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okay we're doing the turkey now I'm trying to separate the skin from the meat so I can put butter in between I just took all the nasty stuff out so he's all cleared out in there I ain't gonna put butter in between the skin yeah in between here my hand is on both sides I gotta melt it a little bit first but yeah and then I'll season it and then we're gonna cook him up we're gonna put foil over it once my stuffing how's it going over there actually smells pretty good do you know what you're doing yep no I gotta just let sit for five minutes [Applause] look what Matt did stuffings done it looks so good and I am trying to make something work Emily my stirring up the guacamole Scot roma tomatoes cilantro avocado a little bit of salt pinch of cayenne pepper leave everything you put it in lime and I'm just gonna refrigerate this and start making my appetizers how are you doing I was trying to get it up so you were able to fit it on what's the picture I saw awesome this is a 19 pound turkey is ready ready so there's all the appetizers okay we finished how long take you make this on this stop I'd make everything I did make the clock and the deviled eggs are here it was good potatoes green bean casserole just gonna pour some new cheddar cheese on it I'm basically trying to get my the side dishes ready that only need like 30 minutes to keep after I take out the turkey I'm gonna mash it up and put some bread tongue breadcrumbs read Cosmo read poems all over here mushrooms Marsh melon my buddy mushrooms all my sweet potato sweet potato casserole okay so we got a marshmallow and these pecan pieces to put on as like a nut topping but I'm just trying to finish up this part right here I need 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract okay and then all I have to do is stir it all up I have a lot of stuff in here I have some melted butter which I didn't realize there was so much sugar there's also some milk Wow brown sugar and white sugar and then it all be transferred in here to bake it was doing a damn good job guys this is actually the last thing I'm making and then when the turkey comes out I'm gonna do gravy and corn and rice let's just bake the mashed potatoes and that casserole over there I'll grab those are really good I really like the guacamole she made in those deviled eggs really good I'm actually having a really good time I did not know I can do this like I always thought of it I'm the one that cooks the house yeah Matt there's a lot of the cooking and especially like I have no idea how much goes into something like this so mad respect for all of you out there gonna do Thanksgiving dare yourself yes it's coming together guys nice job [Applause] but the Christmas cheese up for Eddie oh you got a bed no way what see the topping yeah oh is it what it what's in there this is brown sugar and flour and cons and then we're gonna do the mushrooms after I have mushrooms gonna do the mushrooms after good directions he was following so to take the foil off 30 minutes before it's done good what is it like on the camera can you see it the exit is the light on back yeah cool ah 30 minutes 30 more minutes I can't believe it's turning out good I think I missed through these two in there will it fit underneath underneath just one or two maybe just do this – yeah these are in there for 30 minutes that's good okay they've been awesome haven't even been do anything everything has been coming together really well like nothing I haven't run into any problems so far I almost forgot that we have ham – you have a big turkey yeah I forgot about the ham and all my side dishes yeah cool – be soon oh shit Oh No all right guys so they're my turkey I think it is done all right so he's almost done I put together a little dish with Kota you have the ham right here I recall the turkey you look where they going pulling it out this is the last thing I'm going to put over there I'm not gonna show you guys everything in here colors excited for our little plate this is a sweet potato casserole and we have the mashed potatoes ham and the turkey that was carved the stuffing some green bean casserole some corn and this is yellow rice and this is the gravy it's got a nice it and then huh we're done I can't believe it I'm gonna take pictures now cool I'm proud of you go thank you this is good guys I almost forgot to show my dad I forgot to put on the table I'm gonna put it on right now I wanted to show you guys our desserts that's a black forest cherry chocolate cake we have the sampler cheesecake that we got on sale at BJ's and pick this up it's an apple pie Happy Thanksgiving I don't know if many will like it you sit down he does high fives to them he does high fives but I feel like he's actually reaching for the food it's okay oh did me go steal it Thanksgiving me eat it she doesn't like anything except her little pebble food I don't know why he's giving to go what do you think what do you think you like that Thanksgiving him is that yummy good neato just get it I don't have it ha ha ha I'm so proud acutely I'll think first time she's prepared like a huge dinner like this and I really appreciate our support also everybody else was really nice talk about killing prepare for Thanksgiving I think it's a big deal because you know my mom's to go all out can we did a really good job but hopefully you guys had a good Thanksgiving you can let me know in the comments what you guys did that's gonna be it for this video hopefully you guys liked it see you guys later you

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  1. Excellent Thanksgiving video!
    Matt & Kayleigh, you both make a wonderful team with all of your videos and we look forward to your upcoming posts. Please also subscribe to our Documentary Channel which includes many of my critiques of various restaurants from my vast travels. Happy Thanksgiving to the both of you and your families!
    ~ Dr. Sanjay Kumar & Family

  2. A tip for the sweet potato casserole, if you put the marshmallows on and put it back in the oven for a few mins it makes it taste 10 times better if the marshmallows have been cooked.

  3. I don’t know how I stumbled upon this video. But it was so sweet and it reminded me of the true meaning of family. I can believe this was her 1st time cooking thanksgiving dinner. She did it with such poise calm and grace. I host a big Thanksgiving dinner for my family every year at my house and I’m cooking for 20 people and I am a scatterbrained hot mess! You both seem very happy together and I wish you both many more years of blessings. Thank you for reminding me to slow down and appreciate the holiday❤️

  4. How cute ! Loved this! Great job supporting her as she was doing her first holiday dinner! Great job hun! I'm the cook in my whole family and I don't look as cool calm n collected as u did during this video, I usually barely have time to get dressed after lol n I'm usually telling people to get out of the kitchen lol! Thanks for the video I enjoyed it.

  5. WOW!  I just happened upon this video and I must say I REALLY enjoyed it!  Thank u for cheering me up this morning at 4:00 A.M.

  6. Omg Kayleigh I am so proud of you I knew you would be awesome in the kitchen. Matts mom would be so proud of you.

  7. Matt I think you are an amazing role model, I love the way you kept complimenting Kayleigh on her heartfelt Thanksgiving dinner, especially it being her first time. I'm so proud of you both. Such an inspiration. I can only dream of ever having a relationship like the one you are blessed with. Huge fan here since Kayleigh started her original YouTube. I wish you an amazing rest of 2017 and may all your dreams come true for 2018.

  8. Kayleigh you did such a wonderful job for Matt and his family. I bet his mom is cheering in joy from Heaven

  9. Great dinner Kayleigh! Awesome job 👍🏻

    I’ve been away for sometime due to new mom life. Can someone tell me what’s up with Matt and the beard? Just asking

  10. Lovely job Kayleigh ! You’re such a blessing to Matt and his family ! Much love 😊❤️💞

  11. Looks great guys! Happy belated Thanksgiving 😊 and Kayleigh, great job! You made it so memorable for the boys ❤️❤️

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