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hey guys welcome to the put in my mouth Thanksgiving special I'm gonna eat it we're here in a very magical place and before we get started just want to give a quick shout out to aquariums worldwide let's bring in our guests rhett and Link your toes sit down hey thanks for having us in our own place yeah so before we get started I figured I would complement your beautiful table welcome here let's do it well my hands are a little clammy my rollers shrink your little clam yeah I think I'm out claiming you I don't know you know what Randy's medication in high school is a person I dad got me a prescription it was called dry Saul Phyllis Fawcett so this is the Thanksgiving episode do you guys have a favorite Thanksgiving food Happy Thanksgiving uh my grandma's dressing nanny's dressing man oh there's like it's like hums magical thing happens but you do need to clarify that dress we call dressing what most people call stuffing well it's not stuff but we don't ever stuff it anywhere we don't stuff it in my mouth but I don't stuff it in the Terry don't defile the turkey at all the turkey is just a turkey but the stuff that other people would stuff inside the turkey we said on a side and call it dressing so we're gonna be eating dressing or what I think so let's bring up the food looking out for so come on Oh Happy Thanksgiving I am very thank you Thanksgiving in a cab this is weird now question are we about to try to eat all of this cuz I've already I just ate like a whole bunch of chicken wings for lunch wow that's he stuff I wanted to prepare for this fun fact number one it's possible then if the first Thanksgiving birds like Swan and the now extinct passenger pigeons brought the table as gas or as food III think passenger pigeons would be the guest but this one would be okay fun fact number two the first Thanksgiving was in 1621 it lasted three days abraham lincoln who wrote this whose hand right oh I was sure don't blame it on Jo you it looks like you violated some child labor laws to get like a very like a third grader to write these Abraham Lincoln declared that the last Thursday November was a national day of Thanksgiving in 1863 but it wasn't an official American holiday until Congress decreed it so in 1941 what it's so recent fun fact number four Sarah Josepha Hall is credited with the landing Thanksgiving on the calendar she petitioned and bogged people until Lincoln was like five fun fact she also wrote mary had a little lamb he wrote oh wow it actually says Wow here I instinctively wild and then I look down it's like no host to be well I was supposed to like wow anyway didn't it can I go back to number three go back to number three medians also celebrate Thanksgiving but on the second Monday of October well they're wrong okay wait so let's look at everything that's in here we got some brown bread original by bnm let's take a sniff at that that looks like the bottom of the pan when you're done that's done Mel's good yeah it smells like it's wrong with it there's nothing wrong with it I'll tell you that right now I've got some whole white potatoes why is everything gotta have a color what's the deal with that golden corn another tone what's fine I know just surprised me a little what else is here we got jellied cranberry sauce I've got orange cranberry today I got 100% pure oranges pumpkin I got brown beef gravy and leaf spinach well we got the turkey here some turkey spam guys spam made turkey huh I just want to make a point that this is probably a lot like the first Thanksgiving because they were in a new land they were experiencing new tastes new colors and I mean it probably wasn't all in cans and it probably wasn't on the internet and it probably wasn't like three guys in one table but is a lot of things for similar no I'm gonna say it because everybody's thinking it you look like rhett and Link figured out how to have kids we have been working on how to have a child together yeah but now that we know what it would result in we're yeah we're gonna change our life path okay can you clarify the mission here I ate all this I think what we're doing is making her own little Thanksgiving platters we're gonna put this in our mouths mm-hmm we're making progress these are dollar store can openers I mean every time I look at this I press on it and it just like whoop this comes right off hey I know this is a dollar storage no I got one of those here okay look it guys here we go oh that's discussed there's your turkey that is disgusting put a potato right there all right so how many turkeys contributed to this though I mean this is like 1,700 turkeys right here you know what if I put a hole on this end it's like that things that thing that the kids do when they uh oh you're good are you about to shotgun bread and a shotgun bread in a can that's what the kids come with the kids right here we go how big is your head see if you can get your fist oh my god I might be able to fist this can I just keep waiting for like blood to start spurting out of your hand or something I feel so under think safety is not happening here you got it yeah oh we've got a little skyline working over here all right so we got to figure out logistically how we're gonna eat this yeah thanks first I'm thankful for the bread because I think I'm gonna keep going back to that and rescue me from all the other stuff it's gonna be fun um I'm thankful for my vehicle and it safely gets me where I need to go and I'm also thankful for my hotdogs um I'm thankful for my Lynx son and he's turning out to be a great kid great and I know I've never given thanks before in my entire life I didn't know if you open your eyes are closed ha ha ha ha confusion yeah this is just more of like it's like a Thanksgiving speech yeah yeah okay well your guy's eyes open I mean oh yeah I was that saying great I won't get anything yeah those aren't the same thing no totally dig it's where we're from it's different oh really um we know who's you at the campus mm I'm gonna suggest that we start with the side dishes before we get to the main course all right so I'm gonna say we start off with some of the spinach I don't know about the local rivers where you're from but where I am there Vic heavily polluted this is what it looks like right what's pause oh you just choked your stomach oh no ranking in give me give thanks to the local rivers I mean that my friends that's just good nutritious foods it wasn't good to me this is like bad seaweed texture-wise like it's yes see that gave up living it does look like seaweed you know what we need we need some corn to wash that down I think hey anything with some gravy gravy covered corn okay there's nothing I don't like about that really he's very sweet though here's the thing about me you'll catch me late at night we just a can of creamed corn yeah I never told anybody that okay like naked in a public place just like under a streetlight and more like naked in the subway okay I've eaten a whole bunch of candy and then