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Thanksgiving Day Activities & Games : Treasure Hunt for Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving Day Activities & Games : Treasure Hunt for Thanksgiving Games

Hello, I’m Matt Cail and on behalf of Expert
Village I’m going to tell you all about Thanksgiving games and activities. Another Thanksgiving
activity is treasure hunt. Treasure hunt is basically where you have the scavenger hunt
through you neighborhood for what I call Thanksgiving Treasure. And what that is is you basically
pick out between five and ten items to find in your neighborhood. These can be things
that are just going to be scattered around. You know, you are going to be able to rely
that they are out there. Like, maybe a maple leaf, a red leaf, a green leaf, maybe different
leaf colors, maybe pumpkins, other things like that. People don’t necessarily have to
collect the items but they at least have to observe it and they have to observe it with
somebody else, too. You usually need to have at least probably I would say, at least four
people for this game. Because what happens is you have teams of two and they’ll go off
and then they will be looking for these items. So you may pair off a parent with a child
to make sure you still have some supervision involved. You need a couple of things for
this game that are in addition to that. You need nice weather. It’s no fun going out into
the neighborhood looking around for cool items when it is raining cats and dogs, that’s no
fun. So, you need some nice weather and you basically need to make sure and come up with
about five to ten items you think your pretty sure you can find in your neighborhood and
they can be a fall or Thanksgiving theme, too.

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