jordin] Yeah, it’s nice. – And now what I’m going to do is sort of spot on the brown color. I’m going to do the bit all over – [Jordin] Okay – [Yolanda] And then
I’ll use a dryer brush to sort of help me blend. You can dab, you can brush.
Dabbing really helps, because it leaves some of the color there. – Oh yeah, so it’s super shiny right now it will get more matte as it dries? Right? – Yes it does get more matte, it doesn’t lose all of the
shine, it gets more matte. And then we’re also going
to be putting on some cocoa powder, so that’s
going to help us with that, making it more matte. – Okay. – Can you just, and we can see if the paint is still wet, it
starts to wet the cocoa and you get a different, – Oh that’s crazy – You get a completely different brown. – That looks so real, I
am tripping out right now! Hold on, I gotta take a picture of this. – Ohhh turkey selfies? – Turkey selfies. Ta Da! – Say turkey! – Turkey – Turkey – [Jordin] Oh it smells really good! – [Yolanda] And now we
have a chocolate turkey. – [Jordin] Chocolate turkey. – [Yolanda] Chocolate turkey. – Well done. Literally, it’s well done. – Well done! – (laughing) Well done turkey. Yes! This turkey breast is roasted! (mid tempo instrumental) – Okay now we are on the second part of our lovely little Thanksgiving plate. We have our five inch round vanilla cake that’s been dyed orange
and this is going to be the sweet potato mash,
our side to our protein. – Tear pieces of cake and
crumble them into the bowl. Really separate all of the pieces. – Okay. – But you can break it up and
then just keep crumbling it, and I am the kind of girl
who needs butter on any type of potato, except french fries. – Oh girl, me too, yeah. Hmm – That would be weird,
right, buttered fries, it’s going to become a thing, watch. – It might. – I’m adding color. – Okay – Because buttercream gets so
much whiter once it’s whipped. – Got it. – So it loses, there’s
a lot of butter in it, but it doesn’t look like butter anymore. So I’m just adding a lighter and a darker shade of yellow and then you want to add it really carefully,
because before you know it it’s a subtle color of butter. You can spoon in some butter cream. – [Jordin] Yeah! – And then start to mix
until it all comes together. And then in the mean
time I’m going to take this butter and chill it so I can cut it. I was thinking, you should do a cover of crumb coat and chill. – That is a good idea! – It might not be as good as mine but I really think you could nail it. – (singing) Crumb coat and chill! – Do you want me to do it now? – Yes! – Okay so um (clears throat) I’m nervous, okay (singing) Crumb coat and chill! Boom! (laughing) – That was okay, yeah, it was okay. – Thank you, oh my gosh you guys I’m hot. – I’m never singing again on my channel. – No don’t do that, don’t! – I’m just can I, do I have permission to just use your voice and while I’m, we’ll just dub me. – Yeah you could! – Yes! – I wouldn’t mind that,
that would be funny. – (singing) Crumb coat and chill. – You can still flavor
this the way you would your sweet potato mash.
So you can add some cinnamon, some nutmeg and
a little bit of vanilla. – [Jordin] Yes! – Do a little dash a
skosh, a smidgen of nutmeg and cinammon, correct? – Yes, if you wanted it
a bit spicer you could, do like.. oh it smells so good! – It does. – [Yolanda] It smells like Thanksgiving. – [Jordin] it’s fall in here guys. – I already had my
Thanksgiving, I’m Canadian, so it was last month. – Oh! – So I’m jealous that you
still get to have Thanksgiving. I might have to just come back down. – You can just come to
my house, that’s fine. – Now that you talked
about your Mom’s casserole with butter I think it’s only fair. – Butter and sugar and sweet potatoes. – Okay, Yay!! – Got the mix in there. – Okay so we can get ready
and ike set the table. (mid tempo instrumental) – Yolanda is actually
going to make it look much prettier than I would so what are going to do to our lovely turkey? – I’m going to just carve it a little and slice into it so you
can fan it on the plate. – Oh pretty, okay. – The presentation. So
important to use a sharp knife. – Just about to say that! – Otherwise you’ll have squashed turkey. I think just one more cut. You’re gonna boomerang it?! – Yeah – Alright. Yes! I was like a sushi chef – Cut it – [Yolanda] I’m going to
try to pick it up as one. Thank you! And just sort of fan it. – (laughing) That’s
crazy, all out of cake. We’ve got the pretty and
then we’ve got the mash. – Yes! Perfect sweet potato mash. Butter! – Yes! Always need butter. – So our buttercream that
has been dyed to look like butter, remove it
from the bowl, I hope it’s chilled enough so once again you need a really sharp knife. – Oh my gosh! – [Yolanda] Is that too much
butter? Is there a thing? – Okay microwave – Microwave – Here we go, after you. Here you go. – Thank you. Okay So
there’s nothing better than when like your pat of butter
melts into the potato. – Yes! – So once you cut the
perfect pat of butter, you can just sort of melt
the rest of your buttercream. Normally melted
buttercream is my nightmare but in this case it is my dream come true. – I can understand that. – The first thing I’m
going to do is just scoop some melted buttercream on. – [Jordin] Oh my god. – And then place the pat of
butter onto the potatoes. – Like it was melting.
(clapping) That’s so pretty! Girl! It looks so good! – Okay you guys look at
this lovely delicious plate. Would you eat something like this? If somebody presented it,
I mean I know if Yolanda presented it to you, you would eat it but if somebody presented
this to you would you eat it? Let me know in the comments and also lets give a huge thank you to Yolanda for being here today. Thank you so so so much. – Thank you, thank you for having me! – Thank you. It like made my entire year, thank you so much. Make
sure you guys head over to Yolanda’s YouTube Channel called How To Cake It and don’t
forget to subscribe to Heart of the Batter as well. See you guys next week! – Bye! (mid tempo instrumental)

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    You might already know this trick but I find that this helps when making cake pops.

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