vomited before and it was very much like that okay the day after Halloween like I was like yeah and then cream corn you guys want to try some of this balled up mashed potatoes Oh Cheers I'll be honest so far before we get to this I'm pretty sure everything I've eaten has tasted really similar yeah I taste just straight sodium like it's just salt in a can yeah a lot of preservative and aluminum mm-hmm I feel differently about this you won't catch me late at night you know cold edges oh there's another kind of potato in here guys hang out a sweet potato jam it up y'all I've never had a sweet potato before is there is there a tip well what have you been eating man you've never had cereal what is a typical meal for you consist of let me think what did I have to eat yesterday I had a bowl of cereal in the morning Greg got it a bowl of soup for lunch and then I had a bowl of cereal for dinner I only things and you're going to die oh yes that is the best thing on the plate way to be thankful you know way to be positive you know I'm easy to please so we should save the cranberry but for the sake of entertainment we should go ahead and eat it yeah yeah I'm plenty of gravy on that cranberry okay Noah let me I'll get your piece thank you thanks dad are we covering a sauce in a sauce is that what this is yeah double sauce that's like strangely solid throughout well we got it we got to get some gravy on it oh but no we lost it but it is now it's manageable oh you need less Merrin open air I'll go what it's like he's breathing underwater or so the gravy definitely went down first go really mm-hmm then you've done everything right you should Unferth a bra you got to relax the brow was like okay no I'm trying not to throw up he's low yeah oh I knew that let's go I was preparing emotionally I was like we're not raising and I was like you're a quick learner I always get that um you just did unnecessary D gravy is this like a like a like a logger like I don't think you should use Knights I think you should use hands I think the only way to break bread together should break I thought it would be a karate chop personally okay all right hey follow-through yeah oh my god three two oh what kind of bread is bad bread brown bread it's like the bread died notice that it says B M really large on me it's just like if there was such a thing as like graham cracker bread and then there was like an expiration date and and it meant waited you waited a full year oh yeah it's got a heinous burnt coldness to it before we get to this spam I'd say everything onto the no gross-out scale about a two to three everything's like grow what does this girl go to it goes to a ten okay one being like good ten being horrific all right it's didn't like around three maybe four the bread was probably a force it's just like oh no I never was gonna want this never would have thought that the bread would have been one of the grossest thing that's worth getting this whole thing what I love a spam I think this is probably a good time to tell you what's in cuz that's I don't know it's a spam research yeah that's uh it's a racist right from the beginning we got white turkey in there okay we got turkey broth we got salt modified potato starch sugar dextrose sodium nitrite wait the turkey turkey yeah that was the first throw first was the first to miss get spoonful oh gosh but you know what everything that a normal person who sitting onto a turkey dinner would not eat is in this can and it's about to be in your mouth up keep it down keep it in is that a hard piece I was a turkey butthole they're just gonna yeah why did I shouldn't have waited I make this mistake frequently you can oh yeah come on now do anything do you need the bucket of shame mmm I have my own okay you can add water what you need my friend is a gravy chaser mm-hmm I need one yeah I need you might want to take your hat now the gravy mechanics of a gravy chaser are not sub D gravy eyes you still let the gravy take it all down okay what about the gravies about the turkey not being on this side of it is really fun what do you need you need a corn chaser all right oh I might have I might have overdone it huh are we huh huh he's he's gonna do was it the corn chaser or the gravy chaser they both help tremendously it's a messy show you got here yeah I showed up and I just destroyed where you guys work yeah no this has induced after at least every third episode this stuff here um just get yourself a spoon I mean that's that's baby food one on one right there brother I've never this is yours okay thank you the turkey spam I'm no gross at scale 1 to 10 I would say that that was like a solid 7 that was yeah disgusting like in a dog food way I'm gonna go ahead tell you that I don't make pies but I do know that I don't I think they mix stuff and with the pumpkin to make it good yeah I'm pretty sure we just got pumpkin here guys very fibrous no no no it's like say find you yeah you gonna use my bucket a shame you know what it's kind of like going into a pumpkin patch and finding a rotten pumpkin mm-hmm and just dipping your face into it oh my god and I had a little accident yeah this I'm Oh God like you have one don't tell him he he got that gene from me look how much pumpkin juice oh my god your knee thought like flowing out of me yeah I don't have any problems with uh with fruits or vegetables or whatever a pumpkin is you're losing it on pumpkin BAM it down dammit yeah that is an amazing technique wouldn't call that technique yeah getting back this in my opinion on the Nova gross I scaled this is like an 8 and a half this is so disgusting this is so disgusting it's almost like a liquid when it enters your mouth so the moment like one piece of it wants to go down your throat it's attempting to take all of all get one right cue up the football scrape off the plates oh I think I feel exactly how I feel every Thanksgiving yeah full miserable in question why I'm with the company I'm with thank you so much guys for letting me take over your studio eat a whole bunch of horrible food that showed up in a can yeah man thanks for stopping by leave a comment down below what you want to see next who you want on again so where can people find you guys they can find us right here at this desk Monday through Friday on youtube.com slash good mythical morning I guess happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving more pumpkin try to shave your body into a % you knew that

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  1. I'm not sure who said that off camera but I swear to you not a minute earlier did I just think that he looks exactly like Rhett and link put together

  2. And to think that Rhett and Link own smosh now! They saved it! Damn im a huge fan of smosh and rhett and link

  3. Now what they need to do is make another version of this for the fourth of July just to come full circle–i just put fourth of July because it is the closest holiday besides Easter which is tommorow.

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