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Thanksgiving Conclusion | How to Make Everything: Thanksgiving Dinner (5/5)

Thanksgiving Conclusion | How to Make Everything: Thanksgiving Dinner (5/5)

the final the most crucial ingredient I need for my Thanksgiving dinner is Turkey why does his bird native to North America share the name of a Middle Eastern country at least 2,000 years ago the indigenous Mesoamericans domesticated the wild turkey and what is now Mexico when the Spaniards colonized this area they brought these birds back with them to Europe this American bird was confused with a similar looking east african guinea fowl which is commonly imported through the country of Turkey a confusion with the name and origin of the bird is widespread through various languages with names suggests it came from India France Peru or from the Dutch the domesticated turkey quickly became widespread throughout Europe and was brought back with the English settlers when the colonized North America despite the fact that wild subspecies of turkeys already lived there despite access to turkeys there's no solid record that the bird was even eaten at the original Thanksgiving dinner however since then it has become the icon of the holiday with over 46 million turkeys eaten each Thanksgiving in the US for help getting my wild turkey I turned a Donnell winger owner of American heritage hunting club for some assistance on hunting my own turkey so I'm here that turkey hunt how does turkey hunting compared to like deer hunting or other types of hunting well turkey hunts are always adventures you never know quite what's going to go on it's never guaranteed – he's a very very tricky Birds the Hut care but you don't leave what we stock them to crawl up on it we've sat in blinds any number of ways if turkeys are in the woods somewhere we've selected a place that looks like they've been will coming through and hopefully one during the course of your adventure will get there so you're going to have to be a stealth as possible any extra movements and things are to your disadvantage and you need to shoot them in the head if they have just huge bones and wings and that like body armor unless you're very close to them it's just not going to do much good at every facet well they're fast but they're going to disappear and hide on your leg like a piece of bark they are exceptionally good at hiding and if they hear you hearing is very very good you can't make much noise there's no predicting where a turkey might come from okay I mean you can pick out an open area and what you hopefully the turkey will come through that you have a clearer shot at them but there is no predicting them so these are wild turkeys or wild turkeys you know how that is different from a domestic turkey well there's quite a bit different there they are not nearly as full-breasted the meat is much more moist little more dark meats and but they still get somewhat lighter breastfeed but a general dark so wild turkey isn't taste quite as good as a domestic ones no it's the other way around the wild type it tastes better Oh sick one least my opinion before the hunt Don made sure I knew how to use a shotgun today you're going to be using a pump shotgun 12-gauge will be using fine shot kay when it safety is here take safety off here comes your turkey wait him right in the head and that was a dead turkey first kill today we're gonna get you walking down through the woods and you will got a little blind you've set up previously back there for you you take and follow the deer trail down to the where the blind is get in and you can make a couple times with the call me if something happens and then you've got to be really patient don't fall asleep it's like sleeping is permitted but you don't see much with the eyes closed yeah alright and then it'll be just good luck you got'em it looks like I got him in the head with a good clean shot I hope I think this is just the adrenaline it's system yeah Arnott cop 1 1 in this I think I hit him with both be a dandy one in the oven so the is he dead or he's dead yah okay so that's just odd to see adrenaline that's making them flap just gonna hit him in the head me too he's right where you're supposed to look good should be no pellets in the meat oh we got a process em yeah are you into that I've done a chicken before well this is just a really big chicken ah Oh we'll take it back to the cleaning room and will pluck him all up make him look pretty okay and you got to do the cooking we get done with this we're gonna and get it all fluffed out you can you'll be ready to go to the roasting pan what's one feather at the time as I pull really hard yeah until you get to get one off then I go Lisa once plucked we brought the bird inside and Don singed it with a blowtorch to move the remaining feathers mmm smells like burnt hair you then quickly process the bird all right so I got the last ingredients medics give him dinner the turkey thanks to Don it's a old hunting experience was pretty intense but of adrenaline rush just waiting for that turkey and pretty nervous that if it was or wasn't gonna actually happen so I was glad actually end up with a tricky and Thanksgiving was saved go cook the turkey so back in the kitchen now after a hunt I got my turkey this is the last ingredient for a Thanksgiving dinner so butter it up a little salt to help season it and then add the stuffing let's do it so have the turkey stuff now so I'm going to find the legs then cover it in the oven for three to four hours while the turkey figs I'll take the leftover giblets from the turkey and start a broth now we've had this boiling for about thirty minutes we got a nice broth going smells pretty good now we can start using this to baste the turkey and then from the drippings of the turkey we'll make the actual gravy but for something to put my gravy on I use some leftover potatoes I grown in my garden I first boiled the potatoes they match them with some of my goat milk and butter meanwhile my turkey was just about done so for last half-hour and take off the covering and the meantime and I get the gravy started so for that I'm just going to take some of the drippings add a little bit of flour and now I gotta simmer it back on the stove mmm that's really good very rich it definitely tastes the turkey in it to help thicken the gravy added some more of my goat's milk well this is it after all the hard work you can finally sit down knead the fruits of my labor we have the wild turkey that I shot a cornbread stuffing made from acorns in Michigan we have the cranberry sauce that I made from cranberries I don't head first in in Wisconsin for we have the gravy that I made using Turkey drippings and we have the potatoes from my garden well let's dig in

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  1. im sure you know this by now but stuffing a turkey is actually really bad cause the bacteria from the raw meat doesnt always die int the stuffing

  2. It’s not a wild turkey u can see the guy walking behind the turkey before the shot chasing him through the woods

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