Celebrating the Spring Holidays

Thanksgiving Clapback

Thanksgiving Clapback

Hello Hi. Hi Wendy, I’m Shierra. How you doin? How you doing? (crowd laughs) I am dreading tomorrow, Thanksgiving, because I am perpetually single. Because I’m focusing on my self, you know, and my whole big Jewish family, they all have boyfriends, or significant others, or girlfriends and all of that. And I’m scared that the entire night, they’re going to bug me about why I’m single. So, how do I get them to back off a little bit? What do you do for yourself? I’m 24 so I’m starting out in my career but I work in tv. Okay, and, I see no problem with this. And when people bother you about that, especially when you’re young, and starting out in your career. You live here in the city? Yeah, I actually lived in LA, and now I’m back in the city. Yeah, it’s tough out here. Yeah, it’s hard. There’s no time for a boyfriend. I agree, and everyone I’ve brought back has been scrubs, so I don’t want to bring them to my family. (crowd laughs) Right, right, And it’s not like you’re not hooking up? Well, I don’t know, sometimes I avoid dating because I’m so busy. See how it is? See how it is? Well, I wish you well. I’ve got nothing to say to you except for tell your family to zip it, and tolerate it. Okay? Thank you. (crowd cheers) You’re very welcome. Come on over, wow! Hi Wendy, I’m Tonya, how you doin? I’m doin well, I love your snake look. Thank you. And your awesome colored blouse. Thank you! How can I help Tonya? So, Wendy, my family, they’ve been having Thanksgiving together for the past 30 years. Ah. This year, they decide to do it all at home. Go out to eat and everything, but I want to keep the family tradition going. I don’t understand What should I do? I don’t understand, you just said they decided to do it all at home? In their individual homes. Oh (crowd moans) Separate, but I want to keep the family tradition going, so what should I do Wendy? I want everyone to everyone to come together. How old are you? I’m 43. Okay And my family is older, but I do have some younger cousins, and they don’t want to keep the family tradition going because they don’t want to take on the responsibility. But, I want to keep everyone together. Everyone is together. No It’s one day. (crowd laughs) No Yes, don’t be a little girl. I want to be. I want the aunts together, the uncles together, the grandchildren together, everyone together, Wendy. Okay. Yeah. Let it go? Yeah. (crowd laughs) I side you with your family, let it go. Everyone’s happy, everyone’s healthy, you love everyone, everyone loves each other. Yeah Let it go. (high energy pop music)

Reader Comments

  1. If I'm already pregnant. Then his hormones would only help me. You might have heard your Man Testosterone levels go down. But get this your testorone levels go up. Could his body be giving more could his Emotions effect his ejaculations . Supporating you supporting a baby

  2. Look at all the beautiful people in the comments judging…
    The elite of beauty lurks on the Wendy Williams comment section. If you don’t meet their criteria they will tell you that you look hard age number

  3. Happy Holidays Wendy and all your fans. You rock at keeping us informed and entertained. Your Single Dad Fan in Denver, Colorado Riley&Niko

  4. 24 is too young for your family to be pressuring you to settle down or be nosy about a man. Just tell them you have plenty of time and are working THE END.

  5. It's ONE DAY, but that ONE day is to make up for the ENTIRE YEAR that they all make up excuses to do their own thing. Thanksgiving is good time to make UP for the time lost throughout the normal year days.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA, and remember be safe, be kind and give thanks for everyday u are alive and well. ❤️

  7. wooow people in the comments are so unhappy with themselves that they have to hate on the first girl. She seems lovely! Yall need more positivity in your life like damn

  8. Please stop with the comments that the first lady doesn't look 24! There's about a million people who mentioned it already! We get it!!! Look, everybody ages differently.

  9. It’s crazy comparing others looks against the other. We all know everyone ages differently & no one has the same genetics smh a 24 yr old isn’t going to look like the next 24 yr old but yet the same ppl be complaining about ppl that get plastic surgery, your apart of the problem

  10. I understand how the last woman feels. Since my grandma died, my family doesn't care about Thanksgiving anymore either but I do. I don't press anyone about it because they're grown and have their own lives and families. I just cook for anyone who wants to come over and leave it at that.

  11. 1st lady tell your family chill you're young you have a lot of time for man worries, 2nd lady seems like you want some family drama in your life.😂😂😂

  12. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 am I the only one who noticed the expression on the lady's face at 1:46… bottom left behind Wendy? So funny!!!

  13. Sheera – Cute coat. Spend this Thanksgiving somewhere else. Serve dinner at the homeless shelter, go for a run, make a nice dinner, have a glass of champagne, go to bed early. Go to Hawaii by yourself next Thanksgiving if you haven't tied down a boo.

    Tanya – You can cook everything for everyone next year but don't complain if anything goes wrong because this is what you wanted. Please stop whining because the princess thing is not cute at 43.

  14. No I agree with the second woman I want the family together on that one day all the aunts,uncles,kids ect… my family stopped after my grandmother passed 😩 I love family time everybody together having a good time eating and drinking kids playing man I love those times

  15. Gosh people are so mean and are always so hung on AGE and LOOKS. I’m guessing every single one of you looks like a supermodel right? Exactly. Leave her alone. The first girl is fine and I can believe she’s in her 20’s. People should also mind their business about her status also. Focus on yourself.


  17. I’m 24 and nobody bothers me about being single, especially family. They’re mostly like “praise Jesus you’re not dating yet” lol
    Srry to those of y’all who have to deal with that. I’m sure it’s annoying.

  18. 1) Big Jewish nose, sorry family = yawn
    2) You wanna keep everyone together! = start with your teeth! Keep em together😂😂

  19. Wow reading the comments you certainly see how pathetic and sad some of you are. These people ask advice and all most of our can do it Judge their appearance? Sad.

  20. Lady with the yellow shirt- I don’t blame you!! There’s something about meeting every year with the ENTIRE family that’s just unreplacable

  21. She could be 24. I have coworkers who are in their young/mid 20s and promise you they look AT least 31 ! ! Rough skin, aged eyes for real!

  22. Y'all need to chill with the mean comments about homegirls age fr. Y'all need to understand that not everyone is going to age like Gabrielle Union.smh. ignorant asses

  23. It doesnt matter about her age as alot of people do not want to reveal their age. But on the other hand, maybe she is older as when u start to get older some people feel the need that they need a man to take care of themselves but so what…

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